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Nancy HewisonThe third round of Libraries Bravo Awards was announced in January 2016, reflecting nominations accepted for accomplishments occurring during the time frame of May 2, 2015 through November 30, 2015. The Libraries program follows University guidelines in making awards to individual Libraries employees to recognize a significant one-time contribution to the University's or the Libraries’ mission or goals. Nominations must include a description which links the accomplishment to one or more of the following award categories: Moving the University/Libraries Forward; Operational Excellence; Innovation/Creativity; Fiscal Stewardship.

All regular Libraries employees (with a few exceptions, mostly administrators) are eligible for consideration for the Libraries Bravo Award. Nominations may come from Libraries employees (self-nominations are accepted) and other Purdue employees. The nominations are reviewed by the Libraries Bravo Awards Committee, which is made up of the chairs of the Libraries Clerical Service Staff Advisory Committee (LCSSAC), the Libraries Administrative Professional Advisory Committee (LAPSAC) and the Libraries Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC), and is chaired by the associate dean for planning and administration. Dianna Deputy, Amy Winks, Vicki Killion and Nancy Hewison are the current members. The committee sends its’ recommendations to the Dean of Libraries, who makes the final determination.

The recipients of a Libraries Bravo Award for May 2, 2015 – November 1, 2015, are Ann O’Donnell, Danielle Schiewer, Ilana Stonebraker and Cindy Yeoman.

Ann O'DonnellAnn O’Donnell was nominated for operational excellence for flexibility with her workload and accepting additional responsibilities during a period of change and transition at Hicks Undergraduate Library. She adjusted her hours, assumed responsibility for supervising student workers and collaborated on changes to the student worker policies. In addition, she continued to plan extra events and wrote proposals for displays and grants. Ann embodied the excellence that everyone within Libraries should strive for in the workplace.

Danielle SchiewerDanielle Schiewer was nominated for operational excellence for her assistance with maintaining and exceeding the level of service expected at the Hicks Undergraduate Library. Starting in the spring of 2015, Hicks underwent a great deal of change including a staff shortage, along with the loss of several long time student workers due to graduation. Danielle increased her desk hours and assumed extra responsibilities, in addition to performing her regular duties and continuing to assist with day to day operations. Thanks to Danielle and due to her work ethic and willingness to operate beyond expectation, service never wavered

Ilana StonebrakerIlana Stonebraker was nominated for innovation and creativity for her work on the Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) program. She was instrumental in developing engaging activities to introduce new students to the Libraries. She took a creative lead within the Libraries committee and addressed the goal of student engagement. One example of her creativity was developing interactive photo contests that engaged students through social media with taking pictures in the Libraries and posting them online. The success of the Libraries’ BGR activities this year were largely due to the efforts of Ilana.

Cindy YeomanCindy Yeoman was nominated for innovation and creativity for her collaboration on making improvements to the online program for hiring student workers. While this was not her responsibility, she willingly worked with Human Resources and the Assistant to the Dean to help improve the efficiency of hiring. Cindy helped develop a list of additional status categories and training criteria for the supervisors. Further, she provided this training and information to supervisors. Cindy helped move the Libraries forward with streamlined changes that continue to benefit those involved in hiring student workers.

Looking ahead: The Libraries’ Administrative Committee (AdCom) will review the Libraries Bravo Awards program and make a decision about whether to continue participation, assuming that the University extends the program.



Joseph M. Dagnese Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to the Libraries — Rachel Moore
“This award was truly a pleasant surprise. I want to thank everyone for all of the help I have received over the years. It’s a pleasure to work with amazing and gracious people.”

Joseph M. Dagnese Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to the Libraries — Libby Wahl
“Receiving the Dagnese Aware was a shock, a feeling of unworthiness and wonderful affirmation all rolled in one. Our department is full of special, committed, supportive women. I am honored by whomever stepped up to nominate me. Thank you.”

Joseph M. Dagnese Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to the Libraries — Marcy Wilhelm-South
“I am honored to have received one of the Dagnese awards for 2016, and simultaneously humbled. As our work doesn’t happen in a vacuum, I want to thank everyone who has supported and assisted me in striving to provide excellent service for those using Purdue e-Pubs and HABRI Central, as well as those who thought I was deserving of this recognition. It is wonderful to work with such an excellent group of people!”

