Libraries Distinguished Lecture to feature Ruth Reichl


PILLAR: Campuswide Information Literacy

Ruth ReichlPurdue Libraries has invited author, food critic and former editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine, Ruth Reichl, to speak on October 18 at 7 p.m. at Fowler Hall, Stewart Center for the annual Distinguished Lecture Series.  

Reichl will present, Eating Our Words, where she will take a look at food writing at different times and places in the world, in an attempt to discover what the changing language of food can tell us about ourselves. As our attitudes about food have been in constant flux, we can look at the past to understand why we are living in such a food-focused present.

Reichl is recognized as one of the nation's most influential figures in the food world and has been a treasured voice on the culinary landscape, guiding us how to cook, and what and where to eat. A six-time recipient of the James Beard Award, Reichl is author of several best selling memoirs including, Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise and Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table. Reichl has served as the food editor for the Los Angeles Times and restaurant critic for The New York Times. She currently is Editor-at-Large at Random House and serving as a judge on Bravo's Top Chef Masters.

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A fond farewell to Priscilla Geahigan


PILLAR: Infrastructure

Priscilla GeahiganAfter 34 years at Purdue Libraries, Priscilla Geahigan is retiring at the rank of full professor. She began her Purdue career on November 1, 1977, at the General Library (Humanities, Social Science and Education). After about a year she became the reference librarian at Krannert Library (Management and Economics Library) working with John Houkes and Judy Pask. During this time she was involved in the Committee of University Industrial Relations Librarians and she and Judy Pask compiled three volumes of the Industrial Relations Theses and Dissertations between 1977 and 1981.

Geahigan has always been a strong advocate of instruction. In 1983, she chaired the library committee that wrote an insert for the Exponent on “everything you ever wanted to know about the library.” The insert was so successful that it was reprinted and used as a handout for students and patrons. In 1988 Scarecrow Press published her U.S. and Canadian Businesses, 1955-1987: a Bibliography and American Library Association published Business Serials of the U.S. Government which she co-edited with Robert F. Rose. In 1994, Gale Research published her American Business Climate & Economic Profiles: A Concise Compilation of Facts, Rankings, Incentives, And Resource Listings, For All 319 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAS) and The 50 States.

In 1993, she became the Consumer and Family Sciences (CFS) and Psychological Sciences (PSYC) librarian. During this time she edited the Lodging & Restaurant Index which Purdue Libraries, under her guidance, sold to EBSCO Company to form the basis for the Hospitality & Tourism database.

After 30 years she took partial retirement in 2007 and returned to HSSE during the spring semesters developing tutorials (such as Endnote) and library guides.

Some of her achievements and associations include: recipient of the John H. Moriarty Award for excellence in library service in 1990 and the BRASS Gale Group Award for Excellence in Business Librarianship in 1999. She was a charter member of both the Indiana Online Users Group and of the Agricultural Economics Reference Organization. She was a key person in the founding of American Library Association’s BRASS — the Business Reference and Services Section in 1988-89 and served as its fourth chair. She also served on the BRASS Planning Committee, Program Committee, Steering Committee, and Nominating Committee and for many years was the mainstay of the Publications Committee.

I well remember the first time I met Priscilla; she and Judy Pask took me to lunch during my interview. I asked Priscilla why I should come to Purdue. She gave the answer that won the day: Purdue’s name will open many doors for you.

Many of us have fond memories of going out to dinner with Priscilla to a Chinese restaurant in Chicago or San Francisco or New York City. At every ALA meeting she would take us to an authentic Chinese place, sometimes so authentic that she had to order for us because the menu was in Chinese. She’d jabber away with the waiter or chef and pretty soon some great dishes would appear. I bet you didn’t know you could get “real” Chinese food right here in the corn fields of Indiana, well you can if you have Priscilla there to tell the cook how to make the food.

On behalf of the Purdue Libraries staff I want to say thank you Priscilla for everything you have done for the Purdue Libraries. Thanks for helping thousands of students find the information they needed. Thanks for all the handouts, bibliographies and online tutorials and guides. Thanks for all the EndNote sessions. Thanks for being a colleague and a friend. Happy retirement!


Thank you everyone

After having been on Purdue’s Voluntary Early Partial Retirement Program the last five years, I am excited about my full retirement that began July 1.

