Student Engineering Education Pubs

The Engineering Education Graduate Student Publication Series ( includes journal articles, conference papers, and reviewed abstracts of posters and presentations where graduate students from the Engineering Education program at Purdue University are listed as first author. The School of Engineering Education was founded as a department in 2004 and is the first dedicated academic department in engineering education in the nation. The first graduate students (11 total) were admitted to the program in fall 2005.

This PhD program provides not only rigorous research capabilities for investigating how engineering is best learned and taught, but also interconnects with Purdue’s First-Year Engineering and Interdisciplinary Engineering programs so that new pedagogy can be implemented with our own undergraduate students, who in turn spark research questions among our faculty and graduate students.

Since then, these doctoral students have shared their insights on the value of Rube Goldberg contests, team-based project learning, teaching assistantships, and other activities integral to the undergraduate engineering learning experience in various conferences and publications. Purdue’s ePubs ensures that this data and experience is not only disseminated worldwide, but also maintained here at Purdue, where it can have a direct impact on the quality of learning experienced by Purdue Engineering students.