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Paul BRackeNancy HewisonLast week, the two-day strategic planning retreat which was announced at the October All-Staff meeting took place, facilitated by Kathryn Deiss and Kara Malenfant, consultants from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), a division of the American Libraries Association. The goal of the retreat was to kick off the process of refreshing the Libraries’ strategic plan, which currently covers 2011-2016, with the goal of making it a guide for the Libraries, Press and Scholarly Publishing Services and Copyright Office through 2019.

This process will involve clarifying alignment with the Purdue Moves, identifying new strategic opportunities, and Shannon Walkerreflecting on other changes that need to be made given changes in the Libraries, Purdue and the larger environment since 2011.

Participating in the retreat were a Steering Committee, made up of Libraries administrators and employee group representatives and a Sounding Board made up of individuals who are members of the Planning and Operations Council and/or directors.

What did we do at the retreat?

  • Worked on a refresh of the mission, core values and vision. The Steering Committee will continue this work.
  • Brainstormed ideas for refreshing goals and objectives. Subgroups of the Steering Committee will develop these further in the next several weeks.
  • Developed a timeline for the entire process.

What’s next?

  • We’ll prove progress updates in INSIDe as we work through the process.
  • The larger group composed of the Sounding Board and Steering Committee will finalize an initial draft by December 17.
  • In January, the Steering Committee will review the plan with various stakeholder groups (councils, LCSSAC, LAPSAC, FAC, operations managers).
  • The Steering Group will use feedback from these groups to develop a final draft for presentation at an All-Staff Meeting in early March.
  • A final draft will be ready by March 31.

If you have questions and/or comments, please email Paul Bracke and Nancy Hewison, Co-Conveners of the Steering Committee and Sounding Board groups.

Steering Committee
Jim Mullins, Dean
Paul Bracke, Associate Dean for Research and Assessment, Co-Convener
Tomalee Doan, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Nancy Hewison, Associate Dean for Planning and Administration, Co-Convener
Sammie Morris, University Archivist and Head, Archives and Special Collections (ASC) Division
Peter Froehlich, Director, Purdue University Press and Head, Scholarly Publishing Services
Dianna Deputy, Chair, Libraries Clerical Service Staff Advisory Committee (LCSSAC)
Amy Winks, Chair, Libraries Administrative Professional Staff Advisory Committee (LAPSAC)
David Zwicky, Member, Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)
RaeLynn Boes, Operations Manager, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Business (HSSEB) Division
Michael Fosmire, Head, Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology (PSET) Division
Shannon Walker, Director, Strategic Communication

Sounding Board
Kathryn Dilworth, Director, Advancement
Donna Ferullo, Director, University Copyright Office
Vicki Killion, Head, Health & Life Sciences (HLS) Division
Clarence Maybee, Information Literacy Specialist
Heather Oakley, Director, Financial Affairs
Lisa Purvis, Director, Instruction & Digital Programs Services
Rebecca Richardson, Director for Information Resources
Sue Ward, Collection Strategist
Sharon Weiner, W. W. Booker Chair in Information Literacy
Michael Witt, Head, Distributed Data Curation Center



The Purdue University Libraries will recognize the following staff members for their many years of dedicated service to Purdue and the Libraries at the Annual Faculty and Staff Recognition on December 11, 2-3:30 p.m. in STEW 279.

Becky Hunt — 40 years
Candy Sheagley — 35 years
Lori Bryant — 30 years
Nancy Hewison — 30 years
Connie Richards — 30 years
Elaine Bahler — 20 years
Bert Chapman — 20 years
Maureen Sharp — 20 years
Donna Ferullo — 15 years
Amy Van Epps — 15 years
Tonya Wichterman — 15 years
Michael Witt — 15 years
RaeLynn Boes — 10 years
Dean Lingley — 10 years

Jim Derringer — 29 years
Connie Farris — 33 years
Donna Ferrel — 29 years
Kathy Garner — 35 years
Brenda Martin — 20 years
Dale White — 14 years
Jody Zink — 36 years

New staff members who joined Purdue University Libraries in 2015 will also be recognized.
Liz Lukens (1/6) Library Assistant — PNHS Library
Standa Pejša (1/20) Data Curator — D2C2, Research Data, Research & Assessment
Jerry Kuang (3/2) Digital Library Software Developer — D2C2, Research & Assessment
Kathryn Dillworth (3/4) Director of Advancement — Advancement, Administration
Ashley Hutchcraft (3/9) Event Coordinator — Strategic Communication
Peter Froehlich (5/1) Director, Purdue University Press & Head, Scholarly Publishing Services
Meredith Gozo (5/11) Metadata Services Specialist — Metadata Service, Information Resources
Robin Meher (5/26) Library Assistant — LIFE Library
Aly Edmonson (6/22) Libraries Instructional Developer — PSET
Cara Bradford (6/29) Library Assistant — Acquisitions, Information Resources
Alexandra Hoff (6/29) Editorial Assistant — Publishing
Kendall Roark (7/13) Assistant Professor — Data Specialist, Research Data, Research & Assessment
Bethany McGowan (8/10) Assistant Professor — Health & Life Sciences
Dede Frederick (8/3) Web Applications Developer — Instruction & Digital Programs, Research & Assessment
Amanda Visconti (9/1) Assistant Professor — HSSEB
Sarah Eckhart (9/1) Library Assistant — Parrish Library
Amanda Grossman (9/14) Library Assistant — Acquisitions, Information Resources
Lindsey Organ (9/28) Graphic Designer — Publishing
Ayn Reineke 9(/29) Secretary — ADMN Office
Margaret Phillips (10/1) Assistant Professor — PSET
Liza Hagerman (10/12) Editorial Assistant — Publishing
Eve Trager (10/19) Library Assistant — Metadata Services, Information Resources
Aimee McComb (11/11) Secretary — ADMN Office
Kimberly Ringler (11/19) Account Clerk - Business Office
Elizabeth Moore (11/23) Library Assistant — Hicks Library



Purdue University Libraries will offer study break activities for students in Hicks Undergraduate Library during Prep and Finals Weeks to help Purdue students alleviate stress. All of these events are free and light refreshments will be served.

Dec. 3 — Write Night
Students can join us for assistance with projects and papers. A joint event between the Libraries and the Purdue Writing Lab.
6-8 p.m.
Hicks G980D

Dec. 7 — Therapy Dogs, International
Therapy Dogs International will be bringing several dog teams to visit with our students.
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Dec. 8 — Caring Paws
Join the dogs and cat teams from Caring Paws for some stress relief.
6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Dec. 9 — Massage Therapy
Massage therapists from Purdue’s Division of Recreational Sports will be offering students quick chair massages.
4:30-5:30 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Dec. 14 — Massage Therapy
Massage therapists from Purdue’s Division of Recreational Sports will be offering students quick chair massages.
5:30-6:30 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Dec. 15 — Caring Paws
Join the dogs and cat teams from Caring Paws for some stress relief.
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Dec. 16 — Therapy Dogs, International
Therapy Dogs International will be bringing several dog teams to visit with our students.
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

In addition to these events, the Hicks Undergraduate Library will have art relaxation, bubble wrap and Lego stations located around the library. New this year will be the World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle, with over 28,000 clues.

If there are any questions regarding these events, please contact Danielle Schiewer (dschiewe@purdue.edu or 49-46733) or Ann O’Donnell (atodonne@purdue.edu or 49-61498).




GIS Day logoPurdue University Libraries hosted the 8th Annual GIS Day celebration on campus on Nov. 12 following a successful GIS High School program on Oct. 8. The event was a great opportunity for the campus GIS community to learn about new developments in the GIS field, connect with external GIS professionals and collaborate across a variety of university divisions and disciplines. The program included presentations, a poster competition, career luncheon discussion and workshops (detailed program agenda is available here https://stemedhub.org/groups/purduegisday/gisday_2015_college_program.

In addition, the Libraries launched the Geodata Portal @ Purdue (http://geodata.lib.purdue.edu/ogp/). This Geodata Portal allows geospatial information users to search for information by two simple criteria: where and what, which greatly reduces the geospatial information access barrier for researchers and learners. Users can preview maps, preview metadata and download maps from the portal. Currently, the portal includes data from: (1) open data at all the collaborating universities including Tufts, Harvard, MIT and Berkley; (2) data from IndianaMap; (3) Purdue open access map collection — historic aerial photos, topo maps and campus maps.