I started my Purdue career in November of 1977 at General Library (HSSE), then moved on to Krannert (MEL), Consumer & Family Sciences (CFSL), Psychological Sciences (PSYC), and now in 2011, I ended where I began — at HSSE! All of my positions have provided interesting and challenging problem solving opportunities. Looking back, I enjoyed working on most of them and I cherished the valuable experiences that I gained. I will miss my friends and colleagues at the Libraries and at Purdue.

My husband and I have our home in West Lafayette and I look forward to seeing all of you on or off campus. So, instead of bidding good-bye, I will just say see you later!

Priscilla Geahigan, professor of Library Science


LCSSAC welcomes new members


PILLAR: Infrastructure

The Libraries Clerical Service Staff Advisory Committee (LCSSAC) was formed in 1993 to serve as a communication link between the Libraries’ administration and the clerical service staff. To learn more about LCSSAC visit the Libraries intranet. From this site you can contact any member of LCSSAC, check on Library events, access the By-Laws, read minutes from monthly meetings and use the LINK Letter to make suggestions and voice concerns.

Each library unit has been assigned to a district with a representative being elected to a three year term by members from their district. A sixth district is represented by an at-large representative elected to a three year term by all clerical service staff.

Please extend congratulations to new members, Teresa Balser, District 3, and Sharon Sturgeon, District 4, as they begin their three year terms in July.

Sharon SturgeonSharon Sturgeon works in the M.G. Mellon of Chemistry. She has worked in the Libraries for 24 years, the first 8 1/2 in the Life Sciences Library before transferring to Chemistry. "In March of 1993, Dean Mobley asked Dot Lanzalotto and me to handle LCSSAC formation administrative details and to facilitate the first meetings. We served as facilitators for six months. So much has changed within the Libraries these past 18 years, but LCSSAC has continued to be an active, vital committee, serving the clerical/service staff. I recently had the opportunity to observe the hard work, the communication with the Deans, the desire to provide, fun, morale-building activities for the staff that continues within this group, while serving as the Infrastructure Council representative to LCSSAC. I look forward to being a voice for my peers and playing an active role these next three years." Contact Sharon at

Teresa BalserTeresa Balser is the circulation assistant for John W. Hicks Undergraduate and Management libraries. She has worked eight years at Purdue, seven of those in the Libraries. "I hope serving on LCSSAC will allow me to gain a better understanding of Purdue Libraries as a whole and give me the opportunity to get to know more of my library coworkers. I feel that the more involved I can be in the Libraries, the better I will be able to serve our library patrons." Contact Teresa at


Continuing members include:
District 1 – Dacia Wiesler, AA,
District 2 – Linda Foster, ADM,, 2011-2012 secretary/web communications
District 5 – Laura Patnaude, ILL,, 2011-2012 chair assistant
District 6 – Mary Sego,, 2011-2012 chair

Thank you to retiring members, Becky Hunt, chair, and Jill Begley for their dedication to making LCSSAC a success.


Successful staff transitions

PILLAR: Infrastructure

Shelving and Reference Assistant
Siegesmund Engineering Library

In the May 6, 2009 issue of INSIDE a callout was made to staff for additional assistance throughout the Libraries with several core areas including the Oral History Program transcription work. I was very apprehensive about transcribing. I knew I would love listening to people talk about Purdue’s history, their experiences going to school here, the traditions and the people they met, but I was never a speedy typist and I just assumed that was what was needed. Once I was assured that speed didn’t matter I was more than happy to have something new and different to do.

The things I’m learning about Purdue, the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette are quite surprising. Did you know that the kids that grew up around here would sneak through the steam tunnels that are under the Union into the dances to listen to music from the Big Bands such as Tommy Dorsey or that they use to dare each other to walk across the tracks that were directly over the coal pits by power plant on campus?

I try to spend at least four hours a week transcribing tapes, which average out to about ten minutes per hour. The process involves a lot of listening, rewinding and even searching on the internet to clarify terms, dates of events and gaining a better understanding of what is being discussed. Sometimes verbal accents are a little hard to decipher but the more you listen the more in tune you become to the interviewee. I have completed 19 interviews since I began the project. Some of them have included:

  • Maurice Williamson, College of Agriculture Administration, shared some stories about the Annual Ag Fish Fry; they are hilarious.
  • Betty Combs, School of Home Economics, recounts the circus coming to town and setting up in the area that is now Wabash Landing. Barnum and Bailey’s circus would arrive by train and the animals would parade across the bridge from Lafayette into West Lafayette. She also talks about seeing Amelia Earhart a few times on campus and even speaking to her.
  • Tom Turpin, professor in Entomology, recalls the fun he had with the Bug Bowl races and his speculation about the marks on the bottom of his office door. He told his students they were made by rats trying to get into his office to eat the grain that was previously stored there. Funny thing was that a former student of Turpin’s predecessor came to see him and verified that indeed was the case.
  • Dr. John Tse, School of Management Administration, talks about being able to trace his families’ roots back to the time of Jesus.
  • Henry Sampson, Engineering Administration, shares his experiences as one of a few black men on campus in the 1950s.
  • One professor loving remembers meeting his wife at Pappy’s Sweet Shop.

I’ve also come to appreciate the abilities that Katie Markee demonstrates in conducting these interviews. She asks the standard questions; hometown, family, favorite Purdue tradition, etc., but she really knows her interviewee and knows how to get the information from them which makes these interviews interesting, entertaining, educational and invaluable.

By listening and transcribing these tapes, I have learned more than I thought possible about different eras, how the University has grown and about all the hard work and dedication that has gone into making this a great place and community to live and work. I’m looking forward to continuing with this project.

Recently, I have been transcribing interviews that Marianne Bracke and Jake Carlson have conducted with graduate students working for Sylvie M. Brouder, PhD, Jeffrey J. Volenec, PhD, and Ronald F. Turco, PhD, in the Agronomy department. “These interviews will be used to develop Data Curation Profiles to inform the system requirements for a data management system being developed by the Cyber Center. Dianna’s work in transcribing these interviews is invaluable. Transcription is a detail oriented and time consuming process, but one that needs to be done in order to create a quality Data Curation Profile. Without Dianna’s assistance this project would languish, limiting its utility and potential impact, " said Carlson.

I’ve enjoyed the many roles and challenges I’ve experienced since coming to the Libraries in July 1999. I feel one of the most important parts of working in the Libraries has been the opportunity to do some cross-training, learning from my coworkers and experiencing some of the many aspects that are involved in maintaining a library system. It’s not just a job but a continuous learning experience that I am enjoying.

Editor's Note: Over the next several months you will be reading about Libraries staff members who have made successful transitions into new jobs or those who have added new roles and responsibilities to their current job duties. If you'd like to share your experience, please contact Teresa Brown at


Onward and upward


PILLAR: Infrastructure

Grant FloraThe great thing about being the Purdue Libraries marketing consultant is having such a vital, essential and progressive organization to promote and extol.

The pleasure and privilege of that role is the message I’m sharing with Emily Blue, who will be the Libraries new marketing consultant going forward into what promises to be an exciting time for Libraries.

Although she just arrived in June, Emily is no stranger to Purdue. A 2003 Purdue alumna, she has worked at Dearing Group (formerly Haan Marketing+Communications) since January 2005. As the agency’s media director, Emily was responsible for researching, preparing media plans, placing and tracking all media for clients.

Since January 2006, Emily has been teaching COM 356, an advertising course in which students develop a strategic marketing plan and advertising for a local nonprofit organization that needs assistance with their marketing communication efforts.

Emily BlueEmily also volunteers time and talents to Historic Prophetstown and the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra. She serves on the Board of Directors for the America Advertising Federation of North Central Indiana and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Lafayette (and is a volunteer "Big Sis"). Emily enjoys cooking, traveling and watching Purdue athletics with her husband, Rob, and pampering their two cats, Josie and Mack.

Please congratulate Emily as she begins to work with the Libraries Advancement and Marketing team: Director Sandy Howarth, Marketing Associate Kate Kester and team members Elaine Bahler, Teresa Brown and Pat Wilson. I don’t need to tell you these are great people and outstanding professionals whom I will always feel privileged to know. My heartfelt thanks to them, as well as to former Director Judy Schumaker and Marketing Associates Rachel Schurz and Kayla Gregory. I am proud of the work we did together over the years.

I will remember my time and contributions as Libraries’ communications coordinator and marketing consultant as positive and productive, in which we raised the Libraries’ profile to the stature it deserves. I know the Libraries Advancement and Marketing team, with your support, is poised to further elevate the Libraries’ and Purdue’s strategic plans and missions.