John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service — Gretchen Stephens
“I am deeply grateful to have received the Moriarty Award this year! It has been my honor to serve the students, staff and faculty of the School of Veterinary Medicine and of Purdue University over the past 39 years. I greatly appreciate too the support of each member of the Libraries staff and faculty throughout this time. Thank you all for this wonderful recognition!”

Dean’s Award for Individual Sustained and Outstanding Contribution to the Libraries — Katherine Purple
Katherine’s nominator described her as someone who “exemplifies creative collaboration. She has the knowledge and the interpersonal skills to make teamwork and partnerships productive and she is a great problem solver. She has been instrumental in maintaining the operational excellence of the PUP SPS unit.”

Purdue University Libraries Award for Excellence in Teaching — Nicole Kong
"I am truly blessed to be in such a nice and warm library family over the last a few years. I am so thankful for all the support and understanding you have given me on my way of teaching geospatial information. It has always been my passion to teach students in different disciplines to use geospatial information and research methods and Libraries is the place to make this happen. Thank you to everyone who has provided me with the teaching opportunity, inspired me, helped in various ways, exchanged teaching experiences, and even listened to my complaints of stress."

Purdue University Libraries Award for Research — Michael Witt
“Doing research is one of the best parts of my job. I feel fortunate to be at a place like Purdue, where we have the opportunity to collaborate on research with some of the best and brightest faculty, staff and student colleagues every day. Together we have been able to make a global impact on the stewardship of research data as a part of the scholarly record and to advance the role of libraries and librarians in data curation.”

2016 Libraries Award Winners

Front Row: Rachel Moore, Libby Wahl, Marcy Wilhelm-South, Gretchen Stephens
Back Row: Paul Bracke, Nicole Kong, Michael Witt
Not Pictured: Katherine Purple


Dean’s Award for Team Achievement — Job Descriptions Update Team: RaeLynn Boes, Amanda Gill, Cliff Harrison, Monica Kirkwood, Diana Grove, Amy Winks and Tracy Grimm
“Thank you for recognizing the hard work we put into this long-awaited project. It was successful largely due to the invaluable assistance that we received from Julia Schultz-Cory in Human Resources and support from Libraries Administration.” — RaeLynn Boes, Amanda Gill, Monica Kirkwood.

2016 Libraries Team Award

Front Row: RaeLynn Boes, Monica Kirkwood, Diana Grove, Amy Winks
Back Row: Amanda Gill, Tracy Grimm, Cliff Harrison, Paul Bracke




2016 PULSE Awards

Jamie EllerJami Eller is a senior majoring in Psychological Sciences from Binghamton, New York. She has worked for seven semesters in the Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Library. Terry Wades said, “Jami has worked for us for four years and we will certainly miss her. She does her job and special tasks exceptionally well and I never have to worry about her or the library when she is working. She is very helpful to the patrons and always greets them with a smile.”

“I feel extremely grateful and excited to have received the PULSE Award. Working in the EAPS library has been not only a means to support myself financially but also a positive environment in which I grew not only as an employee but also as a student and person. I know that the experiences I have had over the past eight semesters working in EAPS have given me skills that few other people have the opportunity to gain. The time I spent working in the library will be one of my fondest memories that I look back on after graduation. I would like to thank my amazing supervisors and the Purdue Libraries for this honor,” said Jami.

Matthew GrohMatthew Groh is finishing up his third year at Purdue majoring in Professional Flight Technology, minoring in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, and beginning his Masters in Aviation Training and Safety. Matthew was born in South Carolina, spent his childhood in Michigan, and finished up his last years of high school in Lafayette, Indiana before coming to Purdue. Frances Christman, his supervisor said, “Matthew is one of those students you wish you could keep forever. He’s not afraid to tackle new projects, works well with patrons, volunteers to help with special projects, and takes pride in the library.”

“I feel deeply honored to receive the PULSE Award. When the opportunity to work in the Aviation Technology Library began over two years ago, I never realized what a positive impact it would have on my life. The AVTE library is managed by kind, caring librarians, and chocked full of valuable resources, including flight training study guides and historical documents on Purdue’s deep aviation history. Moreover, the library has helped provide income toward paying the very expensive flight fees on top of tuition fees. This scholarship serves as a huge help toward reducing the large debt that comes with seeking a professional pilot career. I look forward to working for and continuing to improve the student experience in the Aviation Technology Library during my final semester. Thank you again for this prestigious award,” said Matthew.