Presenters at this year’s GIS College Day event included Frank Garofalo, Interactive Team Manager, ESRI Inc. and Purdue alumnus; Phil Worrall, Executive Director of Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC); Preston Smith, ITAP Director of Research Services and Support; Purdue VACCINE Team; Purdue Physical Facilities; and graduate students from different colleges at Purdue.
The career luncheon discussion provided a platform for students to connect with potential GIS employers. The poster competition not only allowed students to present their GIS related projects, but also provided a fun way to recognize excellent research and studies. According to the judges, this year’s winners are:

  • First: Yuki Huang, Civil Engineering, “Human Mobility Patterns Probability Measurement: An Example Using Twitter Data at Purdue”
  • Second: Ryan Schroeder, Natural Resources and Environmental Science, “Characterizing and Mapping the Field Scale Spatial Variability Of Surface Horizon Soil Properties and Water Content with Noninvasive Em38”
  • Third: Lakshya Garg, Purdue Polytechnic, “User Interface Design Evaluation for L-thia Watershed Analysis Tool”

To increase learning opportunities, this year’s GIS Day offered four workshops that included topics about State’s geospatial information resource for geocoding, Web GIS, Mobile GIS and GIS project ideation

GIS DAY College 2015

The success of GIS Day event is made possible by the great team work from many areas across campus. Thanks to Dean Mullins for bringing in sponsors across the campus; Shannon Walker, Ashley Hutchcraft and Teresa Brown from Libraries Strategic Communication for their efforts in every detail of the event; and support from the Libraries faculty and staff who have generously offered their time and efforts in setting up the event.

Members of the GIS Day planning committee included: Ann Bessenbacher (Discovery Learning Research Center), Larry Biehl (ITAP), Melba Crawford (College of Engineering), Jarrod Doucette (Department of Forestry and Natural Resources), Angela Ewing (PSET of Libraries), Michael Fosmire (PSET of Libraries), Megan Sapp Nelson (PSET of Libraries), Jonathan Pettit (Department of Sociology), Matt Pike (Department of Anthropology), Nick Rauh (College of Liberal Arts), Gideon Singer (Department of Anthropology), Angela Slocum (Physical Facilities Fiscal Affairs), Steven Smith (Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences), Larry Theller (Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering), and Sara Wiest (Department of Political Science).

GIS Day is supported by Office of the Provost, The Graduate School, College of Agriculture, College of Liberal Arts, College of Education, College of Science, College of Engineering, Polytechnic Institute and Purdue.



Eve TragerEve Trager
Digital Programs
Library Assistant

I have been working in Digital Programs since mid-October as a Library Assistant. I work on, or will work on, scanning and transcription and quality control thereof, as well as load materials into a CONTENTdm for posting to Purdue e-Archives.

I moved to W. Lafayette from Blacksburg, VA, home of Virginia Tech. While there, I served as the IT Support Coordinator for the English department. Although Digital Programs might seem to be an odd fit with IT support, I had previously worked in the Digital Library and Archives at VT’s main library and as Digital Publishing Specialist at the University of Michigan Press.

I grew up in Detroit and got my BA at the University of Michigan. I enjoy yoga, gardening, cooking and daily walks. While I still miss my home in the mountains, I could get used to high-speed internet; multiple Farmers’ Markets; curbside pickup of trash, recycling and yard waste (no more hauling to the dump!); and my view of Happy Hollow Park.

My office is located in the HSSE Library, Room 256 and my email is etrager@purdue.edu.



LCSSAC Chair, Dianna Deputy recently met with Information Resources/Acquisitions staff to talk about the purpose of the Libraries Clerical Service Staff Advisory Committee (LCSSAC). Information about the committee and guidelines for submitting a LINK Letter can be found on the Libraries intranet.

Information Resources staff meeting

If you have questions or concerns please contact an LCSSAC representative.

District 1: Cheryl Oliver csmith68@purdue.edu
District 2: Dan Rotello drotello@purdue.edu
District 3: Ann O’Donnell atodonne@purdue.edu
District 4: Dianna Deputy deputyd@purdue.edu
District 5: Roger Strater hawken@purdue.edu
District 6: April Maybee amaybee@purdue.edu





You will notice the use of these icons before the article that are symbolic of our Libraries strategic goals.

SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION: Libraries facilitate and enhance the continuum of the scholarly communication process.

