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Open Access @ Purdue

On this page you will find links and descriptions to related websites to OA @ Purdue that may have additional resources and useful information to what one may find on OA @ Purdue.

Purdue e-Pubs
Purdue e-Pubs is the digital document institutional repository including e-books, papers, reports, dissertations, journal articles, and other documents by Purdue authors. Purdue e-Pubs is a repository for Purdue faculty, staff, and student publications, and provides online publishing support for the Purdue community.

The Purdue University Research Repository (PURR)
PURR is the institutional data repository at Purdue and provides an online, collaborative working space and data-sharing platform to support the data management needs of Purdue researchers and their collaborators.

Scholarly Communication at Purdue
Increasingly Purdue users are in need of additional services relating to scholarly communication, from the beginning of the scholarly communication cycle (for example, data management and data curation) through publishing and dissemination (open access repositories and journals), and Purdue Libraries can assist in these areas. This page directs users to the various scholarly communication resources available through the Purdue Libraries.

Purdue Library Publishing
The publishing division of Purdue Libraries unites Purdue University Press with Purdue e-Pubs/Scholarly Publishing Services. It is dedicated to enhancing the impact and extending the reach of Purdue research and scholarship through the development of books, journals, digital collections, technical report series, conference proceedings, and other innovative electronic products.

Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)
SPARC is an international alliance of libraries working to change the scholarly system.

Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI)
The Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI) brings together representatives from North American universities with established faculty open access policies and those in the process of developing such policies.

Open Access Now
Open Access Now is a team-managed, one stop source for news, policy and current writing about open access and scholarly communication and is managed by the members of the Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions.