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Michael WittFour years have passed since President Obama’s Office of Science and Technology Policy directed the major U.S. federal funding agencies to develop and implement public access plans that require researchers to manage and share data and publications that result from government-funded research. This means that most researchers are required to submit data management plans with their grant proposals and to deposit their papers in designated open access repositories.

The final agency who was required to comply, the Department of Homeland Security, released its public access plan three months ago. To date, only 16 of the 22 required agencies have actually implemented their plans. This has resulted in a steady stream of new requirements being released by different funding agencies and programs within those agencies at different times and in different ways. To say the least, it can be very confusing for researchers to understand the requirements that apply to them and what options are available to meet those requirements.

Faculty and staff in the Libraries can help researchers navigate these issues by becoming familiar with the agencies who fund research at Purdue and by supporting and connecting researchers to solutions. Issues related to data planning and management have emerged as perhaps the most acute need of our researchers.

The Research Data unit of the Libraries has been actively monitoring new funder requirements, developing solutions such as PURR, re3data, and the DMPTool, and collaborating with library colleagues to assist researchers in writing and implementing effective data sharing and management plans.

If you or a researcher in your area has questions about research data management solutions or funder requirements, our Research Data Specialists and the PURR team are available to help. You can find us on the web at http://www.lib.purdue.edu/researchdata or in person in our new space on the main floor of Stewart Center in Room 174.

Funder requirements for data management image




The end of the semester is approaching and Purdue Libraries will once again be extending hours in four of our libraries: ENGR and Hicks will be open 24-hours beginning Sunday, April 23. HSSE and Parrish will extend hours Friday, Saturday and Finals Week. All other libraries will remain open normal hours. Hours are posted on the Libraries website: https://www.lib.purdue.edu/hoursList.

Libraries Extended Hours Spring 2017
Hicks (HIKS)
Parrish (KRAN)
Apr. 23
24 Hour Library Begins at 11 a.m.
24 Hour Library Begins at 1 p.m
1 p.m. – Midnight
Open at 11 a.m.
Mon.–Thu.   Apr 24-27
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
7 a.m. – Midnight
Open 24 hours
Apr 28
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
7 a.m. – Midnight
Close at Midnight
Apr 29
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
11 a.m. – Midnight
10:30 a.m. – Midnight
Apr 30
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
1 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Open at 11 a.m.
Mon.–Thu., May 1-4
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
7 a.m. – 2 a.m
Open 24 hours
May 5
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
7 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Close at Midnight
May 6
24 Hour Library
Ends at 5 p.m
24 Hour Library Ends at 5 p.m.
11 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Normal
10:30 a.m. –
4:30 p.m.

Sunday, May 7. All Libraries Closed. Interim Hours begin May 8.

This schedule will have participating libraries open for many additional hours and staff are needed to help cover some of the extended hours. No reference experience is required. Training in circulation, building and emergency procedures, and food and drink policies will be provided if necessary. Typically, shifts are scheduled to allow for maximum coverage.

ENGR is seeking staff from throughout Purdue Libraries
Monday — Friday, Midnight – 8 a.m.
Friday 6 p.m. — Saturday 11 a.m.
Saturday 5 p.m. — Sunday 11 a.m.
Contact Amanda Gill, gill3@purdue.edu.

Hicks is seeking staff from throughout Purdue Libraries
Monday — Friday, 2 a.m. – 7.a.m.
Friday 6 p.m. — Saturday 1 p.m.
Saturday 6 p.m. — Sunday 1 p.m.
Contact RaeLynn Boes, rboes@purdue.edu.

HSSE is seeking HSSE staff and faculty to cover extended hours.
Contact RaeLynn Boes, rboes@purdue.edu.

Parrish is seeking Parrish staff and faculty to cover extended hours.
Contact RaeLynn Boes, rboes@purdue.edu.

If you wish to participate or have questions, please send an email with your availability by Friday, April 15 to Amanda Gill for ENGR or RaeLynn Boes for Hicks.

A combination of overtime and flex scheduling is possible, consistent with the pay period and supervisor’s permission. Biweekly staff and monthly non-exempt staff members who work hours in excess of 40 in a workweek (Monday through Sunday) will be paid time-and-a-half. No employee may work more than 16 hours (regular and overtime) in a 24-hour period. The maximum overtime an employee may work in any work week is 20 hours. Monthly exempt staff and faculty could adjust their schedules as appropriate.


Joseph M. Dagnese Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to the Libraries — Cheryl Sagendorf
“I am very grateful and surprised! So many other people are deserving of recognition. My part in the rightsizing project is small compared to those planning, reviewing lists and processing the move of the physical collection. Library faculty and staff really do care about providing excellent service to the academic community and future scholars. The supportive friendships make this assignment a pleasure. Thank you!”

Joseph M. Dagnese Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to the Libraries — Neal Harmeyer
“I am humbled to receive the Dagnese Memorial Award. I benefit from a tremendous group of co-workers. I want to thank my colleagues in ASC and throughout the Libraries for their support, energy, insights, and teamwork.”

John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service — Vicki Killion
“I am very honored to receive the Moriarty Award again. I took on the Rightsizing Project because it needed to be done and believe it or not, I enjoy this type of challenge. Thank you for the recognition that you have given to everyone working on the project; it is a true team effort. ”

Dean’s Award for Individual Sustained and/or Outstanding Contribution to the Libraries — Candy Scott
“I am thankful to work in the Libraries and extremely proud and honored to be a part of PLF.
I could not have done this on my own. There are too many people to mention but you know who you are. I asked a lot of questions and gained great insight from several people. I do want to mention three people who also deserve this recognition: Dan, Dan and Jacinda. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.”

Dean’s Award for Individual for Advancing a Libraries Strategic Initiative — Amanda Gill
“It feels great to be recognized for doing work that I truly enjoy. Having excellent people to work with makes it even better. I am grateful for this award, and I’m so looking forward to the next chapter in this adventure: moving into the WALC!”

Purdue University Libraries Award for Excellence in Teaching — Amy Van Epps
It’s always an honor to be selected for an award by colleagues. In this case, to be recognized for my teaching, which I love to do (even when the students are annoying me), is an extra honor.”

Purdue University Libraries Award for Research — Sharon Weiner, Sammie Morris, Larry Mykytiuk
“We are thrilled to receive the Purdue Libraries Research Award for our work on developing archival literacy competencies! This recognition by the colleagues with whom we work on a daily basis means a great deal to us!”

Dean’s Award for Team Achievement — Clerical and Service Staff Rightsizing Team: Lori Bryant, Lil Conarroe, Diana Deputy, Karen Fields, Sandy Galloway, Lu Ann Gooden, Audrey Grisham, Rhonda Haan, Becky Hunt, Jacinda Laymon, Sue Long, Liz Lukens, Robin Meher, Rachel Moore, Tonya Mull, Cheryl Oliver, Dan Rotello, Chelsie Schuette, Candy Sheagley, Donna Slone, Victoria Thomas, Terry Wade, Libby Wahl, Melissa Waterworth and Dan Yeoman.
This team was nominated as part of a libraries-wide initiative. They have tested processes, reviewed instructions, provided input and made suggestions. Through their collaboration, they have increased communication, developed cooperation, and created a united ‘team’ environment.

Dean's Distinguished Award — Jim Mullins


2017 PULSE Award

Samantha BrownSamantha Brown is a senior from Rossville, Indiana, majoring in History and minoring in American Studies, Women’s Studies, and LGBT Studies. She has worked for three semesters in Metadata Services and as an assistant to Meredith Gozo on a special project transferring books from circulating collections to Archives and Special Collections. Samantha has been accepted to graduate school and plans to pursue a degree in Library and Information Science after she graduates from Purdue. Meredith says, “Sam is a very dedicated worker who has a passion for libraries, rare books, and preservation. She has demonstrated remarkable initiative in her work here, is very bright, and has been an integral part of the successes we have had collecting materials of value from the libraries. Those who know her will miss the skills she brings to the table and her shining personality.”

“I am deeply honored to be receiving a PULSE award. Working in the Purdue Libraries these past few semesters has not only given me invaluable work experience, but allowed me to fall even more in love with my future career. I am finally looking forward to my future in Library Science instead of fearing the unknown that the future holds. I could not have done it without the amazing guidance I have received from the Purdue Libraries, especially from my supervisor Meredith Gozo. Thank you, Meredith, for all of your guidance and for giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams.”

Josh GrohJoshua Groh is a sophomore majoring in Finance Management and pursuing his passion for languages through coursework in Spanish, French, German and Mandarin Chinese. He plans to complete his undergraduate degrees by the end of his third year in preparation for Krannert’s 3+2 Combined Degree MBA Program. He is a native of Michigan having lived in Lafayette for six years. He has worked two semesters in Aviation Technology and Engineering Libraries. His supervisor, Frances Christman, said, “Joshua, like his brother Matthew (a 2016 PULSE recipient), are cut from the same cloth. Joshua is one of those students you want to keep and hope to keep throughout their undergraduate degree. He works well with patrons, volunteers to help with special projects and takes pride in the library. He is a joy to work with.”

 “I am so thankful to have received the PULSE Award. It has truly been an honor and a pleasure to contribute at the Aviation Technology Library, one of the hidden gems of the Purdue campus. With its invaluable aviation resources and genuine, considerate, and caring staff, I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity last spring to work in such a positive environment. I took on a position last summer at the Engineering Library as well, another positive environment where I learned the ins and outs of a large library in contrast with a small one.  The friendship, enjoyable conversations, and guidance of my AVTE supervisor, Frances Christman, have been much appreciated and made an already rewarding job even more so. I am so grateful for the variety of experiences, relationships and knowledge I have garnered while working for Purdue Libraries and look forward to making further contributions,” said Joshua.

Adam MillerAdam Miller is a junior majoring in Materials Science and Engineering from Valparaiso, Indiana. Lil Conarroe, one of his supervisors said, “Adam Miller has worked for the Physics Library for the last two years. He is extremely reliable and always helpful. He is friendly and personable with the patrons and fellow workers. I wish all my students were as diligent as Adam. He will be missed.” Becky Hunt, another supervisor, said “Adam has worked for me for the last three years, it has been a joy. He is a very hard worker, but also a very conscientious and caring young man. The first thing he always asks is ‘What do you have for me today?’ He and his twin brother, Aaron, have kept me hopping since they both work for me. They make me laugh when I really need it. Can’t ask for better than that. Thank you, Adam, for a wonderful three years.”

“Winning the PULSE award is a great honor that has made me so proud. The Chemistry Library has been like a second home to me throughout my time in college. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working under my supervisor, Becky Hunt. Over the years she has encouraged me to achieve greatness in my academic career and shown a sincere interest in my life. I am proud to call Becky not just a boss but a friend,” said Adam.

Heidi PrawatHeidi Prawat is a senior majoring in Psychological Sciences with a minor in Studio Art from Breman, Indiana. She has worked in the Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences Library for six semesters. Liz Lukens, her supervisor, said, “I am so glad to have Heidi on our roster of student workers. She is a hard worker and never complains. She has been ever so flexible and even though I haven’t been her supervisor the whole time she’s been working with us, she has really shown a great ability to do what is needed to keep PNHS functioning properly. We will miss her and wish her well on all her future endeavors!”

“I am so incredibly flattered and honored to receive the PULSE Award! This recognition from Purdue Libraries means the world to me. I have been at the library for quite some time and never thought I’d be recognized for my efforts — this is such a satisfying accomplishment. Working at the PNHS Library has given me a steady income, introduced me to splendid people and set me up for academic success. I would not trade this job for anything else and feel beyond blessed to have been a Libraries employee during my undergraduate years at Purdue. Thank you for selecting me to receive this award,” said Heidi.

