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Goal Learning



Jim MullinsAs we enter a new year, it is a time to consider and move on new initiatives or to complete ones started in the past year. In 2014, we will begin to work through a transfer of space from Libraries to the Extended Campus/Continuing Education Program. The space involved is STEW 279, the room that was originally the “Reading Room” in the 1913 Library Building more recently was the space occupied by Archives and Special Collections, and currently is the home for the Data and Metadata Group and the Digitization Unit. The transfer of this room is necessitated by the anticipated growth in the IMPACT program, and the resulting need to repurpose STEW space to accommodate that growth.

As you know, the IMPACT program is built upon an active learning approach, which draws upon group and team activities that require larger spaces, preferably without building support pillars which block sight lines. Libraries has been extremely supportive of this program by providing spaces that could be converted to this use during the day (Engineering and Hicks Libraries) and return to study space during the evening and night. Until the Active Learning Center is completed in 2017, there will be a crunch on space to accommodate the increase in IMPACT/active learning courses. Therefore, the third floor of Stewart Center, now supporting Extended Campus and Continuing Education programs, will become active learning classrooms in 2015. In turn, this will require that space be transferred to support Extended Campus and Continuing Education and, therefore, STEW 279 will be renovated to meet this need. Although this renovation will not take place until summer 2015, we must plan for and accomplish a relocation of Libraries’ faculty and staff from STEW 279 during 2014.

To meet the needs of Libraries, the former Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) space (STEW 190/191) has been allocated to Libraries. This space was vacated by CCO when it moved to Young Hall in 2013. To help you visualize where this space is, as you come in from the north entrance of Stewart (near Auxiliary Services and Resource Services), and walk toward State Street, it is the large room to the right about midway down the hall. This space was used by CCO for recruiter meetings with students, and is, therefore, composed of many rooms. We have been assured that the cost to renovate the space will be covered by the Provost.

This new space presents us with the opportunity to assess what units and operations will move where and when. The units in play are as follows: the Purdue University Press, the Data and Metadata Group, Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2), the Digitization Unit and Resource Services. During the next several months, various scenarios will be developed and assessed with review and input from the units involved. The analysis will be undertaken by AdCom with the lead taken by Nancy Hewison.

I understand that change is never easy or comfortable, but when we are presented with a University need, our responsibility is to recognize that greater campus need and then work to make the required changes that ultimately will be a win/win for the University and Libraries.


Infrastructure Goal



As the Libraries continues to meet curricular and research needs of Purdue’s students, faculty, researchers, and staff, changes in staff roles will be necessary and ongoing. Early 2014 Staff role transitions include:

  • Allen Bol moves to full-time in Digitization. Allen has been working half-time in Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences (PNHS) library and half-time in Digitization since fall 2010. Over the past few months Allen’s hours in Digitization have steadily increased to meet the growing needs of the unit, and effective Monday, January 13, Allen will be 100% in Digitization. Allen’s skills and experience are valuable contributions and his full-time presence in the unit will help to further our digitization efforts.
  • Michael Solomon moves back to Instruction Digital Program Services (IDPS). So that the Libraries can devote more resources to our web presence, Michael will decrease his involvement with e-resources support to focus on oversight for troubleshooting web resources (Footprints), assist with website support tasks, and serve as the point of contact for Drupal, LibGuides, and web development related inquiries. To best accomplish this new role, Michael will report to Lisa Purvis in IDPS.
  • Daniel Yeoman moves to full-time in Auxiliary Services. Daniel has been working half-time in Hicks and half-time in Auxiliary Services since fall 2009. As we prepare for the Active Learning Center’s (ALC) anticipated opening in 2017 and major collections projects in anticipation of the ALC, Auxiliary Services workload will increase. Daniel’s skills and experience working with collections and related projects and using Voyager and Alma are welcome contributions to Auxiliary Services.


Scholarly Goal



The most recent research proposal was reviewed by Research Council and approved for research support.

Scott Brandt was awarded a Research and Scholarship Support Grant to present “Applying the CCMF Tool in an Agricultural Research Community” at the 9th International Digital Curation Conference in San Francisco, California, February 24-27, 2014.


Infrastructure Goal



Ashley ButlerAshley Butler
Reference Coordinator
Parrish Library

I took over as Reference Coordinator for the Parrish Library in November. Some of my duties include providing reference assistance and user services to patrons, updating and maintaining the Parrish website, LibGuides, MyParrish Toolbar and assisting patrons with and supporting operations of learning space technology within the library.

I am originally from Ohio and graduated from Otterbein College (now University) with a BA in English and Psychology. I then moved to West Lafayette, and gained an MA in English from Purdue this past May. In my new position, I look forward to building on the skills I acquired as a Reference Assistant at Otterbein’s Courtright Memorial Library. I also look forward to teaching and learning advanced academic technologies in order to become a resource for our faculty, staff and students.

A few of my current interests are cooking, reading and relaxing after entirely too many years of formal education. And, as some of you may already know, I am very happily married to Will Ferrall, who works in Lilly as a graduate assistant.

I can be reached in the Parrish staff office at 49-42958 or butler38@purdue.edu. I look forward to meeting all of you!


Goal Learning



After months of planning and budget negotiations, the re-configuration of the Veterinary Medical (VETM) Library has been taking place over winter break. The project is expected to be completed soon. VETM faculty, students and staff are looking forward to the newly renovated space.

VETM renovation 2014

A new beam is being installed to carry the sliding glass doors that will close off the collection when the library is closed. (The doors are being repurposed from another area of the library.)

VETM Library renovation 2014

In the copier room a sink with an instant hot water faucet is being installed. Laptop charging lockers will eventually be installed along one wall of the room.


