Fall 2020 Courses

Course Long Title Short Title Description Instructor(s) Schedule Type CRN-Section When Where Credits Sub-Academic Period
ILS 17500 Information Strategies for Hospitality & Tourism Management Students Information Strategies For HTM Introduces concepts of the management of data throughout its lifecycle. Understanding different types of data and their functions. Managing data in the context of a particular discipline or profession. Finding and evaluating data purposefully. Using data ethically and responsibly. Creating and sharing data for reuse, accountability, and enhancement. Making decisions and communicating using data, including data analysis and visualization. Protecting and archiving data. This course is currently required for and restricted to the Engineering in the World of Data Learning Community. Additional sections will be offered for students not in the LC. Heather Howard, Annette Bochenek, Zoe Mayhook DIS 19426-LC1 Arr Hrs 1.0 1st 8 Weeks
DIS (OL) 25755-001 Arr Hrs 1.0 1st 8 Weeks
ILS 18000 Preparing for Your Undergraduate Research Experience Prepare For Undergrad Research This course is for prospective Purdue undergraduate researchers who are interested in conducting undergraduate research or creative endeavors. Purdue students who have not already started an independent research project with a research mentor will learn valuable skills to market themselves to individuals and research programs. Throughout the course, students will develop components for a final application packet to submit to a research team or program they choose. JJ Sadler, Amy Childress DIS 19382-001 Arr Hrs 1.0 Full Term
DIS 24368-002 Arr Hrs 1.0 2nd 8 Weeks
DIS (OL) 25743-003 Arr Hrs 1.0 Full Term
28000 Understanding Your Undergraduate Research Experience I Understand Undergrad Resrch I This course is for current Purdue undergraduate researchers to hone skills necessary for successfully reflecting on and completing the experience. During this course, students will utilize their research experience to apply skills such as managing time with a research project, communicating your research, utilizing Purdue Libraries' resources, and providing feedback to peer researchers. Students will deliver research pitches about their own project and provide critiques to others’ pitches. JJ Sadler, Amy Childress DIS 19392-001 Arr Hrs 1.0 Full Term
DIS 24372-002 Arr Hrs 1.0 2nd 8 Weeks
DIS (OL) 25748-003 Arr Hrs 1.0 Full Term
ILS 29500 Introduction to Data Lifecycle Management Intro Data Lifecycle Mgmt Introduces the data lifecycle (optionally in the context of a specific profession or discipline) and how to find and evaluate data purposefully; to use data ethically and responsibly; to create and share data for reuse and accountability; to make decisions and communicate using data; and to mitigate risk and archive data. Gang Shao, Michael Witt LEC 20184-006 M 12:30 - 1:20PM WALC 1087 1.0 Full Term
DIS (OL) 26740-008 M 12:30 - 1:20PM ONLINE 1.0 Full Term
ILS 29500 Foundations of the Data Mind: An Interlocking Modules Approach: Introduction to Data Management Foundations Intro Data Mgmt This course is offered as part of three one-credit courses that combine to meet a set of core competencies in data science. The courses, offered through three colleges (Philosophy, Purdue Libraries, and Electrical Engineering), cover principles of data management and organization, data analysis and visualization, and ethical and social implications of data science, providing a strong foundation for subsequent coursework. ILS 295 provides a foundation in the concepts of data organization, management, preservation, and publication. Students will develop an ability to locate, access, transform, and evaluate data to answer research questions. They will communicate the results of their data searches, and format the data for sharing. Sarah Huber, Wei Zakharov LEC 19444-007 T 1:30 - 2:20 PM WALC 2051 1.0 Full Term
ILS 38000 Understanding Your Undergraduate Research Experience II Understand Undergrad Resrch II This course is for current Purdue undergraduate researchers to build upon the previous course and focus on research data collection, presentation, and communication for current Purdue undergraduate researchers. During this course, students will learn and discuss various forms of data and collection practices. Students will develop their own academic poster to present their research project's data and implications. Students are encouraged to present their poster at one of Purdue’s undergraduate research conferences near the end of the semester. JJ Sadler, Amy Childress DIS 19393-001 Arr Hrs 1.0 Full Term
DIS (OL) 25757-002 Arr Hrs 1.0 Full Term
ILS 48000 Beyond Undergraduate Research Beyond Undergrad Research This course is for current Purdue undergraduate researchers to build on previous courses and focus on continuing their education in graduate or professional school. During this course, students will learn and discuss the various phases of identifying, selecting, applying to and funding graduate or professional school programs. Students will also gain a deeper comprehension of the qualities and skills that make research mentors effective while developing skills they will need to be successful mentees and peer mentors. Students will conduct research to identify potential programs of interest and develop a statement of purpose. JJ Sadler, Amy Childress DIS 19396-001 Arr Hrs 1.0 Full Term