Kaylee ParksKaylee Parks is a senior majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communication from Columbia City, Indiana. Sandy Galloway, her supervisor, said, “Kaylee is very reliable. In her three years in Engineering Library she has done about every student duty we have, from circulation to shelving to checking in new books and journals to sorting the mail. Her customer service skills are exemplary. She is self-motivated and always willing to help out whenever she can.”

“I am so honored have been granted with this generous award from Purdue Libraries. It truly means a lot to me to be recognized for my three and a half years that I have dedicated to the Engineering Library, my home away from home. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work in such a flexible laid-back environment surrounded by the best co-workers. I loved both positions I had the opportunity to work over my three and a half years under Sandy Galloway and Dianna Deputy, who both have taught me so many valuable life skills that I will be able to take with me into my next step in life after graduation. Thank you again for your kind consideration and selection for this award,” said Kaylee.

Hannah VaughnHannah Vaughn is a senior majoring in History and minoring in Medieval/Renaissance Studies and Religious Studies from Camby, Indiana. She has worked in the Archives and Special Collections for the past four semesters and will be attending Indiana University in the fall to begin earning a Master of Library Science degree. Tracy Grimm, her supervisor said, “Hannah has made outstanding contributions to not only the Flight Archives but also to ASC as a whole. Her constant enthusiasm for history and the mission of the Flight Archives to engage the public has been truly exceptional. I believe Hannah has excellent potential to be a successful graduate student and very successful in her future career in the field of archives and special collections.”

“I am truly honored to receive a PULSE award. Working for the Purdue Archives has been an incredible experience these past few years. Before my position with the Purdue Archives, I was uncertain as to what my future career path would be. However, through all of the great people I have met, including my supervisor Tracy Grimm, and my great experiences, I realized that a job within Library Science was what I wanted to do after I graduate. Thank you Tracy for all of your help and guidance these past two years and thank you to everyone else in the Libraries Department,” said Hannah.

2016 Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship

Megan BrunnMegan Brunn is a junior majoring in Veterinary Medicine from Columbus, Indiana. She has worked in the Veterinary Medical Library for three semesters. Tonya Wichterman, her supervisor said, “Customer service is a real priority for Megan. She has made a point of getting to know many of our patrons by name, and interacting with them as they come into the library. They relate to her more as a friend rather than an employee at a service point. We are very happy to have her in our library.”

“Thank you so much for selecting me to receive the Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship! Working at the Veterinary Medical Library has made a significant impact in my education at Purdue. I have a huge need for resources in my curriculum and I honestly never knew how to effectively search for those resources until I started working at the library. Time is a critical and valuable thing in school so this is a tremendous asset to me! My fellow classmates also depend extensively on the library and I have been able to teach them how to more effectively find what they’re looking for, or from prior experience, I can quickly help them find resources that I found useful when studying that topic. This job has also provided monetary support as education is not cheap and scholarships for my major are hard to come by. This scholarship will help me reduce my debt to achieve my dream of becoming a veterinarian!” said Megan.

Nicole GonzalezNicole Gonzalez is a junior majoring in Animal Science from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has worked in the Veterinary Medical Library for three semesters. Tonya Wichterman said, “Nicole has helped on a reserve inventory project. Her work was quick and efficient and her diligent efforts ensured the project was done correctly. She is ever pleasant and has great costumer service skills. She is always willing to help wherever needed and is just a joy to work with.”

“It is a privilege to be honored with the Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship as recognition for my work in the Vet Med Library. When I began working for the Libraries I never thought it would have such a big impact in my life. I started working without any previous experience, none the less the amazing staff helped me learn promptly. During my time here I have been challenged and thanks to this I have gained many valuable skills that I will use in my career. I have been lucky to always receive astounding support from my supervisor and colleagues. This scholarship is a great aid in covering my educational cost here at Purdue. I wish to thank everyone who has been part of my journey at the Libraries and for those who partook in the process to grant me this award,” said Nicole.