Infrastructure Goal



Allen BolAllen Bol's name was randomly drawn from all those who were SMILED upon in Decemberr. He received a $25 Von's Book Shop gift certificate.

All faculty, administrators and staff are invited to send a note of appreciation for a kindness or thoughtfulness given, assistance provided to or by a Libraries, Press or Copyright Office colleague.

To learn more about how to participate in our SMILE Program, please visit and bookmark this page on the Libraries Intranet: http://intranet.lib.purdue.edu/display/HR/SMILE+Program.


Infrastructure Goal



Dan YeomanDaniel Yeoman
Department Operations Clerk
Auxiliary Services

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?
A. I enjoy the daily interactions with our patrons and our student workers. I have enjoyed many of the professors that I have gotten to know in the Undergraduate Library. I see many of these folks away from the library and am always intrigued with changes in demeanor and behavior at other venues.

Q. How long have you worked in the Libraries and at Purdue?
A. I have worked in the Libraries since August 20, 1997. That would be 16 years and almost 5 months, of which all but the last 7 days have been in the Hicks Undergraduate Library. I am now in Auxiliary Services full-time where I started working halftime four years ago. I began my Libraries career working in the Reserve Book Room as an undergraduate student and then moved to Hicks in May of 1982 when that library first opened. So I have spent a good part of my adult life in Hicks.

Q. What is one unforgettable experience that has happened to you or your coworkers while working in the library?
A. Not life changing or earth shattering but when I started in Reserve Book Room (RBR) as a freshman, MaryAnne Day was our supervisor and another full-time staff member, Teresa (Albert) Brown, was there also and she did most of the training of the students. Several years later in Hicks I had started doing the training of new staff and Teresa had an office in Hicks and was going to start working a few hours each week at the Circulation/Reserve desk. I was assigned to train her. That was life coming full circle because I was now training my trainer.

Q. What is your favorite book, website, movie or database?
A. Baseball movies top my list. This may surprise some but I doubt it. The top of that list is Field of Dreams, The Sandlot, and For Love of the Game.
“This is my most special place in all the world, Ray. Once a place touches you like this, the wind never blows so cold again. You feel for it, like it was your child.” - Dr. Archibald "Moonlight" Graham

Q. Coffee, tea, water or soft drink?
A. Iced tea, unsweetened with lemon. Tai Curry wings go pretty good with this also.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?
A. Stay involved with sports in the Lafayette community. I have been involved with American Legion baseball at Lafayette Post 11 for 35 years, 30 of those years coaching, while only playing one inning of organized baseball in my life. I am also “statman” for the West Lafayette football and basketball teams. I follow my children through their athletic and extracurricular activities. I have one daughter who is a cheerleader and one daughter and son who are both members of other athletic teams.

Q. Feel free to include any information about yourself that you would like to share with the staff.
A. I have made some great friends through my time behind a counter in the Libraries. We visit some in North Carolina and Florida during vacations. I am very happy to have spent all these years in the Libraries. I wish to be able to continue these relationship building opportunities.

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Goal LearningLEARNING: Libraries faculty lead in information literacy and learning space implementation, research and scholarship.

Scholarly Goal SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION: Libraries facilitate and enhance the continuum of the scholarly communication process.

Global GoalGLOBAL CHALLENGES: Libraries faculty lead in international initiatives in information literacy, e-science, information access and data management and collaborate on Purdue's global initiatives.

Infrastructure GoalINFRASTRUCTURE: Libraries staff working together to enhance the users experience, raise awareness of Purdue Libraries and recognize the continued learning and successes of our knowledgeable staff.


To view all Purdue job postings visit the Purdue employment page. If you have additional questions, contact
Christine Abel or 49-42899.


Michael Solomon is celebrating 35 years at Purdue.

Rebecca Richardson is celebrating 10 years at Purdue.


Hal Kirkwood was selected as one of two runners-up for the PrivCo Prize for Excellence in Business Librarianship.

The PrivCo Prize for Business Librarianship is awarded annually to the librarian deemed to embody best the core values of the profession, including engagement, innovation and education. PrivCo bases its selection on the recommendations of an independent selection committee of leading business librarians committed to the adoption of best practices in the community.

Friends and Colleagues,

It has been quite an experience working in Acquisitions for the past ten years. I can honestly say that it has indeed been memorable. The friendships formed over the years will not be forgotten and I will treasure them for many years to come. For the most part I have enjoyed the work, if we don’t mention ALMA! I can also honestly say that I will miss my coworkers and will think of all of you from time to time. I especially want to thank all of you for making the past ten years so pleasant and survivable, it truly has been fun.

I am looking forward to the next phase of my life with anticipation and enthusiasm. I’m ready to hit my retirement days running!

I plan on catching up on outside work at home, refinishing some wood work and trim pieces, visiting out of state siblings, doing volunteer work, and most importantly of all, spending more time with my grandkids and my children.

My best wishes to all. Many thanks and may God Bless!

As Ever,
Theresa Hoefer


Crossroads of America: Indiana Transportation in the Early Twentieth Century Exhibit
Archives and Special Collections
January 13-March 13
HSSE 4th floor


Michael Fosmire, “What I’ve Been Reading: Cognitive Development and Reflective Judgment in Information Literacy,” Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, 74, www.istl.org/13fall/reading.html DOI:10.5062/F4X63JWZ, 2013.

James Mullins presented “An Eight Year Odyssey in Data Management: Purdue University,” at the International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries (IATUL) 2013 Workshop Research Data Management:  Finding Our Role, University of Oxford, UK, December 2013.

Sharon Weiner, "Who teaches information literacy competencies? Report of a study of faculty." College Teaching 62(1);5-12, 2014.


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