Derek SchragDerek Schrag is in his senior year and will be receiving his degree in Computer Science. Born in Kansas but raised in Goshen, Indiana, Derek came to Purdue in the fall of 2013 and has been with Library IT since October 2014. Stephan Miller, his supervisor, said, “While here with Libraries IT, Derek has probably helped everyone in the Purdue Libraries with their IT issues. Because of that, Derek is known wherever he goes in the library system, and from the reports received, he is well liked. Derek will be graduating from Purdue this May and wants to have a career in software development. We wish him well!"

“The PULSE Awards are just another confirmation of something that I already knew — that the Purdue University Libraries is an environment that wants to help you and push you to succeed and I am immensely grateful to be one of the recipients of the PULSE Award on top of everything else the Libraries have already given me. When I first started looking for an on-campus job, I figured I'd end up finding another position that I'd hate going to but would be okay with because I'd be making money. Working with the IT Department has been so much more than a way to keep my bank account in the positive. I've gained new knowledge, new friends, supervisors who do as much as they can to make sure I'll be prepared when I graduate, and to receive this award as well is an honor that I can't express well enough. Thank you to Stephan, Lisa, Noel and the other staff in ITD, to my coworkers, and to all the Libraries staff and faculty for helping me through these three years,” said Derek.

Phil ShinPhil Shin is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering from Buffalo Grove, Illinois. He has worked for four semesters in the Physics Library. Lil Conarroe, Phil’s supervisor said, “I have been extremely happy with his dedication to Purdue Libraries and our future. He has filled in at several different locations when needed, including CHEM, EAPS (his first semester) and I think MATH once. The ability to walk into a strange location and work cohesively with the patrons is a talent to foster. Phil has always been a self-starter and his customer service skills are at the front of every encounter. I will miss him when I move, hopefully he will move with us or find another post within the libraries.”

“I am very grateful to have been chosen for a PULSE award. This scholarship will aid me in tackling the daunting amount of student debt I must face as a result of having to pay out-of-state tuition on my own. The opportunity to work within the Physics Library, as well as be a part of Purdue Libraries, has been truly invaluable. The position has given me a way to alleviate some of the financial burdens I face, and with the extra weight off my shoulders, I can fully embrace my aspirations and have more clarity and focus in my studies. I look forward to being a part of Purdue Libraries for my final two semesters at Purdue.“

2017 McCaw Scholarship

Santiago GarndlienardSantiago Grandlienard is a junior majoring in Visual Communications Design from West Lafayette, Indiana. He has been with Library IT since May 2013. Stephan Miller, his supervisor, said, “Santiago has worked on just about every computer in the library system and helped with almost every major computer project, and so Santiago’s face is known from VETM to PHAR and all points in-between.  Being so well known and well liked, leads to people requesting Santiago by name whenever they have computer issues that need taken care of.  We are lucky to have Santiago with us."

“It is an honor to be receiving the Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship in recognition of my work here in the Purdue Libraries. It is also an honor to work with such a great group of people, who have not only invested in my education but in my life as well. I love that each day a new challenge is presented which pushes me to new limits. Through the Libraries, many skills have been formed and developed that are invaluable to me. I am so grateful to work with an organization that has so graciously blessed me by also helping cover the costs of tuition. Working for the Purdue Libraries has been an amazing experience. And for that, I would like to thank everyone that has invested, even the slightest bit, in my growth here at Purdue,” said Santiago.

2017 Viton Scholarship

Kathryn RoeselKathryn Roesel is a junior in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences from Lafayette, Indiana. She has worked in Digital Programs for the last three years, including summer, and has scanned and post-processed some of our most notable projects such as Amnesty International and the Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Collection. Allen Bol, her supervisor, said “Kathryn can be depended on safely handling all of our complex projects that require a great attention to detail. Her knowledge and skills that she has developed over the last three years has made her an invaluable member of the Digital Programs unit.” 

