E-readers and library resources


PILLAR: Robust Local Collections and Campuswide Information Literacy

Beth McNeilDo you own an e-book reader? If so, you’re in good company. More than 2.1 million U.S. adults are estimated to own e-book readers. And, as you know from previous INSIDE articles, we continue to add thousands of e-books to our library collection. As more people begin to use e-readers, including Purdue students, faculty and staff, we are seeing more and more questions about using e-readers with library resources. Earlier this semester the Information Literacy Operations Committee (ILOC) began a project to investigate e-readers and how well they work with the electronic resources provided by the Libraries in order to learn more about these tools and to provide assistance to colleagues in the Libraries. Paul Bracke, Associate Dean for Digital Programs and Information Access, provided funding for the purchase of e-reader devices, and drafted a charge for the ILOC for this project:

The task force [ILOC] will evaluate the compatibility of Libraries — provided e-books with popular e-readers. They will be responsible for creating instructional materials for accessing e-books and other e-content, as possible, from popular e-readers. They will also be responsible for making recommendations regarding further development of instructional materials and also for the training of Libraries staff in the use of e-readers.

The task force [ILOC] will be responsible for evaluating the compatibility of Libraries-supplied e-books and:

  • Creating appropriate instructional resources (e.g., a LibGuide) to provide owners of e-readers with a clear overview of how to access Purdue Libraries e-books (and other e-content as appropriate) on their personal devices.  
  • Recommendations for how to continue to maintain these instructional resources as the e-book and e-reader marketplaces continue to evolve.
  • Recommendations, if necessary, for developing further resources (e.g., how-to guides for particular disciplines).
  • Recommendations for training library staff, especially those on service desks, about e-reader usage.

Funding was available for purchase of four of the most popular e-readers: Kindle, Nook, Sony and iPad. ILOC members have been trying out the e-reader devices for the past few weeks and have begun work on a LibGuide to support users of library resources on e-readers. ILOC members are Robert Freeman, Amanda Gill, David Hovde, Matt Riehle, Dawn Stahura and Gretchen Stephens. If you have your own e-book reader, ILOC would appreciate knowing about your experiences using e-readers and particularly using library e-resources on them. Please feel free to contact any ILOC member. 


Celebrating our staff

PILLAR: Infrastructure

2011 Staff Awards

Front Row: Jim Mullins, Marianne Stowell Bracke, Maribeth Slebodnik, Jeremy Garritano, Jake Carlson. Back Row: Mark Newton, Stephanie Schmitz, Megan Sapp Nelson, Amy Van Epps, Mary Dugan. Not pictured: Connie Richards, Linda Rose, Jane Yatcilla, Frances Christman, Wendy Kelly

Joseph M. Dagnese Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to the Libraries Stephanie Schmitz
"Everyone here at the Libraries works hard and everyone deserves recognition. I feel extremely lucky to work with my colleagues in the archives because it is our collective effort which helps gets things done. It means a lot that these very same coworkers, who work just as hard as I do, took the time to recognize my contributions. Being a recipient of this award reminds me what a gratifying place the Libraries is to work, and that I would not be as nearly successful without the support and encouragement of others."

Joseph M. Dagnese Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to the Libraries Connie Richards
"I am sorry I could not be there in person to receive the Dagnese award. Thank you Purdue Libraries, what an honor! I was lucky enough to have worked while Joe was the director of the Libraries. I remember him as a very a caring and compassionate person. I also remember that he loved working in his yard and landscaping. I plan to use part of the award money to purchase a flowering shrub in his memory. I truly enjoy my job and the people that I work with here at Purdue! The Purdue Libraries Family is an outstanding group and I take pride in being part of this family. Thank you."

John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service Maribeth Slebodnik
"I am totally surprised to receive the Moriarty Award and really grateful to my nominators and all the people I’ve worked with during my time at Purdue. I think it’s really a testament to the importance of our information literacy efforts that both of the Moriarty Awards this year were principally for work in that area!"

John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service Amy Van Epps
"It is always humbling to be nominated and selected by a group of peers for an award that recognizes excellence in service. It’s an honor to receive the Moriarty award this year. While the accomplishments listed during the ceremony sound like individual contributions, I could not do most of that work without the support of library staff at all levels. Thanks!"

Dean’s Award for Individual Sustained and Outstanding Contribution to the Libraries — Linda Rose
"I am grateful and humbled to have received this award. Anything I have accomplished was only done with the help of many, many others. I’m glad I work here and hope that I will continue to be a contributing staff member."

