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2010 Libraries Award Winners

Staff Award Winners 2010

Front Row: Michael Solomon, Sharon Sturgeon, Bryan Shaffer.
Back Row: Marianne Stowell Bracke, Jim Mullins, Kayla Gregory.
Not Pictured: Tomalee Doan.

KAYLA GREGORY – Joseph M. Dagnese Award for Excellence and Service to the Libraries
“It was a huge surprise and a great honor to be nominated and selected for the Dagnese Award. None of what I do would be possible without the tremendous support of our office staff, including Pat Wilson, Elaine Bahler, Teresa Brown, Grant Flora, and of course Judy Schumaker. We have a really great team, and I love working with them and the rest of the Libraries faculty and staff to promote our initiatives and tell the Libraries’ story to campus, alumni, and donors. Thank you to my group of nominators (and congrats on keeping the secret!), and to all the Libraries staff for making this a great organization and a great place to work."

MICHAEL SOLOMON – Joseph M. Dagnese Award for Excellence and Service to the Libraries
“It is, of course, a great honor to have one’s efforts recognized in such a manner. What makes the Dagnese award so special to me is that to even be considered for this award meant that my co-workers thought enough of me and the work I do to take the time and effort to submit my name in nomination. To have my name associated with the past winners of the Dagnese award is a source of both pride and humility.”

MARIANNE STOWELL BRACKE – John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service
“I was truly delighted and somewhat stunned when I learned that I was the recipient. I really love what I do, especially pushing the bounds of new roles for librarians and working with the faculty and students in the College of Agriculture. To know that the Libraries appreciate that, and see it as moving the organization forward strategically, is a wonderful and unexpected confirmation of what I do. But my work wouldn’t be possible without my colleagues that support me in data initiatives, information literacy, and new projects such as AgNIC. This is especially true of my colleagues in the Health and Life Sciences Division. They provide the encouragement and support so that I can do the best job I can. Thank you to everyone that made this award possible.”

SHARON STURGEON  – Dean’s Award for Sustained and/or Outstanding Contributions to the Libraries
“There are no words to express the complete shock and surprise when I realized the Dean was talking about me at the Libraries Annual Award Event. After the first few sentences I heard nothing he said, nor do I remember anything I said! I feel so honored and blessed to have been selected to receive this award. My 23 and a half years in the Purdue Libraries have afforded me so many opportunities both within the libraries and the University, I have met and worked alongside many talented, dedicated people, and have made lifelong friendships. Recognition, confirmation for what you do is always nice, but the opportunity to take part in our Purdue student population’s educational journey is what we are all about, whether at the front lines, or behind the scenes. None of what I have learned or participated in or accomplished, would have been possible without the support of my supervisors, my co-workers through the years, and ALL of our excellent library staff. Not one of us is an entity unto ourselves….none of us function independently, all of our jobs intertwine to make ONE library! So, a piece of this award belongs to everyone…so sorry that I cannot say the same for the monetary part of the award. Thank you to everyone.”

BRYAN SHAFFER – Dean’s Award for Significant Advancement of a Libraries Strategic Initiative
“In July 2008 I became the acting director of the University Press and what was supposed to be a short termed interim role turned into a thirteen month adventure. During this time I benefited from working closely with Dean Mullins and Heather Oakley, as well as spending time getting to know the associate deans, directors, and many others in Libraries administration all of whom were more than willing to help out and give a lot of encouragement. It was a tough period for the Press, in many ways, and I owe a large thank you to the staff for their unfaltering loyalty, determination, and drive. Without the dedication from Beth Robertson, Becki Corbin, Cody Chambers, and Dianna Gilroy the Press would not be the success that it is today. Receiving the Dean’s Award came as a complete surprise to me and it humbled me very much. I only ever wish to do the best that I can at whatever job I’m given and try to have as much fun as possible while doing it. It is nice to be recognized and I thank everyone for this award—it is truly an honor I will cherish.”

