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Infrastructure Goal



Jim MullinsWith the holidays behind us and the start of a new year evoking new beginnings, the dark, cold winter, however, can already feel endless. We may tend to find ourselves thinking: “I wish it weren’t so cold!” or “I wish spring were here!” or even “I wish I was on a beach somewhere!” Even today, I can hear my mother’s voice as she would say to my brothers and sisters, “Live for today, don’t wish your life away.”

This year, instead of “wishing my life away” by looking to what might be down the road in the months ahead, my New Year’s Resolution is to celebrate the beauty and opportunities given to us with every passing day. If I could make one wish come true, it would be for each and every one of you to join with me in enjoying and savoring each day we are given in 2015. Take the time to see the world around us, give our best to our profession, and treasure the time with our family, friends and colleagues. Just think of the wonderful memories we will build and hold close for the rest of our lives.

Best wishes for 2015!


Infrastructure Goal



Sharon ShumanSharon Shuman

December 31, 2014, was the last working day at Purdue University Libraries for Sharon Shuman, as she retired after 39 years of service to the Libraries. Sharon requested a quiet exit, and we all respect that wish; but we cannot let her go without commemorating the contributions she made to the Libraries during those 39 years.

Sharon began her Purdue Libraries career in January 1976, as a serials check-in clerk, but most of her time has been spent in the cataloging unit. This was fortunate, since her attention to detail and ability to focus are critical skills in describing library materials and making them accessible to our users.

Sharon was Purdue’s Special Collections cataloging specialist, and she was probably the one person most conversant with the existing print book collections in the Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections Research Center. Her appreciation of the materials and understanding of their value and how they supported the mission of the Libraries always added an extra dimension to her work with these collections, which have benefited for so many years from her careful stewardship.

We will do our best to carry on that stewardship, as we wish Sharon a long, enjoyable and well-earned retirement.


Goal Learning



Hicks Study break Fall 2014During Prep and Finals weeks, the Hicks Undergraduate Library hosted several events to help Purdue students alleviate stress. Among the activities offered were visits with Caring Paws dog and cat teams, chair massages with therapists from Purdue's Division of Recreational Sports and a visit with Therapy Dogs, International dog teams.

Hicks study break fall 2014In addition to these events, the Hicks Undergraduate Library had board games/cards available for checkout and art relaxation stations located around the library. If you would like more information regarding these events, please contact Danielle Schiewer (dschiewe@purdue.edu or 49-46733) or Ann O’Donnell (atodonne@purdue.edu or 49-61498).


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Angela WhiteAngela White
Media Library Assistant

Hello. I am the new library assistant working with John Fritch on HSSE’s media collection and with instructor’s request for scheduled media loans. I also work at the reference and patron services desk and monitor the microform and media viewing equipment.

I am originally from Indianapolis. I have only lived in the Greater Lafayette area for 3 years. Before that I lived in Detroit Michigan and Alameda, California. I have a bachelor’s in History from Wayne State University out of Detroit. I am currently pursing my Masters of Library and Information Science, with a concentration on Information Management, also from Wayne State.

I am married to my high school sweetheart (after about a decade apart), Bob, and I have four step-sons ranging in age from 4-14. In my spare time (of which I do not have much), my husband and I hike, camp and canoe in the summer. In the winter we make soap, natural home care products, our own beer and wine and a myriad of 3-D printing projects. I also garden, paint and make jewelry.

My office is located in HSSE 256 and I can be reached at 49-45431 or white366@purdue.edu.


Goal Learning



Once again several Purdue University Libraries have created displays centered on the week-long celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Using materials from their library’s collection, staff members have created a number of displays related to the university-wide theme “The Fierce Urgency of Now.” Check out other activities and events around campus at: https://diversity.purdue.edu/mlk/

Martin Luther King, Jr. Libraries 2015 Displays

Black Cultural Center Library
Black Cultural Center
Women and the Civil Rights Movement
January 12-February 27
By Jamillah R. Gabriel

M.G. Mellon Library of Chemistry
Features Wilma Mankiller – first women chief of Cherokee Nation
January 13-31
By Becky Hunt