2016 Dr. Albert Viton Scholarship

Katelynn CarrollKatelyn Carroll is a junior majoring in Agribusiness and Agricultural Communication from Prather, California. She has worked in the Purdue University Press for three semesters. Marcy Wilhelm-South, her supervisor said, “Katie’s work for HABRI Central has been exceptional and I trust her to compete her tasks and address any other issues she encounters when they arise. She is an outstanding student worker with a fantastic work ethic and attitude and has become a real asset to the HABRI Central project.”

“I feel honored to be a recipient of this year’s Viton Scholarship award. Working as the Communications Assistant for HABRI Central for the past two years has been a wonderful opportunity, full of learning experiences. This position has enabled me to strengthen my communication abilities and develop skills that will follow me throughout my future career. I am very appreciative of the opportunities I’ve had and the support I’ve received. Thank you for recognizing me and honoring me with this generous scholarship,” said Katie.

Santiago GrandlienardSantiago Grandlienard is sophomore majoring in Visual Communications Design from West Lafayette, Indiana. Stephan Miller, his supervisor said,” Santiago is the lead student in our area and I rely on him to keep the other students on track when necessary. I greatly appreciate his work and customer service. I receive many compliments from Libraries staff about his work and willingness to resolve their computer related issues.”

“It is truly an honor receiving the Albert Viton Scholarship from the Purdue University Libraries, which has already provided so much for me. It has been a pleasure working with such a great group of people in both IT and the rest of the Libraries. I have been blessed to have worked for the Libraries for the past two years, and couldn’t think of a better place to work for the remainder of my college career,” said Santiago.

2016 Amelia Earhart Scholarship

Aysha DavisAysha Davis is a junior majoring in biochemistry from Indianapolis, Indiana. Aysha is a 2014 Emerging Scholar and founding member of Purdue’s Kappa Delta, serving on two philanthropy committees which service the Girl Scouts of America and Prevent Child Abuse America. She is currently involved in the Outreach and Inclusion Committee within Purdue Student Government, Purdue Athletic Department as a football recruitment intern, serves as a mentor in College Mentors for Kids, participates in Make A Difference Day and Martian Luther King Jr. Day of Services as a site facilitator and several other community activities.

“I am so honored to have received the Amelia Earhart Scholarship. I am aspiring to medical school, so I am grateful to have a piece of relief of the financial hardship that comes with attending college. Amelia was an independent, confident, and successful woman. She was such an admirable woman, and I strive to be like her, fearlessly racing toward my dreams, said Aysha.”

Karen KuklaKaren Joanna Kukla is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in women’s studies from Crown Point, Indiana. Karen is a teaching assistant in the Civic Engagement and Leadership Development Learning Community, a Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering Student Ambassador, a volunteer for Lafayette Transitional Housing, and a member of the Society of Women Engineers Strategic Initiative Committee. She has received the J Bonner Wampler Alumni and Clement Kurdys Scholarships and is a self-employed tutor.

"I am incredibly honored and grateful to be a recipient of the Amelia Earhart Scholarship. Amelia Earhart’s passion, ambition, and determination were a few of her traits that inspire young women to pursue their goals. I strive to emulate Amelia Earhart’s traits to further my dedication in engineering while motivating young women to pursue their own passions in the STEM field,” said Karen.

Scott SageScott Sage is a junior majoring in Management and Marketing from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is active in leadership roles as the Vice President of the Krannert School of Management Council, a member of the Executive Committee for Sigma Chi Fraternity, and a Judicial Board Justice of the Interfraternity Council. He also serves as a member of the Purdue University Community Standards Board and has been engaged with the National Student Advertising Competition. While on campus, Scott works in the Athletics Communications, Sports Information Department and has worked with ESPN and Big Ten Network providing statistics for Purdue Basketball and Football games. He has been a youth mentor for the community through Lafayette Urban Ministries. Additionally, Scott is actively involved with Old Masters, Gimlet Honorary Society, and has recently been selected as a member of the Barbara Cook Chapter of Mortar Board. He worked as a marketing intern this past summer at Belden, Inc. and will be interning with Eli Lilly & Co. this upcoming summer in Indianapolis.

“I am truly honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Amelia Earhart Scholarship, and am grateful to those who make this award possible. Amelia Earhart is a role model, and her life is an exemplary one. Her ambition, determination, and passion are motivating forces for myself as I continue to grow in my personal life and professional career. I aim to represent this award with utmost integrity, remembering the inspiration that Amelia Earhart had on myself and countless others,” said Scott.