TOMALEE DOAN – Dean’s Award for Significant Advancement of a Libraries Strategic Initiative
“I am honored to receive the Dean’s Award for significant advancement of a Libraries Strategic Initiative.  Many people helped with the effort to move the strategic plan forward. It has been great to have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities that have resulted in positive changes in the organization. I’m sorry I missed the Annual Libraries Award Luncheon.”


2010 Student Award & Scholarship Winners

PULSE Awards

Joshua HignightJoshua Hignight is a senior majoring in English Literature. He has worked for the Undergraduate Library since his freshman year, and has also worked for the HSSE Library since fall 2009, with responsibilities for assisting patrons, checking out and returning library materials and equipment, shelving materials, and general upkeep of the libraries. During the 2008-2009 academic years he served as a Student Coordinator in the Undergraduate Library, which involved being in charge of UGRL on the weekends in the absence of full-time staff and supervising other student assistants. According to his supervisors, Josh was instrumental in the shift of over 50,000 items from UGRL to HSSE, loading carts of books, reshelving them, shifting ranges and helping to train other students to do the shifting. Additionally, he was able to help patrons find books during the shift as he remembered where sets of books had been deposited until they could find their proper spot on the shelves.

Joshua believes that working in the Purdue libraries has instilled in him a sense of personal responsibility and achievement in an academic setting. His familiarity with the Libraries’ resources has helped him with his course work, and having to complete a long list of tasks during each of his shifts has honed his organization and time management skills. Josh says, "I am both humbled and honored to accept the PULSE Award. This award represents four years of intellectual and personal growth I have experienced in the Purdue Libraries, and I will cherish the memories I have made with the dedicated staff members I have grown close to over the years. With heart-felt gratitude, I thank all of the wonderful people I proudly associate with here in the libraries."


Michael West 2010Michael West is a fourth-year student in the Doctor of Pharmacy program, and has worked in the Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences Library for the past five semesters. His duties include assisting patrons in person and over the phone, circulation, reference, ILL photocopying, shelving, computer troubleshooting, and opening and closing the library in the evenings and on weekends. He helps to train new student assistants, not only in library policies and procedures, but in the proper way to handle conflicts. He was also entrusted with a summer project to weed the entire PNHS book collection, pulling items to be withdrawn and making sure the withdrawals were recorded and processed. In addition to his studies and work in PNHS, Michael is active in several leadership roles in campus organizations and has also done a variety of volunteer work and fundraising as a member of the Purdue Volunteer Network and through his fraternity.

Michael believes that working in the PNHS Library has contributed to his academic success by providing him the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about relevant databases and other library resources. This knowledge has also helped him become a leader and “go to” person for his fellow students; this experience in leadership has given him the confidence to become a leader in other area as well. Michael says, “Learning to dress professionally, being punctual [and] communicating properly has helped prepare me for the rigors of the professional world as well as making me a better student. Also, thank you to Cheryl (Oliver) for encouraging me to apply for this award. I am thankful to have met her, and all of the pharmacy staff. We all wish Kelly (Stingle) was here to celebrate this achievement with me. In his memory we are getting a plaque made with his picture and a fitting quote made to hang in the library. Thank you again for the honor of being selected to receive this award."

Dr. Albert Viton Scholarship

Cody ChambersCody Chambers is a senior majoring in Computer Graphics Technology. He has worked at the Purdue University Press for five semesters as the lead designer, responsible for designing and editing book covers. He has produced over thirty book covers, including four original designs. He also designs marketing materials such as postcards, flyers, and advertisements, and aids in maintaining the Press Web site.

Cody appreciates the real-world experience that he has gained from working at the Press – from time and project management to enhanced communication skills. His work at the Press has allowed him to express his creativity and to develop a portfolio that he will be able to use when seeking future employment. Cody says, "The Albert Viton Scholarship is an award that I am honored to receive. I am proud to be recognized as a top student worker in the Purdue Press and Libraries and it only motivates me to achieve more. This scholarship allows me to narrow my focus to my continued education not only in the classroom, but in my extensive lessons learned while working at the Purdue Press."

Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship

Joe LeeJoe Lee is a junior majoring in Political Science. For the past four semesters, including summers, he has worked in the Life Sciences Library, where he has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic, initiative, and both customer service and time management skills. His responsibilities include opening and closing the library and maintaining the front desk during evening and weekend shifts, circulation and reserve checkout, reference assistance, shelving books, computer troubleshooting, and helping to maintain the copiers and printers. Joe has also been involved in a variety of special projects, including shifting the collection, withdrawing materials, and the scanning project. He is actively involved in several organizations on campus and has appeared in various Purdue theatre productions. His community service has included volunteering through his church to build houses for Katrina victims in New Orleans as well as providing services for the elderly, such as raking leaves.

Joe believes that working in the Life Sciences Library has helped him academically, because what he has learned through assisting patrons has helped him in his own studies, and has also helped him hone the communication and time management skills that he will need in future endeavors. “I am extremely honored and humbled to have received the McCaw Scholarship. This award has given me an added purpose to continue actively working for the Purdue libraries and towards my own academic success,” says Joe.

Amelia Earhart Scholarships

Manny Cuevas 2010Emanuel “Manny” Cuevas is a senior working toward a bachelor's degree in industrial distribution/industrial technology in the College of Technology. He earned an associate of science degree in organizational leadership and supervision in 2008. Some of his campus activities include the Technology Student Ambassadors, Professional Association for Industrial Distribution, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Golden Key International Honour Society. When he is not involved with school or summer internships, he enjoys playing and listening to music, hiking, camping, white water rafting (obviously not in Indiana), watching Purdue Basketball and Colts Football, and experiencing all aspects of food such as cooking, grilling out, eating out of the ordinary meals that would probably scare most people, spicy dishes, and southern barbecue.

Manny says, “Despite the gender inequalities that existed in her time, Amelia Earhart remained focused and achieved greatness. Being first-generation Mexican American — and the first in my family to attend college — I know firsthand what it is like to face barriers and experience situations that impede your progress. Like Amelia, I defy stereotypes and stay determined to achieve my goals. Every single day, I strive for what Amelia conquered in her lifetime by becoming the best in my chosen field of study and through diversity. I am one of the 14 percent of minority students in the College of Technology and one of the very few Hispanics. I feel obligated to represent the smaller percentile of minority students. So few Hispanics go on to pursue a higher education, and I aim to change this pattern and motivate other Hispanics to do so as well. This is part of what motivates me to excel in life and achieve my goals. I am honored to receive this scholarship in memory of Amelia Earhart.”


Stephanie Johnston 2010Stephanie Johnston is a third year student in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Lombard, Illinois. While at Purdue, she has been a team leader and an ambassador for Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) and served on the executive board for Design, Build, Fly team. Stephanie is currently the secretary for Purdue's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics chapter. Some of her other campus organizations include Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Purdue Professional Ambassadors, Sigma Gamma Tau, and Mortar Board Senior Honors Society. She has interned at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is currently a co-op student at Johnson Space Center. When working at NASA, she is a director for Co-op Agency Connections and enjoys volunteering for Habit for Humanity. Outside of work and school, Stephanie loves sculpting, rock climbing, traveling with friends, and occasionally, skydiving or flying.

Stephanie says, “It is an honor to receive an Amelia Earhart Scholarship! Amelia Earhart's determination and independence has always encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams in space exploration. I had teachers in high school that warned me that I would reach a ‘glass ceiling’ as a woman in engineering. Since my dreams are set on becoming a leader for the new generation of space exploration, I am prepared to break any of those ‘glass ceilings’ that still remain and hope to inspire other women to follow, as Amelia Earhart did. From my point of view, not even the sky is the limit anymore.”


Ryan TrevithickRyan Trevithick is a First Year Professional Student in the School of Pharmacy. His extracurricular activities include Campus House Church, Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at Westminster Village, and the Purdue Outing Club. He also enjoys running, swimming, and biking. This summer he plans to work at a local K-Mart Pharmacy and participate in the day-to-day operations of his family's cattle farm.

