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Infrastructure Goal



Jim MullinsDear Colleagues,

As I have mentioned before, we who work in the field of education are blessed with two 'new years' .... one when our traditional New Year occurs and the other when the students return to campus at the beginning of the New Academic Year. I love this time of year and find myself so energized by the excitement on the faces of our first year students who are just beginning to explore life on their own, and when I see returning students reconnecting with friends and faculty. It is a great time to be a Boilermaker!

Over the summer, several projects were completed or initiated, including the implementation of ALMA. Sometimes it seems as if we have been on ALMA forever, but it was only after classes ended in the spring that ALMA became an integral part of the Libraries infrastructure. Never have I witnessed a major technology application come up on 'day one' with so few issues or bugs! This was due to the careful and thorough analysis, the planning and the testing that so many of you undertook during the past three years to design and develop ALMA in collaboration with Ex Libris. Your hard work and commitment to ALMA benefited Purdue, but as it is adopted by libraries throughout the world, it also will make a global impact.

In May, the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) video was released to provide an in-depth overview and introduction to this amazing data management resource now available to Purdue researchers. The success of PURR is highly dependent upon collaboration — collaboration outside the Libraries with ITaP and the Office of the Vice President for Research and inside the Libraries by the PURR Steering Committee comprised of colleagues from throughout the Libraries. PURR has been described by noted national authorities as “beautiful” and an “exemplar to other research universities.” Purdue’s tenacity, creativity and dedication made PURR a reality long before other research universities had even begun to produce anything comparable.

Over the summer several facility projects were started and are now nearing completion. First, is the addition of Conservation/Archives space on the fourth floor of Humanities, Social Science and Education Library (HSSE). This expanded space provides both a work area and housing for a conservation lab...bringing this critical function closer to Archives and Special Collection. The project will be completed in early October.

Second, a major renovation has now been completed on half of the ground floor of the Hicks Undergraduate Library. The space, formerly known as the Esther Ellis Norton Reference Area, was in need of updating in order to better address the requirements and interests of the students. Working against amazing deadlines, the renovated space has been completed. Now, upon entering the Hicks Library, one sees a dramatically transformed area that is more conducive for study and collaboration. The renovation was funded by a grant from the University's Repair and Replacement Fund; the grant was matched with funding from the Esther Ellis Norton Endowment and the Office of the Provost. On Friday, September 13, from 4-7 p.m. this renovation of the Hicks Library will be celebrated with live music, refreshments and games. Please join students and colleagues from across the Libraries and University to celebrate this renewal of the Hicks Library.

Finally, no communication at this time would be complete without a mention of the status of the Active Learning Center (ALC). As you know, in April, the University was awarded $50 million from the State of Indiana to support the construction of the ALC. Over the summer the University made its commitment of $13 million to the overall $79 million project. This leaves $16 million to be raised through donations. This summer we raised approximately $2.4 million. As we get underway this fall, fund raising will ramp up, the process of selecting an architect will begin and planning for demolition of structures on the site in front of the Bell Tower will get underway.

Over the summer and early fall, we have had new colleagues join us on the faculty and clerical service staff. They include: Christine Abel, HR Coordinator; Rebecca Bunch, Event Planner; Rey Junco, Associate Professor, First Year Experience and Emerging Technology Specialist; Erica Laffoon, Secretary, Administrative Offices; Blythe Lee, Library Assistant, Acquisitions; Pete Pascuzzi, Assistant Professor, Molecular Biosciences Information Specialist; Anna Seiffert, Library Assistant, Acquisitions; and Marcy Wilhelm-South, Digital Repository Specialist, Press.

The upcoming year promises to be another exciting one for the Libraries. Each year, new opportunities (along with a few challenges) present themselves, and as we have demonstrated in the past, together we will take advantage of the opportunities and will address and learn from the challenges.


Infrastructure Goal



A major strategic effort for this academic year is to develop new online learning tools in support of information literacy and course learning outcomes at Purdue. Our Core Tutorial has served Purdue students and faculty well for a number of years, but must now be replaced by new tools in support of our informed learning/information literacy direction. This fall, the Core Tutorial will still be available but we won’t be promoting it and the link will be removed from the Tutorials page on the website. For spring 2014, our goal is to have new online learning tools in place to replace the functions of the Core Tutorial. Heavy users of the Core Tutorial have been notified about this change and liaisons will be/have already been in touch with their liaison areas.

If you are assisting someone with a question about the Core Tutorial the best thing to do is to refer them to the appropriate liaison librarian. However, if the situation is urgent or they insist on finding the Core Tutorial it is okay to give them the URL,  http://gemini.lib.purdue.edu/core/login/login.cfm. Please do let them know that new online resources are coming soon.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Beth McNeil, Clarence Maybee or Rey Junco.


Global Goal



ARL Logo

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) developed a program for mid-career library administrators to help prepare them to assume senior research library administrative positions, such as dean of libraries. Earlier this year ARL solicited proposals from ARL members to serve as sponsors of the program. Purdue University was chosen along with four other universities: North Carolina State University, University of Guelph/University of Waterloo (Canada), University of Toronto (Canada) and Vanderbilt University.