Molly Van ScoyMolly Van Scoy is a senior majoring in Aviation Management from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania. Molly grew up around a local airport in Pennsylvania, surrounded by her family of aviators. She began flying when she was thirteen! After her first official flight lesson, Molly knew she wanted to be a professional pilot. Her dedication to aviation led her to Purdue University where she decided to broaden her knowledge of aviation by majoring in Aviation Management. Now a senior, over the past three years Molly has participated in research, leadership, and student organizations that have enabled her to not only gain valuable knowledge, but make many new friends along the way. This past summer Molly was a Flight Operations Intern at Delta Air Lines. She worked closely with fleet managers, the pilot support center, and operated a Boeing 777 Full Flight Simulator. She is currently President of the Purdue Chapter of Women in Aviation, Captain of the Purdue Air Race Classic Team, and Vice President of The Aviation Technology Student Council. Molly was recently accepted into the 3+2 masters program. Upon graduation, Molly hopes to fly for a regional airline, move on to a major air carrier, and continue to inspire the next generation of aviators.

 “I am very grateful to be selected as an Amelia Earhart Scholarship Recipient. As an out of state student with two sisters who graduated from reputable universities and a brother who is currently attending college, I am extremely appreciative of the financial support this scholarship gives my family. Amelia has been an inspiration to me since I was a little girl growing up around a local Pennsylvania airport. Like Amelia, I am determined to educate and inspire female aviators as she did here at Purdue in the 1930s!” said Molly.



Most Interactive
By Angela Ewing and Sandy Galloway

Most Scholarly
The Baron Hilton Flight and Space Archives Takes Off: From Donor to Classroom and Everything in Between
By Tracy Grimm and Mary Sego

Made Me LOL
The Engineering Library Goes to Another Dimension
By Aly Edmondson

Most Creative
Parrish Library Put It All Together
By Ilana Stonebraker, Ashely Butler, Sarah Eckhart, Teresa Balser and RaeLynn Boes

Best Furthers Strategic Plan
One Scan Higher: Scanning Yesterdays Materials for Tomorrow
By Allen Bol, Cliff Harrison, Carolee McGill-Barker and Eve Trager

Most Innovative Idea
Teambuilding: Be the Brickmaster, Together Everyone Achieves More
By Beth Moore, Teresa Balser and Pat Whalen

Viewer’s Choice
The Baron Hilton Flight and Space Archives Takes Off: From Donor to Classroom and Everything in Between
By Tracy Grimm and Mary Sego

ADs’ Choice
e-Tools Petting Zoo
By Ashely Butler and Angela White



Shirley LiYue “Shirley” Li
Geographic Information Systems Analyst
PSET Division

I am very excited to join the Purdue University Libraries as the Geographic Information Systems Analyst. Currently I am helping with the visualization, management and maintenance of the geospatial data. I also participate in the development of two Open Geoportals, one at Purdue Libraries and one as part of a CIC (Big Ten) cooperative project. I hope my addition to the Libraries can help fulfill its mission by engaging with faculty and students to meet their geospatial information needs.

I am originally from China, but West Lafayette is like my hometown in the States since it is the first city where l landed and have spent the most time. Moving back to Purdue is like returning home. I started my master’s study in Civil Engineering at Purdue in 2012, specializing in Geomatics and GIS. My two years study was rewarding and unforgettable, one of the happiest times in my life so far. So after a short detour, working as a project engineer in Cleveland, Ohio for a year, I decided to move back for this exciting opportunity in the Libraries.

Personally I really like traveling. I’ve been to most of the places in China, many cities in the States and several Caribbean islands. My next destination is Europe and then Africa. I also enjoy hiking, reading and watching movies. I recently started to learn bow shooting. I have a really cute cat, Tai Chi, named after her talent in Kung Fu.

My office is located in the map room in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) Library. I can be reached at li1050@purdue.edu or 49-40202. If you stop by you are very welcome to come in and chat!





A Reddit community member recently posted very positive comments and praise for Purdue University Libraries staff and resources on the Reddit Purdue Community Board. Reddit is an entertainment, social news networking service, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it essentially an online bulletin board system.