Siegesmund Engineering Library
Martin Luther King, Jr. and Amelia Earhart: Innovative Leaders of their Time
January 12-February 28
By Sandy Galloway

Humanities, Social Sciences & Education Library
Stewart Center
Featuring Mahatma Gandhi
January 15-31
By Patrick Whalen

Physics Library
Features Cesar Chevaz – United Farm Workers Union co-founder
January 13-31
By Becky Hunt

Hicks Undergraduate Library
Media display, “Helen Keller: Love, Light and Vision”
Focusing on Keller’s quest for equal rights for woman, advocating for people with disabilities, and pacifism.
January 8-31
By Ann O’Donnell


Infrastructure Goal



Becki CorbinBecki Corbin's name was randomly drawn from all those who were SMILED upon in December. She received a $25 Von's Book Shop gift certificate.

All faculty, administrators and staff are invited to send a note of appreciation for a kindness or thoughtfulness given, assistance provided to or by a Libraries, Press or Copyright Office colleague.

To learn more about how to participate in our SMILE Program, please visit and bookmark this page on the Libraries Intranet: http://intranet.lib.purdue.edu/display/HR/SMILE+Program


Infrastructure Goal



Thank you very much to the Libraries staff for the wonderful retirement reception on December 15. I have enjoyed my position as the Event Planner for the past 1½ years and have met some pretty amazing staff! I will always have fond memories of the people I have met in the Libraries. Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2015!— Becky Bunch


Thank you everyone for making my 25 years at Purdue University enjoyable and rewarding. I have met and worked with many wonderful people through the years.

When you first start working at Purdue you think retirement will never come but before you know it, it's over too soon. As I work on refinishing my furniture projects (7) I know I will be thinking of everyone. Thank you for an eventful and enjoyable 25 years. I wish each and every one of you the very best. — Marilynn Shonkwiler


Infrastructure Goal



Renovations of Stewart Center, Rom 190 continue to make progress. As reported in the December 10 issue of INSIDe, the Purdue University Publishing Division (PULPD) will be relocating from the third floor of Stewart Center to this space located on the first floor.

Stewart Center room 190 before Stewart Center room 190 progress 2015

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New Staff

  • Katharine Hardesty, Secretary V, Libraries Administration
  • Elizabeth Lukens, Library Assistant IV, HLS

Bert Chapman is celebrating 20 years at Purdue.


Steps to the Moon. Selections from the Neil A. Armstrong Papers and the Eugene A. Cernan Papers
Archives and Special Collections
October 2014-February 2015
HSSE Library 4th floor

Steps to the Moon Open House for Parents and Children
Archives and Special Collections
January 17
1-3:30 p.m.
HSSE Library 4th floor

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.
January 15-23
Check here for a list of activities


Bert Chapman contributed the following entries in Russia at War: From the Mongol Conquest to Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Beyond. 2 vols. Timothy C. Dowling, ed, (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2015). “ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty); Army, Russian (1991- ); Atomic Weapons Program, Soviet; Navy, Russian (1991- ); State Defense Council; Strategic Rocket Forces; and Yom Kippur War.”

Michael Witt, Heinz Pampel, Xiaolin Zhang and Hui Wang. November 5, 2014. re3data: A Global Registry of Research Data Repositories. 2014 Chinese Institutional Repository Conference, China Knowledge Symposium Agency, Xiamen City, China. http://bit.ly/1Aihooo.

Sammie Morris, Larry Mykytiuk and Sharon Weiner, “Archival literacy for history students: What do students need to know about primary source materials?” American Archivist 77(2):394-424.

Witt, M., Vierkant, P., Spier, S., Ruecknagel, J., Pampel, H., Fritze, F., Gundlach, J., Fichtmüller, D., Kindling, M., Kirchhoff, A., Göbelbecker, H.-J., Klump, J., Kloska, G., Reuter, E., Semrau, A., Schnepf, E., Skarupianski, M., Bertelmann, R., Schirmbacher, P., Scholze, F., Kramer, C., Fuchs, C., Ulrich, R. (2014): “Schema for the description of research data repositories,” 27 p. DOI: http://doi.org/10.2312/re3.006.


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