As a sponsor Purdue could name two Fellows to participate in the program. I am pleased to announce that Beth McNeil and Paul Bracke will be Purdue's Fellows for 2013-2015. Along with 24 other Fellows, McNeil and Bracke will attend Institutes and Site Visits hosted by each of the sponsoring university libraries. Each Institute and Site Visit will focus on a particular learning experience that will prepare the participants for future leadership roles.

Over the next 18 months McNeil and Bracke will be away from the Libraries to attend these sessions. These sessions will not only be rewarding to them but will be beneficial to us all when they bring back new ideas and concepts gained from these workshops. We will have our opportunity to share what we are doing at Purdue when all 26 Fellows visit Purdue late in the fall of 2014 for a three-day Site Visit.

Please join with me in congratulating Beth and Paul for the recognition they so richly deserve in being chosen to represent Purdue Libraries in the ARL Leadership Fellows Program, 2013-2015.


Infrastructure Goal



Carole TolleyCarole Tolley's name was randomly drawn from all those who were SMILED upon in August. She received a $25 Von's Book Shop gift certificate.

All faculty, administrators and staff are invited to send a note of appreciation for a kindness or thoughtfulness given, assistance provided to or by a Libraries, Press or Copyright Office colleague.

To learn more about how to participate in our SMILE Program, please visit and bookmark this page on the Libraries Intranet: http://intranet.lib.purdue.edu/display/HR/SMILE+Program.


Infrastructure Goal


Dale WhiteDale L. White
Libraries Assistant Facilities Coordinator

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?
A. Variety — every day is different and challenging.

Q. How long have you worked in the Libraries and at Purdue?
A. Just over 12 years, for both.

Q. What is one unforgettable experience that has happened to you or your coworkers while working in the library?
A. While renovating the fourth floor of Stewart Center for Archives and Special Collections, the fire alarm went off. When we got outside, I asked the contractual electrician if he pulled the fire alarm. He said, “Yes, there is a fire.”

Q. What is your favorite book, website, movie or database?
A. Favorite book is: Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. It is the true story about a real life and death experience of a four year-old boy. Favorite movie: Jeremiah Johnson starring Robert Redford as a mountain man in the Montana Rockies during the 1800s. Favorite database/website: Ancestory.com. I have traced my family back several generations, on several sides. William White, who was on the Mayflower, was one of my relatives.

Q. Coffee, tea, water or soft drink?
A. Diet Mountain Dew.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?
A. I like to travel. I have been to 49 states and 6 Canadian provinces. We like to fly to Salt Lake City to see my daughter and her family. We also like to fly to Corpus Christi to see my son and his wife. My wife and I like to go on 2-3 day get-a-ways.

Q. Feel free to include any information about yourself that you would like to share with the staff?
A. I have had a variety of life experiences. I have been in the Air Force and the Army National Guard. I was an owner-operator of a semi-truck tanker. I have been a heavy equipment operator. I worked on a very large farming operation. When I got married my wife and I built our first home, with the help of several others. I was a trustee at Hanging Rock Christian Assembly, a Christian summer camp for kids. I was a Purchasing Agent at the largest builder of semi-trailers in the United States, Wabash National Corporation. I have three children and in September I will have been married to my wife for 33 years.


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Infrastructure GoalINFRASTRUCTURE: Libraries staff working together to enhance the users experience, raise awareness of Purdue Libraries and recognize the continued learning and successes of our knowledgeable staff.



New Staff

  • Marcy Wilhelm-South, Digital Repository Specialist

To view all Purdue job postings visit the Purdue employment page. If you have additional questions, contact
Christine Abel or 49-42899.

Research Council has awarded Mary Dugan and International Travel grant and Research Support Grant for travel to London, England to attend the "Internet Librarian International Conference" on October 15-16, to present on Libraries participation in IM:PACT and the transformation of MGMT 175.

Purdue Libraries commemorates 100th anniversary of Special Collections Exhibit
Archives and Special Collections
HSSE 4th floor

Hicks Renovation Celebration
September 13
4-7 p.m.
Music, food, giveaways, activities

The Discovery Lecture Series & Libraries Distinguished Lecture Series
Featuring Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
"This Just In: Latest Discoveries in the Universe"

September 19
7-9 p.m.
Elliott Hall of Music
Free and open to the public

LCSSAC Fall Picnic
October 1
5:30-8 p.m.
Happy Hollow Park, Shelter 4

All Staff Meeting
October 29
1:30 -3 p.m.
STEW 202
October 30
9-10:30 a.m.
STEW 202

Bert Chapman, essay “Review of Daniel Mockli’s Strategic Trends 2012: Key Developments in Global Affairs” http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/lib_fsdocs/49/ was published by the Mackinder Forum which is a scholarly venue covering geopolitics in international relations.

Sammie L Morris and David A. Scherer, Jr. presented “Brave New World: The Intersection of Institutional Repositories and University Archives,” at the Society of American Archivists annual meeting and conference, New Orleans, LA, August 15, 2013.


Purdue News, August 27
Purdue Libraries, College of Engineering initiative aimed at lifelong learning

Exponent, August 28
100th Anniversary of Purdue Libraries Special Collections 


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