The link and quote are below:

“Like: Purdue Libraries. I didn't realize how rad they are until this year. They get us access to tons of resources and publications that you can easily access online — more than many other universities. Then, if you still don't have access to something you want, just open a request, and they'll find it for you. Late one evening, I opened a request for a paper from an obscure journal only published for a few years in the 80s. By the time I woke up that morning, they'd tracked down someone in Colorado who had a physical copy of the journal, got him to scan the article, and had a PDF waiting for me.”






You will notice the use of these icons before the article that are symbolic of our Libraries strategic goals.

SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION: Libraries facilitate and enhance the continuum of the scholarly communication process.

GLOBAL CHALLENGES: Libraries faculty lead in international initiatives in information literacy, e-science, information access, data management and collaborate on Purdue's global initiatives.

LEARNING: Libraries faculty lead in information literacy and learning space implementation, research and scholarship.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Libraries staff working together to enhance the users experience, raise awareness of Purdue Libraries and recognize the continued learning and successes of our staff.



Purdue Day of Giving logoToday marks the 2016 Purdue Day of Giving event. We need your support and participation to help elevate the Libraries' presence on social media and event leader boards, offering an even greater impact for your gift. As part of Purdue Day of Giving, you can direct your pledge to a specific Libraries funding initiative here including:

  • Student-Centered Activities
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  • Archives and Special Collections
  • Dean’s Priorities for Libraries and Press

Once again, part of the fun of Purdue Day of Giving includes the hourly challenges, and the Libraries are making plans to take advantage of this year’s cash awards for the winners. We hope you’ll follow along on social media to know when your pledges can leverage matches and extra dollars. There are several hourly challenges that we need your help with. You can participate in as many of these challenges as you’d like. The specific challenges Libraries will be focusing on include:

  • 4 p.m. – School/program with the highest number of donations in this one-hour timespan
  • 7 p.m. – Most gifts from international donors
  • 8 p.m. – Most creative picture of your pet(s) in Purdue Gear on Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to include #PurdueDayofGiving and #PurdueLibs

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

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Pay it forward. Share the message of Purdue Day of Giving on your social media accounts and encourage others to join in the fun.

Thank you for your participation and generous support of Purdue University Libraries!







All 2016 (May, August and December) graduating seniors and their immediate supervisors were invited to a dinner hosted by the Libraries Administration where they were recognized for their dedicated service to the Purdue University Libraries.

Shelby R. Allen, HKRP
Janel A. Banks, HSSE
Shannon K. Kirchoff, HKRP
Maxwell C. Campbell. Archives
Alexander M. Carbone, AUXS
Conner I. Cesairo, HIKS
Jodie J. Cha, USLAC
Helen M. Clark, PNHS
Esra Coskun, HSSE/HIKS
Gion Crockett, PHYS/AVTE
Kayla L. Crump, VETM
Kevyn S. Cutler, Parrish
Ayanna D. Daniels, Parrish
Joshua A. David, LIFE
Amber J. Davis, CHEM
Celia C. Duffala, Digital Programs
Emily K. Durkin, Archives
Chelsea D. Duvall, VETM
Jami R. Eller, EAPS
Kayleigh Fisher, Research Data
Brooke T. Fourthman, HSSE
Adam S. Freeburg, USLAC
Alexandra E. Gergis, HSSE
Tyler W. Gray AUXS
Sara M. Green, HIKS
Matthew D. Groh, AVTE
Erica Y. Gutierrez, MATH
Austin J. Hartz, ENGR
Kleidy M. Herrera, HSSE
William Loomis Heston, USLAC
Benaiah L. Hovee, Parrish
Donovan Irven, Archives
Wei Keat Khor, HSSE
Conner H. King, AUXS
Harish V. Kumaravel, Research Reposit.
Dea N. Machely, HSSE
Andrew N. Martin, GSLAC
Carlee Danielle Montgomery, Parrish
Michael A. Moore, AUXS
Pengfei Nie, HSSE
Isaac C. Nutter, HKRP
Chad R. Oetting, LIFE
Danielle A. Pappas, Parrish
Kaylee E. Parks, ENGR
Cameron N. Pate, HIKS
Menna Saber, CHEM
Sahanaa R. Santhana Krishnan, Archives
Abbey L. Schmitt, ENGR
Mikhail Y. Shalaginov, GSLAC
Margaret L. Sheble, Archives
Ethan W. Shepherd, CHEM
Bryan A. Smith, ILL
Yuankun Song, D2C2
Joshua Staker, PHYS
Eric J. Stocking, Archives
Ashley M. Stokes, Parrish
Tommy (Kin Ho) Tang, AVTE
Allison K. Urbaszewski, Archives
Hannah R. Vaughn, Archives
Davis Webb, PHYS
Kaitlyn I. Winters, HIKS
Drupadhchakravarti Yalamanchili, HSSE/ HIKS

Each student received a Purdue Libraries mug, a letter of appreciation and an example of the wording that will appear online in the catalog record for the volume selected in honor of their successful employment in the Libraries.