DIS (OL) 25754-002 Arr Hrs 1.0 Full Term
ILS 49500 Information Skills for Health Sciences Professionals Info Skills Hlth Science Profs So you want to go to medical school…or veterinary school…or become a chiropractor, dentist, public health specialist, osteopath, occupational therapist, physical therapist, physician’s assistant, or get a PhD and do clinical research. Take this course to develop critical information skills to support your professional goals and prepare you for graduate or professional school. Show up on day one of professional or graduate school knowing how to navigate PubMed and other databases, differentiate between various types of research articles, and save and organize articles so you can easily locate them, “cite while you write,” and share articles with your classmates or research group. Jane Yatcilla LEC 14747-001     1.0 1st 8 Weeks
ILS 59000 GIS For Public Health Research GIS For Public Health Research   Nicole Kong IND 25389-001 Arr Hrs 3.0 Full Term
ILS 59500 Data Management at the Bench Data Management At The Bench Intensive study of selected topics varying from semester to semester, from the practice of information and data sciences. Topics may include data management and organization, digital scholarship, data visualization, computer languages for data and information science, information literacy, archival literacy, and emerging trends in information and data science. Permission of the instructor is required for undergraduates. Megan Sapp Nelson, Chao Cai DIS 19600-006 DIS 2.0 Full Term
Pete Pascuzzi, Chao Cai DIS (LAB) 19588-005 R 1:30-3:20 PM ONLINE 2.0 Full Term
ILS 59500 Information and Communication Strategies for the Technical Workplace Info & Comm Strat For Tech Emphasizes the importance and role of strong information and communication skills (written, oral, graphical, and interpersonal) in a successful engineering or technology career. Search, evaluate, access, use, and synthesize technical information in order to present information clearly, ethically, and effectively in a variety of professional formats. Margaret Phillips, Michael Fosmire, David Zwicky DIS 25197-013 Arr Hrs 3.0 Full Term
DIS (OL) 25874-014 Arr Hrs 3.0 Full Term
ILS 59500 Information Strategies for Science, Technology, and Engineering Research Info Strat For STE This course focuses on information strategies for successful research in science, engineering, and technology disciplines. Students will learn about how scholarly information and discipline-relevant grey literature (e.g. patents, technical standards) are created, organized, disseminated, retrieved, and managed. In addition, students will learn strategies to critically evaluate information and present their research effectively and ethically. Margaret Phillips, David Zwicky DIS 19431-012 Arr Hrs 3.0 Full Term
DIS (OL) 25876-015 Arr Hrs 3.0 Full Term
ILS 63000 Digital Humanities Foundations Digital Humanities Foundations This course will provide a sweeping introduction to many of the tools and concepts central to the Digital Humanities. DH is a newer area of study, supplementing the study and teaching of the humanities and social sciences with computing tools that provoke new questions. The course is divided into two concurrent tracks: 1) One session per week will be spent discussing readings about the central debates within the field in discussion-based lecture periods and exploring existing DH projects to gain familiarity with contemporary work; 2) Students will also learn to apply software tools to their home disciplines in weekly lab sessions where students will be required to reconceptualize their research into datasets with an eye toward building an original digital project or exhibit. There are no pre-requisites, and graduate students and advanced undergraduates are welcome from any department. While there are no technical skills required, students should know the basics of their chosen computer interface as we will be downloading software and navigating file paths. Matthew Hannah DIS 21460-001 W 12:00 - 2:50 PM 3.0 Full Term
DIS (LAB) 21464-002 W 12:00 - 2:50 PM 3.0 Full Term
DIS (OL) 25887-003 W 12:00 - 2:50 PM 3.0 Full Term
ILS 69500 Data Sharing And Publication Data Sharing And Publication This course walks students through the process of preparing a dataset for sharing with both internal and external audiences. Students wil select authoritative datasets for sharing and publication, apply metadata to those datasets, create documentation for end-users of the datasets, and publish the datasets to internal or external data repositories or storage as appropriate. Megan Sapp Nelson LEC 19471-001 M 8:30 - 9:20 AM WALC 3049 3.0 Full Term
Nicole Kong LAB 19469-002 M 9:30 - 11:20 AM WALC 3045 3.0 Full Term