“When I learned that I had received the Viton Scholarship, my first thought was what an honor it is to be part of so many interesting Digital Programs projects. Working in Digital Programs is a consistent part of my Purdue experience. I can’t imagine what my experience would look like without this great work opportunity. The skills I have gained, while working under the supervision of Allen Bol, have contributed to my ability to focus, prioritize and succeed academically. To know that my work over the past three years can be accessed by people around the world to support important research for years to come is very satisfying. I am greatly honored to receive this award,” said Kathryn.

2017 Earhart Scholarship

Courtney ColosimoCourtney Colosimo is a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering from Howard County, Maryland. Courtney is a 2017 Captain of Purdue’s Concrete Canoe team associated with the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, serves as an ambassador for the College of Engineering through the Purdue Student Engineering Foundation and volunteers to help the outreach staff of the Lyles School of Civil Engineering to expose prospective students to all that the Purdue Civil Engineering program offers. Courtney has played competitive fastpitch softball most of her life and has continued to play as part of a Purdue club team. While working an internship last summer, she acted as director of a large fastpitch youth softball tournament continuing to provide instruction to young developing softball players. This summer, she will be interning at a construction company to enrich her Purdue education. After Purdue, she hopes to work in the civil engineering field to create buildings and homes that function at high levels while using minimal amounts of energy. She has received the Harold E. Rein SAME, Anna Lee James Yao Civil Engineering and HY Tony Clark Civil Engineering scholarships.

“I am very grateful and excited to have been selected as a recipient of the Amelia Earhart Scholarship. The recognition and financial support from this scholarship are simply a gift to my family and I, for which we will always be grateful. Amelia Earhart once said, ‘Please know that I am quite aware of the hazards. I want to do it because I want to do it.’ I, like Amelia Earhart, am driven by my passions, undeterred by challenges and intend to make the world a better place,” said Courtney.

Izabela MazurIzabela Mazur is a Pharmacy student in the second year of the professional program. She was born in Poland and lived there for 13 years before moving to LaPorte, Indiana. Among her many activities, she has been a teaching assistant in the Leadership Learning Community, served as student director for Boilers in Action, vice-president of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Club, active in the Habitat for Humanity project, and interned at CVS Pharmacy.

“I love to volunteer and engage in leadership activities as well as all outdoor activities. I will always be ever grateful for all the skills Purdue has taught me and for the part that has enabled me to be a leader that I am proud of,” said Izabela.

Ashley NeubaumAshley Neubaum is a junior double majoring in Marketing and Management and minoring in Communications from Warsaw, Indiana. Ashley currently serves as the vice-president of the School of Management Employers Forum, as the director of Campus Involvement for Alpha Xi Delta and as a teaching assistant through the Student Success office. At Purdue, Ashley has cherished her time in a variety of leadership roles in different student organizations, with one of her favorite experiences being a team leader and then team supervisor for the Boiler Gold Rush new student orientation program. This last summer she studied abroad in London and then worked as a Digital Marketing Intern at Timberline Team Consulting. This upcoming summer, Ashley will be interning at Ford Motor Company's World Headquarters as a marketing intern; she is astounded by the many opportunities that she has been granted as a student at Purdue University.

"I am unbelievably grateful to be receiving the Amelia Earhart scholarship and incredibly thankful for the generous donations that made this opportunity possible. Amelia lived a life that set the world on fire and inspired so many after her — I can only hope to make a fraction of the impact that she was able to make in our world. Her dedication, confidence and relentless passion motivate me as I continue to grow professionally and personally. I aim to represent this distinguished honor with the utmost integrity as I move forward and complete my Boilermaker experience," said Ashley.