Purdue University Libraries will continue to offer study break activities for students in Hicks Undergraduate Library during Prep and Finals Weeks to help students alleviate stress. All events are free and light refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, April 26 — Caring Paws
Interact with therapy animals
6:45-7:45 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Wednesday, April 27 — Sidewalk Chalk and Bubbles
Decorate sidewalks with chalk and blow bubbles
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Thursday, April 28 — Craft Night & Popcorn Bar
Create your own stress ball and enjoy the popcorn bar
6:30-7:30 p.m.

Friday, April 29 — Fabulous Friday
Sponsored by Purdue LGBTQ Collaboration with the LGBTQ Center to provide a relaxing craft
3-4 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Monday, May 2 — Sidewalk Chalk and Bubbles
Decorate sidewalks with chalk and blow bubbles
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Tuesday, May 3 — Caring Paws
Interact with therapy animals
6:45-7:45 p.m.
Hicks Common Area

Wednesday, May 4 — Therapy Dog International
Interact with therapy dogs
7-8 p.m.
Hicks Common Area



Purdue's Tribute to Holocaust Survivors
Archives and Special Collections
April 10-May 13
HSSE Library 4th floor

Spring Fling
May 25
11:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
Memorial Mall



Ilana Stonebraker and Tomalee Doan "Undergraduate Learning in Libraries: Space Design for Academic Course Transformation and Re-Thinking Campus Culture.” Re-think it: Libraries for a New Age-Conference Proceedings. Book 4, 2015.

Michael Fosmire “What I've Been Reading: What Can Design Thinking Do for Libraries?” Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, Winter 2016, DOI:10.5062/F4SN06ZT

Amanda Visconti “Building a static website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages.” The Programming Historian (peer-reviewed digital humanities platform), April 18, 2016.

Bert Chapman “Geopolitics of the 2016 Australian Defense White Paper and Its Predecessors." Geopolitics, History, and International Relations, 9 (1) (2017): 17-67, 2016.

Line Pouchard presented “Working with a community-based organization to support an ontology infrastructure” at the CNI Spring 2016 membership meeting, April 5, 2016.

Sharon Weiner, Lalatendu Acharya (HHS), Kathryn Dilworth (PRF), Laura Heinzl (PRF), Lisa Kirkham (DLR), Clare Lutgen (Oakland High School), Bethany McGowan, David Walker (Oakland High School) presented “A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Health Information Literacy Among High School Students,” Purdue P-12 Networking Summit & Poster Session, April 21, 2016.

Clarence Maybee, Catherine Fraser Riehle and Michael Flierl presented “Common Conversations about Teaching and Learning: Making an Impact” at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, April 21, 2016.

Donna L. Ferullo presented “©TZ Flight 200,” “©TZ Archives & Special ¬©ollections” and “Advanced Archives & Special ©ollections” and served on three panel’s at the 13th Annual Ball State Copyright Conference, Ball State University, Muncie, IN, April 20, 2016.

Donna L. Ferullo presented a workshop entitled “Data Literacy & ©” to Agronomy 598, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, March 28, 2016.

Donna L. Ferullo presented “© is Hopping” as a guest lecturer for the Purdue course Technical Video Productin1, March 25, 2016.



Purdue Today, April 14
2016 Library Scholar Grant recipients named

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, April 14
Visiting Scholar Program hosts Purdue Speakers
Clarence Maybee, Catherine Fraser Riehle, Michael Flierl

Purdue Today, April 18
Purdue Libraries revamps information literacy mission statement

Purdue Today, April 21
Study breaks to be available in Hicks Library

The Exponent, April 26
Honors English class looks into the depths of Purdue’s history
Archives and Special Collections



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