GLOBAL CHALLENGES: Libraries faculty lead in international initiatives in information literacy, e-science, information access, data management and collaborate on Purdue's global initiatives.

LEARNING: Libraries faculty lead in information literacy and learning space implementation, research and scholarship.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Libraries staff working together to enhance the users experience, raise awareness of Purdue Libraries and recognize the continued learning and successes of our staff.




New Staff

  • Kimberly Ringler, Account Clerk IV, Business Office
  • Elizabeth Moore, Library Assistant V, Hicks



New report explores the different role of “scholarly communication” at research libraries
Earlier this autumn, Ithaka S+R was engaged by the Harvard Library to conduct a landscape review of scholarly communication programs across several peer research libraries. Ithaka S+R and Harvard are pleased today to publish “Office of Scholarly Communication: Scope, Organizational Placement, and Planning in Ten Research Libraries.”

Purdue University Libraries was included in this study along with Columbia University, Cornell University, MIT, Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California System, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, University of Michigan, University of Oxford and Yale University. Dean Mullins was interviewed for the report.


Annual Arts & Crafts Show and Display
The Annual Staff Recognition will be held on December 11 from 2-3:30 p.m. in STEW 278 and once again there is an opportunity for all Libraries staff members to sell and display their handmade items at this event. Please contact Dot Lanzalotto for more details and to arrange for a display table.



Surfaces and Contours: Celebrating Aldo Giorgini's Contributions to Art and Space
Archives and Special Collections
September 28-December 18
HSSE Library 4th floor

Exhibit Viewing and Lecture
Surfaces and Contours: Celebrating Aldo Giorgini's Contributions to Art and Science
November 30
5:30-7 p.m.
HSSE Library 4th floor
RSVP By November 25

Annual Staff Recognition Program
December 11
2-3:30 p.m.
STEW 279

Annual Arts & Crafts Show
December 11
2-3:30 p.m.
STEW 278



Clarence Maybee and Lisa Zilinski poster presentation “Data informed learning: A next phase data literacy framework for higher education” at Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), St. Louis, MO. November 2015.

Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel recent articles on French History French Historical Studies, 38(3): 505-521, 2015.

Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel presented “Prismatic Realities: Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Cultures and Implications for Information Literacy in Visual Studies; the Case of History of Photography.” European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL 2015) Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia. October 19-23, 2015.

Cheryl Thompson, Chuck Humphrey and Michael Witt “Exploring Data Service Models in Academic Libraries.” 6th Plenary Meeting of the Research Data Alliance, Paris, France. September 23, 2015. http://bit.ly/1MaoKNz.

Michael Witt “Data Curation and the Product Lifecycle.” Product Lifecycle Management Center of Excellence Fall 2015 Meeting, Lafayette, Indiana. October 15, 2015.

Susanna Sansone, Michael Witt et al. “The BioSharing Registry: Mapping the Landscape of Standards and Databases Resources in the Life Sciences.” Big-Data-to-Knowledge (BD2K) All-Hands Grantee Meeting, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. November 12, 2015.

Hsin-liang Chen, Philip Doty, Carol Mollman, Xi Niu, Jen-Chien Yu and Tao Zhang panel presentation “Library Assessment and Data Analytics in the Big Data Era: Practice and Policies” at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology, St. Louis, Missouri. November 6-10, 2015.

Peter Froehlich presented “Enhanced Social Responsibility (SR) in Scholarly Communications” at the International Communications Association, Nordic Regional conference, in Copenhagen Denmark, held in partnership with the Copenhagen Business School. October 12, 2015.

Rebecca Richardson and Peter Froehlich presented the Provost’s Forum on Annual Incremental Increases in the Cost of Research Databases and Journals, October 16, 2015.

Peter Froehlich and Barbara Kline Pope co-led the “Catalyzing the Involvement of Humanists and Social Scientists in Grand Challenge Initiatives” at the Policies for Progress conference, Purdue University, October 28-29, 2015.

Michael Flierl and J.D. Moss poster presentation “Increasing SoTL via Annotated Bibliography and Curated LibGuide” at the 40th Annual POD Conference, San Francisco, CA. November 2015.

Michael Flierl presented “Communicating the Framework to Faculty” at the 15th Annual Augustana Information Literacy in Academic Libraries Workshop, Camrose, Alberta. October 2015.



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Pecan Pie Cookies
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