Kyle SchmidtKyle Schmidt is a senior majoring in Animal Sciences Pre-Veterinary Medicine with a minor in Biology from Noblesville, Indiana. Kyle is a project leader and volunteer in the Hamilton County 4-H program, where he was a 10-year member himself. Kyle recognizes the large impact that this program had on his life through developing his character, revealing to him skills that he enjoyed, and by equipping him with abilities to succeed. It is his desire to pay forward the investment that others made in him by seeking to invest in the next generation of youth. He is active in leadership in the Purdue Goat Club, and has organized a state-wide educational goat workshop for the past three years. Kyle is heavily involved in serving at his local church, Faith Church, has served at LARA and the Indiana Veteran's Home, and has spent five semesters in undergraduate research. Last summer, Kyle had an internship as an assistant cheesemaker and animal caretaker at Baetje Farms. Next fall, Kyle will be entering Purdue's Veterinary School, where he will pursue his goal of becoming a mixed animal veterinarian.

"I am incredibly honored to be selected as a recipient of the Amelia Earhart Scholarship. Amelia Earhart is such an inspiring role model to those with high aspirations through her ambition, focus and drive. It is my desire to imitate her exemplary character as I seek to invest in and encourage those in my life so that they are placed where they have the opportunity to succeed," said Kyle.

Claire WilsonClaire Wilson is a junior majoring in Health Sciences Pre-Professional, with a minor in Spanish and Biology from LaGrange Park, Illinois. She is an active member of Phi Mu and treasurer of the American Medical Student Association. Claire plans on attending medical school after graduating from Purdue and becoming a physician. She is interested in dermatology, pediatrics and helping patients in underserved areas.

 “I am incredibly honored to receive the Amelia Earhart scholarship,” said Claire.


Alexandra YuleAlexandra Yule is a junior in the College of Health and Human Sciences and a sophomore in the School of Nursing from Frankfort, Illinois. She has served in the Navy ROTC in a variety of leadership roles including company squad leader, battalion medical officer and company chief; is active in the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team as fundraiser chair and volunteers at Indiana Veteran’s Home interacting with the residents and staff.

“I am honored to receive this scholarship in recognition of all of my hard work and dedication to my studies and activities,” said Alexandra.


Sally Watlington, Captain, USN (Ret.) was honored on March 21 with the 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Women’s Archives Award at a reception celebrating the legacy of Purdue women and the preservation of Purdue history. Watlington has been instrumental in ensuring that the legacies of women, such as Dorothy Stratton, Helen Schleman, and many others, have been honored and preserved in the Women’s Archives. In doing so, the papers of these women, whose stories are integral to the overall history of Purdue, have been used by students, researchers and members of the community at large. Faculty who teach courses in women’s studies, history and the Honors College use these materials to chronicle and highlight women’s experiences at Purdue. Local historians and scholars across the world have used collections in the Women’s Archives to examine the impact women at Purdue have made on history at large. The donation of Watlington’s own papers to the Archives will set in motion a concerted effort to collect the papers of Purdue women who have forged successful careers in the military.


Most Interactive
LCSSAC Links: We Are Stronger Together
By Aimee McComb, Ann O’Donnell, Roger Strater, Liz Lukens, April Maybee and Dianna Deputy

Best Furthers Strategic Plan
GovDocs Transfer Project
By Audrey Grisham


Most Scholarly
Applicability of Data Curation Profiles to Exploring Product Data Management Needs in Industry
By Le Zhang, Mitchell S. Warren, Michael Witt

Most Innovative Idea
LCSSAC Links: We Are Stronger Together
By Aimee McComb, Ann O’Donnell, Roger Strater, Liz Lukens, April Maybee and Dianna Deputy

Made Me LOL
Social Media in the Libraries: What do Students Want?
By Heather Howard

Viewer’s Choice
What’s in a Box? Processing the Neil A. Armstrong Papers
By Mary Sego and Tracy Grimm