Dean’s Individual Award for Significant Advancement of a Libraries Strategic Initiative — Mark Newton
“It is an incredible honor to have received the Dean’s Award for Significant Advancement of a Libraries Strategic Initiative. It feels a bit awkward to be awarded for individual achievement in such a highly collaborative environment. Sincere thanks to my entire project collaborators these past years for making our endeavors successful. It is a privilege to be a part of the Purdue Libraries at such a pivotal juncture in librarianship.”

Purdue University Libraries Award for Excellence in Teaching — Jeremy Garritano
“I was humbled and honored to receive the first Libraries Annual Award for Excellence in Teaching. I was further humbled and honored later in the week when I attended the University Faculty Awards Convocation, standing next to the recipients of the other College/School level teaching awards. I enjoy teaching and it is a gratifying feeling to be recognized for the same work that is constantly motivating me to try new techniques, to investigate new (and current) information resources and to initiate new student and faculty contacts. While I have created a number of instructional opportunities on my own or have taken over classes and sessions from other colleagues, I could not accomplish all that I have done without faculty in my liaison departments who believe in the importance of what I can bring to the classroom. Also, there are many of us in the Libraries who teach and I know I have learned from their experiences as well — whether hearing about them through casual conversations, brown bags or formal presentations at official Libraries events. I have come to appreciate all of the opportunities and collaborations that can occur within the Purdue community of educators. Finally, I would like to thank those that nominated me and those on the selection committee for honoring me with this award. Thank you.”

Dean’s Award for Team Achievement — Data Management Plan Workshop Consulting Group: Jake Carlson, Megan Sapp Nelson and Marianne Stowell Bracke
“Winning the Dean’s Team award was a surprise to me as Marianne, Megan and I had not been formally designated as a team. However, reflecting back on our work in developing the Data Management Plan Workshop and in providing consulting services for faculty on drafting their plans, teamwork was absolutely critical in the success of the workshop and in our consulting. I would like to thank my teammates Marianne and Megan for all of their hard work and enthusiasm. I would also like to thank the awards committee and the Libraries for their recognition of the work that was done.” – Jake Carlson

Dean’s Award for Team Achievement Orientation Committee: Jane Yatcilla, Frances Christman, Mary Dugan, Wendy Kelly and Marianne Stowell Bracke
“The Orientation Committee worked really hard last year, so I truly appreciate the award, and I thank whoever was kind enough to nominate us. I want to add that many Libraries staff from outside the committee also participated in several of our events — we would not have been nearly as impactful without the support of many individuals from nearly every department in the Libraries. Thank you to everybody who helped!” – Jane Yatcilla

“We couldn’t have done it without help from our co-workers. Thank you!” – Frances Christman

“The work we did was really satisfying. There was a lot of prep time but it was worth it.” – Mary Dugan

“All of us worked together to make this a success, a lot of leg work and glad it didn’t rain on those days.” – Wendy Kelly

“Thank you to all the libraries staff that make the Orientation Committee’s work possible, and thank you to Jane as a wonderful committee chair!” – Marianne Stowell Bracke


2011 student award and scholarship winners

PULSE Awards

Ashley SommersAshley Sommers is a senior studying Youth Adult and Family Services. She has worked for Auxiliary Services in the library system since the second semester of her freshman year. Some of her tasks within Auxiliary Services include making sure that books get sorted and to the correct libraries inside as well as outside the Purdue system, making sure that staff members have comfortable offices or spaces to work in, building or tearing down shelving units in the library to either add in more books for students or give the students more space to study. Because she has worked in the libraries for seven semesters, she has always been a good role model to new student workers and she is a good mentor and friend. She is responsible and is always willing to pick up extra shifts when time permits. Along with her work in the Libraries, she is an avid volunteer in groups on campus such as Circle K, Pete’s Pals and Hands Across the Wabash.

Sommers feels that working in the Libraries has taught her many important and useful things, 1) communication is extremely important in the workplace, 2) patience is a virtue, 3) leadership skills to help her in her future endeavors and 4) how to use power tools to help her with work around her future home.

“Receiving this award makes me feel very honored because it shows that the work that I have done has been appreciated. Even though I wasn’t doing it to be acknowledged, it feels great that the people I work to help have noticed my efforts and wanted to award me for it.”

Michael WestMichael West is a junior majoring in Pharmacy. He has worked for the Libraries for seven semesters, becoming the go-to person among his classmates due to his knowledge of the Libraries databases and other online library resources. Along with the many regular duties involved with working in the library West helps in the training of new student staff. When necessary he fills in for his coworkers and enjoys the many challenges associated with special projects.