Ryan says, "First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for winning the Amelia Earhart Scholarship; this means a great deal to me. I feel honored to have been chosen out of all the applicants. The scholarship is an excellent award in memory of an extraordinary person, and to be chosen as one of the scholarship recipients is very gratifying. Thank you for selecting me to be a part of the Amelia Earhart Scholarship. It is truly an honor.”


2010 One Book Higher Poster Session Winners

One Book Higher 2010 Judy NixonBest Furthers the Strategic Plan – “New Challenges for Librarians in Global Research” by Megan Sapp Nelson

Made Me LOL – “Forget the Pickle, Give them the Pineapple!” by Dawn Stahura, Ann O’Donnell, Patrick Whalen

Most Innovative Idea – “Talk a Walk in Our Shoes” by Amy Winks, Allen Bol, Marjorie Boeckman, Laura Patnaude, Connie Richards, Cheryl Sagendorf, Victoria McLaughlin

Most Creative – “United WE Stand” by Angie Ewing, Sandy Galloway, Linda Underhill

Most Interactive – “Evaluating, Weeding, and Developing the Children’s Literature Collection” by Judy Nixon

Most Scholarly – “A Comparable Analysis of Institutional Repositories” by Siddharth Kumar Singh and Michael Witt

Viewer’s Choice – “Forget the Pickle, Give them the Pineapple” by Dawn Stahura, Ann O’Donnell, Patrick Whalen

Dean’s Choice – “Embedded Librarianship and Learning Spaces” by Kelly Evan and Hal Kirkwood and “Department Office Hours: Becoming Part of the Culture” by Amy Van Epps


New Procedure Regarding Access to Employee Personnel Files


In response to a LINK Letter recently received by LCSSAC the following procedure is announced by the Libraries Human Resources office. The procedure is also available on the HR intranet page. If you have questions please contact Nancy Hewison or Heather Oakley.

The Libraries recently re-aligned our business practices with the University’s in regards to public records requests.  As a public institution, we are required to comply with the Indiana Access to Public Records Act.  An employee’s personnel file is a public record and thus must be handled according to the public access procedures of the University. The University procedure for obtaining information from your personnel file is to email Cheryl Westlund, the Public Records Administrator at cwestlund@purdue.edu.  The email should include the following:  your full name (first, middle and last), name of supervisor, and department name and the records you are seeking (specific documents or the entire file).  The requests usually take 1 to 2 weeks to complete based on how quickly the department responds with the records.  It should be noted that employees generally receive copies of all documents filed within their personnel file and that they should retain their own copies for any future reference.


6th Annual ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce Visit to Purdue

On April 12-13, the Purdue Libraries hosted the 6th Annual ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce Eighteen scholars participated in this year's event learning more about the issues, challenges, and opportunities involved in working in a research environment. 

ARL Initiative to recruit a diverse workforse visit to Purude Libraries.

The group was welcomed and escorted by planning committee members Jake Carlson, Mark Newton, Rebecca Richardson, Gretchen Stephens, and Sharon Weiner. Other staff who participated in making their visit a success include Beth McNeil, Marianne Stowell Bracke, Hal Kirkwood, Kelly Evans, Jim Mullins, Michael Fosmire, Vicki Killion, Kristine Anderson, Charlotte Erdmann, Donna Ferullo, Tomalee Doan, Scott Brandt, Chris Miller, Nancy Hewison, Sammie Morris, Mary Dugan, and Maribeth Slebodnik. The group also met with Provost Tim Sands and Vice Provost for Diversity, Dr. Christine Taylor.