Most Creative
LCSSAC Links: We Are Stronger Together
By Aimee McComb, Ann O’Donnell, Roger Strater, Liz Lukens, April Maybee and Dianna Deputy

ADs’ Choice
LCSSAC Links: We Are Stronger Together
By Aimee McComb, Ann O’Donnell, Roger Strater, Liz Lukens, April Maybee and Dianna Deputy



Makiko Ueoka 2017The Purdue Libraries hosted Professor Makiko Ueoka, lecturer at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Teikyo University in Japan from March 17-21. Professor Ueoka received funding from the Japanese government to study the librarian’s role in educational improvement. She came to Purdue to learn more about IMPACT, to learn about how librarians became involved with course transformation, and to discuss information literacy in the United States.

While here, Professor Ueoka gave a fascinating presentation on academic libraries in Japan. Her slides are located in the “IL Research Symposia” folder on the S drive. They show photos and videos of very beautiful libraries! One of my favorites is the art library that was described as a “forest of books!”

I would like to thank all those in the Libraries who participated in the planning for her visit, and all who hosted her while she was here, in particular (alphabetically): Carly Dearborn, Michael Flierl, Rachel Fundator, Mandi Gramelspacher, Clarence Maybee, Aimee McComb and Jane Yatcilla.


Stop by HSSE Library before March 31 to see the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) Book, Jacket and Journal Show hosted by Purdue University Press. This traveling show displays the winners of a juried design competition between university presses in the association. Photo by Patrick Whalen.

Association of American University presses book jacket and journal show 2017






You will notice the use of these icons before the article that are symbolic of our Libraries strategic goals.

SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION: Libraries facilitate and enhance the continuum of the scholarly communication process.

GLOBAL CHALLENGES: Libraries faculty lead in international initiatives in information literacy, e-science, information access, data management and collaborate on Purdue's global initiatives.

LEARNING: Libraries faculty lead in information literacy and learning space implementation, research and scholarship.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Libraries staff working together to enhance the users experience, raise awareness of Purdue Libraries and recognize the continued learning and successes of our staff.







Improving Workplace Communication: Email
By Sharon Weiner

Email can be a fast, efficient way to ask questions, communicate decisions, or discuss issues. But there are pitfalls associated it. The website, “101 Email Etiquette Tips,” gives excellent advice about this. https://www.netmanners.com/e-mail-etiquette-tips/



Looking Down, Looking Out, and Looking Up: Maps and the Human Experience Reception
Archives and Special Collections
January 27-June 23
HSSE Library 4th floor

Libraries All Staff Meeting
April 19
2-3:30 p.m.
STEW 279


April 20
9-10:30 a.m.
STEW 279

Purdue Black Voices of Inspiration Choir
April 2
3 p.m.
Loeb Playhouse
General Public $7
Purdue Students $5



Maxi Kindling, Heinz Pampel, Michael Witt, et al. "The Landscape of Research Data Repositories in 2015: A re3data Analysis." D-Lib Magazine 23(3/4). https://doi.org/10.1045/march2017-kindling

David Hovde was on the task force of ALA'S Library History Round Table that established a new journal, Libraries: Culture, History and Society and serves as a member of the editorial board. The first issue has just been published. http://www.psupress.org/Journals/

Michael Witt is a co-PI on the Big Idea Challenge award with Nate Hartman, “Realizing Next-Generation Smart Manufacturing.”

Donna L. Ferullo presented “© and Publishing: What Graduate Students Need to Know,” to graduates in the Responsible Conduct of Research workshop series (RCR) at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN on March 2, 2017.

Donna L. Ferullo presented “© and Visual Arts,” to Professor Erlewine’s AD499 Class, Studio Arts Professional Practice/Senior Exhibition, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN on March 3, 2017.



WBAA, March 1
WBAA Arts Spotlight: Purdue Archives and Special Collections
Adriana Harmeyer

Purdue Today, March 13
Appointments, honors and activities
Clarence Maybee



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