"Learning to dress professionally, being punctual and communicating properly has helped prepare me for the rigors of the professional world as well as making me a better student. I offer a sincere thank you to Cheryl Oliver for encouraging me to apply for this award. I am thankful to have met her and all of the pharmacy staff. We all wish Kelly Stingle was here to help me celebrate this achievement. I have used a portion of this award to help have a plaque made in his honor that is displayed in the break room. He will always have a happy place in my heart. He now has a place to shine light on others who use and work in the library. Thank you again for this honor."

PULSE Awards — Marie Jepson Scian Memorial

shting HuangShuting Huang is a first year professional student in the College of Pharmacy. Extracurricular activities include American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Students of Pharmacy, Purdue Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and Purdue Pharmaceutical Science Club. She also works as a teaching assistant for an anatomy and physiology course and is a peer leader in the Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education (CASPiE) program in general chemistry. Chinese calligraphy is one of her many interests and she enjoys teaching and demonstrating Chinese calligraphy at the residence halls, the Lafayette Public Library and at the Chinese calligraphy club meetings.

Huang has worked in the Life Sciences library since the fall 2008. Some of he and responsibilities have involved checking out and returning library materials, assisting patrons in article searches and maintaining an orderly and quiet study environment in the library. "As a student librarian, I’ve had opportunities to interact with different individuals, helping to improve my communication skills, which will be a valuable asset for my future career. Also, the database skills that I learned will be helpful in my course work and research projects. It is a great honor for me to receive this award. I want to thank my supervisor, Pat Miller, for the training and support. My experience in the Life Science library has already been a part of my favorite memory at Purdue. Thank you again for the honor of being selected for the award and this will be the encouragement for me to make a further contribution to the library."

Dalonte KeemerDalonte Keemer is a fourth year student majoring in Computer Graphic Technology with a focus in animation. He has worked in the Hicks Undergraduate Library for eight semesters. Keemer believes in helping others as much as possible That was one of his reasons for applying for the position as student worker in the library. 

“Since I have worked at Hicks Undergraduate Library, I feel like I have developed a family away from home. All my supervisors keep me on the right path when it comes to work and school. They let me know when I’m doing well and when I need to improve, which is great because constructive criticism will help me in my line of work. I’ve always done well with constructive criticism, but working at HIKS helped strengthen that part of me even more. I am pleased to be chosen to receive this award. I dedicate all my help and services when I’m on the clock and not because I am supposed to, but because it makes me feel completed when I know I’ve helped someone throughout my day."

Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship

Savannah HoskinsSavannah Hoskins is a junior, majoring in Secondary English Education. She has worked in the Libraries for three years, including the Hicks Repository and currently the Math library. Savannah is a student supervisor and has worked on several special projects including the remarking and organizing the ask-at-desk books, barcoding, shifting and reorganization of the library’s journal collection. She believes her employment with the Libraries has helped her academically, as well as professionally.

“Working for the Libraries has taught me the meaning of service. It is my belief that I spend my days surrounded by the hardest working people at this University. My supervisors are a constant inspiration to me in their dedication and service to their users. The Libraries is a part of my extended family and I truly enjoy my job in the Libraries. Thank you for selecting me to receive this wonderful award.”

Dr. Albert Viton Scholarship

Jessica MahoneyJessica Mahoney is a senior majoring in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology. She has worked for the Purdue Libraries for the past seven semester (including one summer), six of those with Interlibrary Loan. Her main responsibilities include scanning documents, checking books out to patrons and preparing books for shipping to faculty and staff. In addition to the normal duties she helps train new employees.

She is a member of the Purdue Science Student Council, and has served as both finance and publicity co-chair, and the secretary over the past six semesters. She is a Biology Ambassador, President of Purdue University Science Olympiad Club and has served as supplies officer. She has been doing honors research for the past six semesters and is in the process publishing her results. And, on the weekends she volunteers at the Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center.

“I am extremely honored to have been awarded the McCaw scholarship. This award represents the work and effort that has gone into my four years here at Purdue University via academics, extracurricular activities and as a member of the library staff.”  

Amelia Earhart Scholarships

Tara DriscollTara Driscoll is a first year professional student in the College of Pharmacy. Her extracurricular activities include College Mentors for Kids, Boiler Gold Rush and Purdue Pharmacy Ambassadors. She also enjoys traveling, listening to music and spending time with friends. This summer she plans to volunteer at the Veteran’s Hospital in Chicago and work for Walgreens.

