Software: Access, Download, and Support

ChemOffice Professional/ChemDraw

The Purdue Libraries provide a campus-wide license for ChemOffice Professional (which includes ChemDraw). This means anyone at Purdue, whether faculty, staff, or student, can legally download their own personal copy of ChemOffice Professional and install it on their machine, at work and at home. Here are the steps for downloading and installing the latest software:

  • Visit
  • Email Authentication
    • Enter your valid or email address.
    • Only emails with valid domains have access to our site license.
  • Account Verification
    • Click "Continue" on account verification screen.
  • CambridgeSoft User Account
    • Sign up for a new CambridgeSoft (CS) User Account or login to an existing account.
    • If you have an existing CS User Account, email confirmations will be sent to your email and not the address of the existing account
    • Account registration is required to access the software download
  • Download Software
    • Download the software and manual after registration is complete ( Note that there are versions for PC and Macintosh .)
    • An email will be sent with instructions to activate the software
    • With all of campus now eligible to download the software, it can take a while to download, so please be patient
  • Activate your software
    • When you start installing ChewDraw, you will be asked to Activate. If you wish to activate at a later time, you can choose to "Activate Later."
    • To activate the software, you will need the serial number assigned to you. Login to your CambridgeSoft account and choose "My Downloads" on the right side. There you can get either the PC or Mac serials numbers. If you have trouble locating your serial number, please contact the Chemistry Library.

Frequently asked questions about installation and activation of ChemBioDraw can be found at:

Other frequently asked questions about the site license can be found at:

EndNote and EndNote Web

Purdue does not have a site license to EndNote for personal use. However, one can register for a free EndNote Web account (you must initially create your account from on campus).

You may purchase a personal copy of the latest version of EndNote from the OnTheHub.

The Libraries offer basic and advanced support for EndNote and EndNote Web.

MestRe Nova (MNova)

MestRe Nova is a software package used for NMR data processing, simulation and analysis. It features 1D and 2D processing and analysis capabilities. It also includes a GC/MS module and an NMR Prediction module.

The Purdue Libraries has a campus license for MestRe Nova for Purdue faculty, staff, and students, who have a legitimate use.

Instructions for downloading and installing MestRe Nova (MNova):

  1. Go to the following web site and download the version you require:
  2. Install the program. When you install Mestrenova, it is highly suggested you do a custom installation and only install the following plugins:
  • NMR Plugin
  • Modgraph NMRPredict Desktop Plugin
  • Mass Plugin
  • Verify Plugin
  • DO NOT install the DB (Database) Plugin
  • Request a license file from the Chemistry Library. Please state your status (undegrad, grad, faculty, or staff), department, and a brief reason for wanting to use MestRe Nova.
  • Follow the instructions given in this PDF to activate the program using the license (.lic) file you receive.
  • Support for MestRe Nova:


    The Purdue University has obtained a site license for use of the molecular graphics program PyMOL.

    You may download the software from the following page:

    Note: you must access this page from a computer on the Purdue network or via the VPN. Extensive documentation, tutorials, cheat sheets, and support can also be found at the above page.