Archives and Special Collections Update

General Library 1891Besides the continued digitization efforts found on our e-Archives (http://earchives.lib.purdue.edu/), thanks to Shauna Borger, the Digital Collections Coordinator, the staff of the Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections Research Center are busy creating online exhibits, such as Portrait of a Founder, John Purdue and Purdue University (http://www.lib.purdue.edu/spcol/johnpurdue/), and rediscovering many facets of Purdue University’s history that have been forgotten. A major part of this effort is being led by Stephanie Schmitz who coordinates the Susan Bulkeley Butler Women’s Archives (http://www.lib.purdue.edu/spcol/womenarc/).

David Hovde, the Research & Instruction Librarian regularly comes across interesting stories about Purdue while helping researchers on and off campus. Some of these have been developed into short articles. An example is the story about Purdue’s first graduate John Bradford Harper (http://www.lib.purdue.edu/spcol/content/John%20Bradford%20Harper.pdf).

Recently David completed a history of the first thirty years of the Purdue Libraries. During the search he discovered many facts about the first librarians, particularly the women that had been lost. So, dance with Ducky and party with Blanche and discover how we began. http://www.lib.purdue.edu/spcol/content/Purdue%20University%20Library%20History.pdf


Collections and Information Resources Update


Purdue Libraries contribute towards CRL purchase

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) recently recognized 18 of its members, including the Purdue University Libraries, for participating in the 2010 Shared Purchase Program. The shared Purchase Program is a voluntary opportunity for CRL members to contribute towards the purchase of major microform sets that will benefit the entire membership. The Purdue Libraries made contributions towards two titles: Islam-Fiche: Readings from Islamic Primary Sources (Series I-II) and Women in the Netherlands East Indies,Part 2: 1912–1960. When Purdue patrons need access to material from these two sets, they can place a request through interlibrary loan.


Green Tambourine


Celebrate Earth Day Thursday, April 22, 2010!Claire Alexander

Plan to attend the campus event at 1:30 p.m. in Academy Park adjacent to the Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) tables. 

Speakers include Bob McMains, Vice President for Physical Facilities; Robin Ridgway, Director of Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship; Terry Cegielski, Assistant Director of Grounds and Sustainability; Dan Schuster, Campus Energy Data Coordinator; and Carmen Martin, President of Boiler Green Initiative and Purdue student.

Awards will be presented.

  • Presentation of Purdue's Tree Campus USA award (you can even get your photo taken with a beautiful horse chestnut!)
  • RecycleMania award
  • Residence halls energy competition award
  • Power Down Hour results
  • Announcement of our new Sustainability Strategic Plan

While you are there, browse the BGI tables to see what student organizations are doing and what you can do.

At 4:00 p.m. view the film No Impact Man at the Vet School (LYNN 1136). 

Find a way to up your sustainability efforts a notch on all days, not just Earth Day.

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No updates.

To view all Purdue job postings visit the Purdue employment page. If you have additional questions, contact Michelle Conwell, 494-2899.


Announcements & EVENTS

Amelia Earhart: The Aviator, the Advocate, and the Icon
March 1 - May 28, 2010
Archives and Special Collections
HSSE 4th floor

LCSSAC Lunch & Learn Series
"What is Information Literacy and Why Should I Care?"
with Sharon Weiner
Thursday, April 29, 2010
Noon - 1:00 p.m.
MEL LearnLab



University News Service, April 7, 2010
Pulitzer Prize-winning author to speak at 2010 Literary Awards

WBAA Public Radio, April 8, 2010
WBAA News and Information; Purdue University Press 50th Anniversary

Lafayette Journal & Courier, April 8, 2010
Art from east to west: New TAF exhibits show influences from Asia to Indiana; Asian-American Studies materials for Purdue libraries

University News Service, April 9, 2010
Purdue trustees approve faculty promotions; Jeremy Garritano and Megan Sapp Nelson

Purdue Exponent, April 13, 2010
(link not available)
Best Place to Study; Winner is Hicks Undergraduate Library, HSSE receives Honorable Mention, Supplement pg. 37