“Amelia Earhart is an American icon that many people view as an extraordinary model of perseverance. She had the courage to stand up for her passion of aviation, even though she knew she would face many obstacles along the way. In a small way, I feel I am similar to Earhart as I’ve chosen a very challenging field of study and continue to fight my way through the demanding coursework in order to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a pharmacist. I am honored to receive this scholarship in memory of Amelia Earhart and will continue to do the best that I can in my schoolwork and continue to contribute to the growth of my community.”

Jill GrableJill Grable is a junior majoring in Aviation Flight Technology and Business Management. Some of her extracurricular activities include holding the position of vice-president and former treasurer of the Aviation Technology Student Council, vice-president of Chi Omega Fraternity, Chi Beta Chapter and social outreach chairman of Women in Aviation, Purdue Chapter, member of Purdue Professional Pilots, Purdue Flight Team and Purdue Women in Business. She is a certified flight instructor at Purdue and teaches underclassmen in the Professional Flight Technology Program pursuing careers as professional pilots to fly SR-20 aircraft. Grable also has taught essential aeronautical knowledge in ground school lessons and instrument flying techniques in Garmin G1000 equipped simulators. She received the Modern Day Amelia Earhart recognition from Purdue University in the fall of 2009. She will be interning this summer with the Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington. Future plans include a career in the aviation industry utilizing her aviation and business degree.

"I'm honored to be presented with this acknowledgement and strive to continue to live out a life of service to others as Amelia Earhart did here at Purdue. By stepping into the field of aviation and following a path that was once carved by Amelia Earhart herself, I feel I can make a valuable lasting impression. I plan to continue spreading my passion for aviation and service to others. The combination of flying, service and compassion is something that will indeed carry on Amelia’s legacy of women making a positive impact in aviation while continually striving to bring about constructive change."

Stephanie JohnstonStephanie Johnston is a senior in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Lombard, Illinois. While at Purdue, she has been a team leader and an ambassador for Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) and served on the executive board for Design, Build, Fly team. Stephanie has served as secretary for Purdue's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics chapter. Some of her other campus organizations include Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Purdue Professional Ambassadors, Sigma Gamma Tau, and Mortar Board Senior Honors Society. She has interned at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is currently a co-op student at Johnson Space Center. When working at NASA, she is a director for Co-op Agency Connections and enjoys volunteering for Habit for Humanity. Outside of work and school, Johnston loves sculpting, rock climbing, traveling with friends, and occasionally, skydiving or flying.

“It is an honor to once again receive an Amelia Earhart Scholarship. Amelia Earhart's determination and independence has always encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams in space exploration. I had teachers in high school that warned me that I would reach a ‘glass ceiling’ as a woman in engineering. Since my dreams are set on becoming a leader for the new generation of space exploration, I am prepared to break any of those ‘glass ceilings’ that still remain and hope to inspire other women to follow, as Amelia Earhart did.


2011 One Book Higher poster session winners

One Book Higher poster session 2011Most Innovative Idea
Poster #15-Purdue Libraries in Second Life by Hal Kirkwood, Monica Kirkwood and Victoria Thomas

Most Creative:
Poster #10-From Cognitive to Constructive: Teaching Information Evaluation by Exploring “Bad Science” by Catherine Fraser Riehle

Made Me LOL
Poster #1-What’s new in the Chemistry Library? by Becky Hunt

Most Interactive
Poster #2-LCSSAC 2010 by Becky Hunt, Laura Patnaude, Jill Begley, Mary Sego, Linda Foster, Dacia Wiesler and Sharon Sturgeon

Most Scholarly
Poster #5-Developing a Workshop on Ethical Writing Practices by Amy Van Epps

Best Furthers the Strategic Plan
Poster #11-Demystifying the Data Interview by Jake Carlson


Poster #6-A Novel Use of the Data Curation Profile for Enabling International Research Collaboration by Megan Sapp Nelson

Viewer’s Choice
Poster #9-Indiana Farmer by Allen Bol and Carl Snow

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Continuing Vacancies

To view all Purdue job postings visit the Purdue employment page. If you have additional questions, contact Julie Hillgrove or 494-2903.



Donna Ferrel, Digital Collection Services, is celebrating 25 years at Purdue.

Melinda Croker, Hicks Undergraduate Library, is celebrating 20 years at Purdue.

Angie Ewing, Math Library, is celebrating 20 years at Purdue.

Tomalee Doan, HSSEB Division, is celebrating 5 years at Purdue.



