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Scholarly Goal



Paul BrackeSummertime is always a time for planning the ways in which we are moving the Libraries’ Strategic Plan forward. I’d like to take this opportunity to give the Digital Scholarship Council (DSC) a proper introduction through INSIDe.

DSC is responsible for promoting and enhancing learning and scholarly communication by promoting and supporting innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to the development of new information products and services; to the development of external collaborations in addressing the challenges of digital scholarship; and, in collaboration with IRC, for the development of new models for sustaining these approaches. This includes coordinating our three repositories (ePubs, PURR and eArchives), developing policy around issues such as digital preservation, and prioritizing projects for digitization. Given these responsibilities, DSC is very important in advancing Libraries’ goals around scholarly communication and global impact. Members of the DSC include Paul Bracke (chair), Carly Dearborn, Donna Ferullo, Neal Harmeyer, Beth McNeil, Sammie Morris, Dave Scherer, Sue Ward and Michael Witt.

Currently the DSC is finalizing criteria and procedures for submitting and prioritizing suggestions for digitization projects, particularly those that are unique to Purdue and would be beneficial to researchers and instructors. This process will allow us to make better decisions about how we are investing our time and resources, and to maximize our expected impact in making important collections available digitally.

Stay tuned for future announcements about the suggestion process.  In the meantime, if you would like to see some of the Libraries’ completed collections check out the eArchives, Purdue University Press eBooks, PURR or ePubs.

Feel free to contact me, pbracke@purdue.edu with any questions, suggestions, or concerns and watch for updates and announcements from DSC in future issues of INSIDe.


Global Goal


BY HUI WANG, Visiting Scholar
National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hui Wang 2014It is with great pleasure that I came to the Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2) and learned from Purdue University Libraries. I have spent almost six months at Purdue and I am impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. Thank you all for being so generous with your time and attention. I appreciate the studies, ideas and experiences you have shared with me.

The following is what I have gained during my visiting period:

  • Data service plans, projects and practices of US academic libraries and other information service organizations
  • The challenges, issues and best practices in data service
  • The strategies, policies and services of PURR
  • Practical experience in data services at Purdue
  • The tools Purdue uses in the management of data throughout the research lifecycle.

I met with PURR team members separately in my first month here to learn about their responsibilities and roles, and I continued to participate in weekly PURR meetings. I also met with many others in the Libraries about their data management experiences and research including data information literacy, subject specialist librarian roles with data, and GIS services. I also attended brown bag presentations and benefited so much from these as well as one-on-one meetings with everyone.

I was able to join a group of faculty and students from the D2C2 to attend the annual ORCID conference in Chicago where I learned from the posters and the presentations. NSL is a member of ORCID, but I was not familiar with it before and this conference provided me a whole new perspective on the unique identifier practices in research community, and repository platforms.

I joined a consultation on a data management plan and helped ingest data into PURR from a faculty member in Computer Science. It was a pleasure to share details about the orientation and training of new librarians at the National Science Library with Purdue colleagues who were interested in the topic. I was able to identify and catalog Chinese data repositories in Databib as well as analyze datasets provided by geographic data repositories and centers in China.

Based on what I’ve learned at Purdue, I wrote and submitted an article for publication to a library science journal in China, and I am getting ready to submit another case study of PURR in Chinese that I co-authored with Michael Witt and Tianfang Dou, the other visiting scholar from Tsinghua University. We began a new research study that we hope will result in a third publication in an English library science journal later in the year.

Besides study and work, I also had good memories of some social events, One Book Higher, the PSET Chili Cook-Off, the Saint Patrick's Day breakfast, lunches and coffee with colleagues, and two dinners in Michael Witt’s home. Thanks to all the people I met at Purdue Libraries. Please stay in touch wanghui@mail.las.ac.cn and come visit me in China!


Infrastructure Goal



Charles WatkinsonThank you to all my colleagues in Purdue Libraries for five years of exceptional collegiality, support and fun. Heather and I have loved being part of the Purdue community and our two children, Alexander and Victoria, carry their Tippecanoe County birth certificates with them. We will always remind them that the first party each ever went to was the Libraries Picnic in Happy Hollow Park. We are both excited by the new opportunities (and challenges) that await us at the University of Michigan, but Purdue (and especially the Libraries) will always be in our hearts. And, as winter falls and the wolves move in from Canada I know that we will miss West Lafayette a lot!

Best regards,
Charles Watkinson


Courtney MatthewsIn parting I’d like to wish the best to everyone at the PUL. During my stint here I’ve enjoyed many opportunities to meet, work and learn with you. I thank you for all the ways you’ve welcomed me into your community. It is my sincere hope that we will stay in touch courtneyearlmatthews@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Courtney Matthews


Infrastructure Goal



The Libraries Clerical Service Staff Advisory Committee (LCSSAC) was formed in 1993 to serve as a communication link between the Libraries’ administration and the clerical service staff. To learn more about LCSSAC, visit the page on the Libraries intranet. From this site you can contact any member of LCSSAC, check on Library events, access the By-Laws, read minutes from monthly meetings and use the LINK Letter to make suggestions and voice concerns.

Each library unit has been assigned to a district with a representative being elected to a three year term by members from their district. A sixth district is represented by an at-large representative elected to a three year term by all clerical service staff. District representatives are:

Carolee McGill-BarkerCarolee McGill-Barker
District 1



Dan RotelloDan Rotello
District 2


Ann O'DonnellAnn O’Donnell – web assistant
District 3
(ASC, HSSE, Hicks, Parrish)



Dianna DeputyDianna Deputy – assistant chairperson
District 4



Connie Richards

Connie Richards – secretary
District 5
(Digitization & Metadata, ILL, Resources Services, IT)



Allen BolAllen Bol – chairperson
District 6
(At-Large: all Libraries clerical and staff staff)



If you have suggestions, concerns, etc. please feel free to send a LCSSAC LINK Letter to lcssac@purdue.edu. Not sure what the LINK Letter is, check it out here.

Thank you to retiring members, Sharon Sturgeon and Dan Yeoman for their dedication to making LCSSAC a success.


Infrastructure Goal



Jacinda Laymon 2014Jacinda Laymon
Psychological Sciences

Q. What Library or Library Unit do you work in and what is your job?
A. Auxiliary Services, student assistant.

Q. Where is your hometown?
A. Martinsville, Indiana.

Q. What do you like most about your job at Purdue Libraries?
A. The people I work for and with.

Q. If you could add a class to Purdue’s curriculum, what would it be?
A. Food appreciation!

Q. Who would you like to meet and have dinner with?
A. Robert Downey, Junior.

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. Watch movies and hang out with friends.

Q. Future Plans?
A. Graduate school for clinical psychology.

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Marianne Stowell Bracke, “Using Calibrated Peer Review to Teach Basic Research Skills," CSA News Magazine, vol. 59 No. 6, p. :36, 2014. doi:10.2134/csa2014-59-6-16.

Larry Mykytiuk, Responses in “Queries and Comments,” Biblical Archaeological Review, vol. 40, no. 4 (July/August 2014): 10–11.


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