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Infrastructure Goal



Heather OakleyThe Libraries went live with Kronos, the University electronic timekeeping system, on November 18 for non-exempt employees. Although there have been some challenges, overall, the implementation has gone well. Due to the careful preparation of business office staff as well as Libraries supervisors and employees, we were the first unit to go live that did not have any errors on our first payroll data transfer from Kronos to SAP. This is something for all of us to celebrate!

We are constantly learning about the system and different tasks we need to do when processing payroll in this changed environment. If you are a regular user of Kronos, please click here to go to a list of reminders and best practices that should be used.

There will be some changes coming to the system later this winter and into spring. Later in February, quota balances currently available in SAP will be loaded into Kronos. This means that supervisors and employees will be able to see up-to-date balances in Kronos rather than having to view them in SAP. There is also a system upgrade that is planned for some time this spring. Although we do not have many details on this, it is supposed to improve the way employees with multiple appointments are handled.

I want to wrap up by saying how proud I am of how well the Libraries staff handled this change. I am always pleasantly surprised by the way Libraries employees embrace business process changes. Before we know it, we will not remember our lives with paper time cards. I will leave you with the following quote by Anthony G. Oettinger - "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."


Global Goal



Purdue University Libraries welcomes Dr. Hui Wang to campus as a visiting scholar. Dr. Wang arrived on January 3 will be on campus until June 30, 2014. “The Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2) is looking forward to hosting Dr. Wang and furthering the Libraries’ relationship with the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC). Our faculty and staff are invited to hear more about her work and to identify mutual interests for possible collaboration with her at a brown bag event at noon on February 11 in the HSSE Conference Room,” says Michael Witt, associate professor and Head, D2C2.

She will also be working with other library divisions, particularly HLS and PSET. "One important benefit of the Libraries increasing global reputation for excellence in our strategic goal areas of Learning and Scholarly Communication, particularly in information literacy and data, is that researchers and scholars want to learn more about our Libraries day-to-work and our faculty research/scholarship in these areas. We are very pleased to have Dr. Wang visiting with us this spring semester,” adds Beth McNeil, professor of Library Sciences and associate dean for Academic Affairs.


Dr. Hui WangHui Wang
Visiting Scholar
National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The warmest welcomes and the coldest winter accompany me through the first and memorable two weeks here. It is my pleasure to join Purdue University Libraries as a visiting scholar. I will learn about the data management from PURR and share some practices in The National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC) over the next five months.

NSLC functions as the national reserve library for information resources in natural sciences, inter-disciplinary fields and high-tech fields serving the researchers and students of CAS and researchers around the country. It also provides services in information analysis, research information management, digital library development, scientific publishing and promotion of sciences.

As a member of the department of Subject Information Service in NSLC, I put my services and innovations into my responsible institutes in Chinese academy of sciences and accept evaluation from the institutes. My duties include the following: establish the channels between resources as well as services and users, develop digital reference work and information literacy, develop subject competency information research, analyze subject trends, find subject research hotspots and provide knowledge services for VIP users and key research groups.

While at Purdue, I will learn data services offered by PURR and other libraries in the United States. I plan to participate in some projects and do some work to gain experience about data management plans, data Information Literacy, data repository, metadata, Datacite and so on.

If you want to share with me about the data management, the practices in NSLC or Chinese cuisine, you can find me in the Steward Center, Room G50 and contact me at 49-46659 or at wang2106@purdue.edu.

Thanks for the warm welcome.


Infrastructure Goal



It is time to submit nominations for the Dagnese, Moriarty and the three Dean's Awards. Please review the different criteria and eligibility for each award on the Libraries intranet at https://intranet.lib.purdue.edu/display/HOME/Libraries+Awards.

There is no limit to the number of nominations you may submit and self-nominations are accepted. All Purdue Libraries, Purdue University Press and University Copyright Office employees, who meet the criteria, are eligible for the awards. This year the amount for each individual award is $1000. The team award is $1000 shared among the team members.

Final selections are made by members of the Dean's Council, the Administrative Committee and the Dagnese Award Selection Committee which consists of AdCom plus last year's awardees.

