Open Access at Purdue

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Open Access @ Purdue
Open Access(OA) describes the online, free-to-register, public access to the scholarly journal literature (in particular) that has until very recently been only available to the reader through subscriptions or affiliation with an institution that pays subscription fees. Such "subscription-only" access significantly reduces the possible dissemination, impact, and engagement between scholar, funding institutions, and the public that ultimately funds the research endeavor. Open Access changes all that.

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Author Rights

Information for authors about their copyright related to open sharing and working with publishers for better dissemination of their work. Go to Author Rights

OA for Graduate Students

Resources and information for graduate students about open access. Go to OA for Graduate Students

OA Publishing

Text for Publishing Go to OA Publishing

FAQs on Open Access

Brief questions and answers commonly asked about open access are answered here. View FAQs

OA in Context

Learn more about open access efforts and impact locally, including the January 2012 Purdue University Senate recommendation on open access, and the national/international context of the scholarly communication system. Go to OA in Context.

Benefits of OA @Purdue

In-depth description of the benefits of open access - benefits to the individual scholars who choose to share his/her work, as well as to Purdue, the citizens of Indiana and globally. View Benefits.

OA Glossary

Glossary of terms often used by those advancing open access principles as well as those engaged in making their work publicly accessible. View Glossary.