From Master Mix to Farming Tips:
100 Years of Agricultural Extension
Archives and Special Collections
Mar. 3-May 31
HSSE 4th floor

Spring Fling
May 19
11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Purdue Memorial Mall
Registration deadline May 6



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Purdue Libraries to extend hours as students prep for finals
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Project MUSE News: UPCC eBook Collections Update

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Purdue Libraries professor has fourth book published; Bert Chapman

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University press and university library: Collaboration successful, increasing OA journal output; Dean Mullins presentation

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Loose in the foothills: Libraries offer so much to my family, community; mentions Purdue Libraries ILL services

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Take 5 with Tim: Angie Klink; Purdue University Press author

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Did You Know?: Food Stores; part of Libraries emergency plan for water-damaged books

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Appointments, honors and activities; Earhart scholarship winners

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Thumbs Up; Brad Heiss

Purdue Exponent, May 4
Top 5 Profs in the news: Assistant professor remained in Egypt during civil unrest, pg. 16-17; Michael Witt

Purdue Today, May 4
APSAC grants awarded to 22 Purdue employees; Charles Watkinson, recipient

Ex Libris, May 4
Ex Libris Delivers the Third Partner Release of the Alma Library Management Service; Purdue Libraries a partner
Also appeared:



Jacob Carlson, Michael Fosmire, C.C. Miller, Megan Sapp Nelson. “Determining Data Information Literacy Needs: A Study of Students and Research Faculty portal,” Libraries and the Academy , Volume 11, Number 2, April 2011, pp. 629-657.

Witt, Michael and Sivaram, Aswathy. (2011). Exposing HUB Objects for Aggregation Using OAI-ORE and Linked Data [presentation]. HUBbub 2011: The 2nd HUBzero Workshop, IUPUI, Indianapolis, Indiana.



Carolee McGill-BarkerCarolee McGill-Barker
Hicks Repository
Library Assistant

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?
A. I really enjoy being able to do work behind the scene doing work that is so essential and so much on the cutting edge of technology.

Q. How long have you worked in the Libraries and at Purdue?
A. I have worked here at Purdue since July of 2004, always with the Libraries.

Q. What is one unforgettable experience that has happened to you or your coworkers while working in the library?
A. I was working in UGRL during 24 hour library when a guy suddenly ran through wearing only a gorilla mask and tennis shoes.

Q. What’s your favorite book, web site, movie or database?
A. Two of my favorite websites are http://www.etiquettehell.com/ and http://icanhascheezburger.com/.

Q. Coffee, tea, water or soft drink? 
A. First thing in the morning, coffee is an essential. The rest of the day, I prefer diet soda or flavored water.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?
A. I like to spend as much time as possible with my family, especially my nieces, aged 9 and 11, and my grandniece, aged 12.

Q. Feel free to include any information about yourself that you would like to share with the staff?
A. I welcome and accept any and all friend requests on Facebook, though I am not on that site as much as I would like to be lately, so please be patient.



These graduating students were recognized by Dean Mullins for their dedicated service to the Purdue Libraries.

Shequita Parker, ASC
Judd J. Thomas, ASC
Meghan Compton, AUXS
Jessica Denby, AUXS
Mark Hunter, AUXS
Deidra Dantzler, AVTE
Zebulon Oehlman, AVTE
Tyler Gaynor, EAS
Trudy Bolander, ENGR
Akhila Boppana, ENGR
Peter Brinson, ENGR
Alexandra Ferner, ENGR
Maxwell Kottlowski, ENGR
Ian Bell, GSLAC
Ruben Torres, GSLAC
Haris Hadzic, HIKS
Mattie L. Foster, HSSE
Maranda E. Rude, HSSE
Christina Thottichira, HSSE
Jessica Mahoney, ILL
Allison Miller, ILL
Addy Shipley, ILL
Brian Kraft, Instructional Services
Kate Schoetmer, MATH
Jenna Nichole Flesher, MEL
Ryan Scott, MEL
Pardis Taheripour, MEL
Devrelle Dumas, PNHS
Sam Nicholson, PHYS
Paul Duselis, PHYS
Natalie Taylor, PHYS
Aswathy Sivaram, Research
David Andrews, USLAC
Michelle R. Harris, VETM
Jackie Logan, VETM

Each student and their immediate supervisor was invited to a luncheon with the Dean where they were presented with a Purdue mug, a letter of appreciation and a copy of the book plate that will be permanently placed in a Purdue Libraries’ book.



Visit the Libraries intranet for the answers to the LCSSAC crossword puzzle from One Book Higher.







Master Mix Recipes from Purdue's Home Extension — Gingerbread
Visit the Libraries Intranet site for this recipe.

Send recipes to Teresa Brown.



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