Open Access at Purdue

Open Access @ Purdue

Open Access(OA) describes the online, free public access to scholarly literature. Until very recently this has been only available to the reader through subscriptions or affiliation with an institution that pays subscription fees. Open Access changes all of that by providing immediate, free, global access to scholarly works.



Replication Crisis 2.0: How Far Have We Come and How Far Do We Need To Go
Dr. Brent Roberts

Open Science to the Rescue: The Practice, Culture, and Future of Open Science in the Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Fred Oswald

Open Access Publishing

Purdue Libraries supports many facets of Open Access, actively working to increase visibility and wider access to Purdue scholarship. Purdue authors who publish their research in the wide range of journals included as part of these Open Access publishing partnerships may now include an open access option for their articles, at no cost to themselves. OA Publishing.

Author Rights

Information for authors about their copyright related to open sharing and working with publishers for better dissemination of their work. Author Rights.

Benefits of OA @Purdue

In-depth description of the benefits of open access - benefits to the individual scholars who choose to share his/her work, as well as to Purdue, the citizens of Indiana and globally. View Benefits.

Data Publishing

Information for authors on data management planning and data publishing. Research Data.

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