Building Construction Handbooks

Purdue’s Department of Building Construction Management has over 60 years of history on Purdue’s central and regional campuses. It’s one of the top programs in the nation, and more than 250 alumni have become presidents, vice-presidents, CEOs, and owners of construction firms across the U.S. This program has long been at the forefront of education in its field, preparing students for professional positions in all aspects of construction.

The Press is proud to support this innovative and longstanding program with the publication of Building Construction handbooks written by Purdue faculty and industry experts.

Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management, by Richard J. Diven and Mark Shaurette

Created in partnership with the National Demolition Association, Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management is written specifically with students of construction management and engineering in mind, although it will also be an invaluable reference resource for anyone involved in demolition projects. Since demolition has become such a central part of construction management, this audience includes practicing architects and engineers, general contractors, building and manufacturing facility owners, as well as government officials and regulators.

Disaster Recovery Project Management: Bringing Order from Chaos, by Randy R. Rapp

The scope of disasters ranges from man-made emergency to natural calamity, from a kitchen grease fire to a hurricane or volcanic eruption. It may be just one house that is destroyed, or perhaps a whole infrastructure system is threatened. While each type of event requires a very different scale and type of immediate response, the project management challenges that face restoration and reconstruction professionals after the emergency phase is complete are remarkably similar. Using insights acquired through decades of real-world experience, as well as from his academic research and teaching responsibilities, the author explains pertinent requirements and methods for the contractors and other professionals who bring order from chaos.

Construction Site Planning and Logistical Operations: Site-Focused Management for Builders, by Brad Benhart and Randy R. Rapp

This forthcoming title teaches muddy boots, site-level planning and operational management-especially how to organize the site and administer site processes to get the right resources to the right place timely and with maximum profitability. The book explains site-related activities from bidding to project closeout. Observations about leadership imperatives and techniques are included. Beyond only broad project managerial processes and practices, the book comprises such technical and operational issues as temporary soils and drainage structures, common equipment, and logistics. The book is strongly focused on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are mastered by successful construction project superintendents.