The deadline for receipt of applications is March 11. You may submit your nomination(s) to JoAnne Carow by email at jcarow@purdue.edu or by campus mail at ADM/STEW 272. The nomination form is available on the intranet link shown above.

Awards will be presented at the 10th Annual Libraries’ Staff Awards Luncheon on Thursday, April 10, in the PMU North Ballroom from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.


Infrastructure Goal



Hovde Hall in the spring by Patrick Whalen

Dreaming of warmer days to come. Photo by Patrick Whalen


Infrastructure Goal



Jennifer LynchJennifer Lynch's name was randomly drawn from all those who were SMILED upon in January. She received a $25 Von's Book Shop gift certificate.

All faculty, administrators and staff are invited to send a note of appreciation for a kindness or thoughtfulness given, assistance provided to or by a Libraries, Press or Copyright Office colleague.

To learn more about how to participate in our SMILE Program, please visit and bookmark this page on the Libraries Intranet: http://intranet.lib.purdue.edu/display/HR/SMILE+Program.


Infrastructure Goal



Lisa ZilinskiLisa Zilinski
Data Services Specialist
Data & Metadata Unit

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?
A. I enjoy working with different people all across the Libraries, Purdue and the library community. I love learning about the different divisions and disciplines. I am always looking for new opportunities to find patterns and potential connections.

Q. How long have you worked in the Libraries and at Purdue?
A. I have worked for the Purdue Libraries since January 7, 2013.

Q. What is one unforgettable experience that has happened to you or your coworkers while working in the library?
A. This question comes at a really interesting time here at Purdue. I have to say the recent active shooter and shelter in place situation was an unforgettable experience that has happened. Purdue has handled the situation and I’m impressed with the resources and support available for the students, faculty, staff and community. The Purdue community is strong and caring. I am happy to be a part of this community and I look forward to new experiences in the years to come.

Q. What is your favorite book, website, movie or database?
A. I really like www.nerdapproved.com because, well, you know......this: http://tinyurl.com/mm9s6ot.

Q. Coffee, tea, water or soft drink?
A. Coffee, tea and water.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?
A. I love spending time with you 2-year-old son. We play trucks, trains, trucks, Play-Doh, trucks and race cars. When my son is sleeping, I like reading, playing video games and board games, in-line skating (not in the winter) and dreaming of summer.

Q. Feel free to include any information about yourself that you would like to share with the staff?
A. I am a scifi and fantasy geek. My son won “cutest costume” last Halloween for his portrayal of the 10th Doctor. I am already planning for Halloween 2014!


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New Staff

  • Victoria Royer, secretary, Libraries Administration
  • Line Pouchard, faculty, Computational Sciences Information Specialist

To view all Purdue job postings visit the Purdue employment page. If you have additional questions, contact
Christine Abel or 49-42899.

Service Anniversary
Terry Wade is celebrating 15 years at Purdue.

VOLUME cover 2014VOLUMe is now available from the Purdue Libraries home page under “About.” This edition of VOLUMe continues to convey what a global research library in the 21st century is all about. Please check it out from the Libraries home page or click here: http://www.lib.purdue.edu/


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Crossroads of America: Indiana Transportation in the Early Twentieth Century Exhibit
Archives and Special Collections
January 13-March 13
HSSE 4th floor

Connecting Research and Researchers with ORCID
Featuring Dr. Rebecca Bryant
February 25
Swaim Instruction Center
HSSE 4th floor

One Book Higher
April 10
10-11:30 a.m.
PMU North Ball Room
Details to be announced

Libraries Annual Staff Awards Luncheon
April 10
11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
PMU North Ball Room
Nominations due March 11


Carly Dearborn, Amy Barton and Neal Harmeyer "The Purdue University Research Repository: HUBzero customization for dataset publication and digital preservation." OCLC Systems & Services Volume 30 (1) 2014.

Michael Witt served as a panelist at the ACRL Data Management Forum, 2014 ALA Midwinter, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, January 26, 2014.

Judith M. Nixon “Core journals in library and information science: Developing a methodology for ranking LIS journals,” College & Research Libraries, 75(1), 66-90, 2014.


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