Thanks to Dean Mullins’ support, vision and leadership — along with the opportunity to participate in two strategic plans, a redesign, search committees, countless projects and an association with so many of you — working with the Libraries has been my most enjoyable, stimulating, professional and personal experience at Purdue. Rest assured, I’ll remain a Libraries’ champion, advocate and fan. I look forward to working on Libraries’ projects in my role as Senior Project Editor in Publications and through copywriting assignments for Creative Services.

Finally, thank you — Libraries colleagues — for all the camaraderie, collegiality and creativity you’ve shared with me. It is your expertise, dedication and talent that best tells the Purdue Libraries’ story and it is your commitment to excellence that will contribute to the next level of accomplishment and success for students, scholars, researchers and lifelong learners.

Remember, whatever role you play in the Libraries structure, you are the brand. Onward and upward.

If you have questions about the transition or marketing questions in general, please feel free to contact Kate Kester, marketing associate, at or 6-9610.


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Continuing Vacancies

  • Business Information Specialist (Faculty)
  • Library Digital User Experience Specialist (Faculty)
  • Libraries Assistant IV, LIFE/ENGR (University Posting #1100892) (Clerical)

New Hires:

  • Alaina Morales, Virtual User Experience Specialist, July 1
  • Eugenia Kim, Data Services Specialist, July 5


  • The title "Library Clerk" in job descriptions has been officially changed to" Library Assistant." From this point forward, use the new title when describing the job position.

To view all Purdue job postings visit the Purdue employment page. If you have additional questions, contact Julie Hillgrove or 49-42903.



Rachel Moore, Resource Services, is celebrating 15 years at Purdue.

Jane Kinkus Yatcilla, Health and Life Sciences Information Specialist, is celebrating 10 years at Purdue.

Sandy Galloway, Engineering, is celebrating 10 years at Purdue.

Dale White, Auxiliary Services, is celebrating 10 years at Purdue.

Cindy Yeoman, Humanities, Social Science and Education, is celebrating 10 years at Purdue.



Student Staff Member
Life Sciences Library

Sean MattiSean worked in the Life Sciences Library for four semesters and two summers. He was a senior in the School of Technology and a member of Purdue’s football team.

"Sean was a solid and efficient student staff member. He willingly assisted on long term and complex projects and recommended improvements that streamlined these processes. His insights and attention to detail were especially appreciated on the multi-semester scan project. He was well liked by fellow student staff and went out of his way to assist new students during training. Sean was a great person, very caring, unselfish and hardworking. He really cared about others around him. Staff and students at Life Sciences will really miss him. I feel much grief. I will always have memories of Sean — his smile and the special person that he was," said Patricia Miller, Sean’s immediate supervisor.



Soaring to New Heights: Purdue Women in Aviation
Archives and Special Collections Exhibit
June 11-August 31
HSSE 4th floor

Libraries Distinguished Lecture Series
Featuring Ruth Reichl
"Eating Our Words"
October 18
7 p.m.
Fowler Hall



Purdue Today, June 30
New exhibit features women in aviation at Purdue

The New Wolcott Enterprise, June 30
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Common Reading, pg. 11

Lafayette Journal & Courier, July 3
She was history in the making - Purdue Oral History Program's director wraps up her career; Katie Markee, pg. C6

Purdue Today, July 8
Appointments, honors and activities; Ian Bell, recipient of Open Access Award

Lafayette Journal & Courier, July 9
Campus suggests priorities for next Purdue University president; Bert Chapman quoted

UNS Press Release, July 12
Purdue fundraising shows growth; Roland Parrish, Hilton Foundation



Buchanan, Anne L. and Hérubel, Jean-Pierre V.M., “Subject and Historiographic Characteristics of Library History: Disciplinary Considerations and Scholarship,” Journal of Scholarly Publishing, Volume 42, Number 4, July 2011.



 Katherine Markee and State representative Sheila KlinkerUpon Katherine Markee’s retirement, State Representative Sheila Klinker awarded her with a Resolution from the General Assembly and House of Representatives; and the Distinguished Hoosier Award from Governor Mitch Daniels. Klinker was in attendance at the retirement event on June 30 to award Markee with the two distinguished honors. The Distinguished Hoosier Award is one of the highest tributes given by the State of Indiana to its citizens. It is solely granted at the discretion of the Governor to Hoosiers who have uniquely brought admiration and respect to the state through their character and accomplishments. Markee is the first Libraries faculty member to receive the recognitions.



Tomato, Corn and Avocado Salsa
Visit the Libraries Intranet site for this recipe.

Send recipes to Teresa Brown.






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