Best Place to “Hook Up” on Campus; Winner is Library, Supplement pg. 33



Happy Birthday, copyright. The first copyright law went into effect 300 years ago in 1710 in England. It was known as the Statute of Anne. With the advent of the printing press around 1439, books with potentially radical ideas could now be published quickly and distributed broadly. Government authorities such as the Crown did not take kindly to that so they required that all printers had to be licensed. In this way they could control which printers published what books and whether books were even allowed to be printed. This is certainly censorship at its worst. Eventually, the people rebelled at this injustice and so the new law was passed. The Statute of Anne recognized that the author or creator of the work should own the work which is the true beginning of author rights. The Statute also recognized that the public should have access to the works and required that copies be deposited at the King’s Library and the libraries at Oxford and Cambridge. The United States copyright law is based on the Statute of Anne. There have been many changes to the law over the years in both England and the United States but the philosophy behind it is still valid but frequently challenged. As a side note, the song “Happy Birthday” is protected by copyright until 2030.

Submit questions to Donna Ferullo.



Fosmire, Michael, Calibrated Peer Review: A New Tool for Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Writing-Intensive Large Classroom Settings. portal: Libraries and the Academy 10(2):147-63, 2010.



Jeremy R. Garritano, promotion to associate professor of library science.

Megan Sapp Nelson, promotion to associate professor of library science.

Promotions take effect July 1, 2010.



Linda Rose received a Mortar Board Rose Award on Friday April 9, 2010. Some of the HSSEB staff surprised her along with the Mortar Board Chapter who sang to her, presented her with a dozen beautiful roses, a certificate, and an invitation to a breakfast. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the mini reception and the obvious surprise on Linda’s face.

Linda Rose 2010 Roase Award

Mortar Board awards are given by the chapter to staff nominated by faculty, staff, or students who know the work habits of the nominee. Linda was selected from over 70 nominations this year. This project has been ongoing since the early 1980s and the Libraries have had several recipients over the last couple of years.

Congratulations Linda!



Libraries ADM

Q.  What do you enjoy most about your job and why?
A.  I enjoy the interaction with the students that come up here looking for a job. Where I worked before there wasn’t such a variety of different cultures. I enjoy walking around campus because you never know what you will see or what language you will hear spoken.

Q.  How long have you worked in the Libraries and at Purdue?
A.  It will be 2 years in August. I really enjoy working here, it is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Q.  What is one unforgettable experience that has happened to you or your coworkers while working in the library?
A.  When Archives and Special Collections had the exhibit with Neil Armstrong and the other astronauts. Someone wanted to deliver a Purdue pennant to the archives they were in a hurry and thought the archives was still on the second floor of Stewart. They found their way to my desk and when I explained that Archives was now on the 4th floor they said they were in a hurry and they gave me the Purdue pennant that one of the astronauts had taken into space and asked me to make sure it got up to archives. I handled the pennant very carefully I remember calling Stephanie Schmitz and telling her I had the pennant and she said she would be right down to get it. When she came to pick it up I handed the pennant to Stephanie you could see that the plastic the pennant was wrapped in was dusty and Stephanie said “Ooooo alien dust!” I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband all about it.

Q.  What’s your favorite book, Web site, movie, or database?
A.  Favorite books are “A Rose in Winter” by Katherine Woodwiss and the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

Q.  Coffee, tea, water, or soft drink?
A.  Mostly water or herbal tea.

Q.  What do you like to do for fun?
A.  I like to read a lot and getting together with my friends.

Q.  Feel free to include any information about yourself that you would like to share with the staff?
A.  The best decision I ever made was to marry my husband Bob. Bob and I will be married 25 years in October. He does not know it yet but he will be taking me on a nice trip. We share our home with a spoiled 21 pound Pomeranian named Smokey. Smokey keeps Bob company all day while I am here at Purdue.



USAIN Cow Tippys knitting lesson

Tippy taking a knitting lesson from Maribeth Slebodnik.

Check USAIN Conference for more
information about the conference to be held at Purdue in May 2010.

Have a Tippy photo? Send it to Marianne Bracke. View other Tippy photos here.



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