Affordable Textbooks at Purdue

This program provides funding and support (editing, graphics, etc.) to instructors interested in providing affordable, innovative eTexts or Open Educational Resources (OERs) for Purdue students. OERs are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes.

According to the College Board, students spend an average of $1,200 per year on text materials for their classes. Digital technologies offer an opportunity for reducing costs and improving the student experience. The Purdue University Libraries Publishing Division and ITaP's Innovations in Technology and Learning team are actively working on an affordable textbook pilot, which is part of a broader textbook affordability initiative involving the Registrar's Office, ITaP, Purdue Libraries and Press, the Treasurer's Office, and the Provost's Office. The pilot is intended to explore options such as free and low-priced text as well as OERs as alternatives to commercial textbooks.

Skyepack and Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) have been chosen as the digital delivery platform options for faculty members to host pilot eTexts and OERs.

Mission Statement

We provide affordable and innovative online alternatives to the traditional textbook. Participating faculty members are given a stipend, copyediting services, graphical development, support for Open Educational Resources adoption, instructional design assistance, and investigation of homework system replacement.

Participating Faculty and Courses

Author/Course Title Status
Browning/POL 411 The Televised Congress Available Now on Skyepack: 978-1-62671-021-4
Chandramouli/CGT 241 Introduction to 3D Animation Available Now on Skyepack: 978-1-62671-022-1
Chezem/YDAE 491 Science, Ethics, and Justice Available Now on Amazon
Day/HTM 399 Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel Available Now on Amazon
Faris/COM 325 A Concise Guide to Interviewing Available Now on Skyepack: 978-1-62671-027-6
Herrick/ECET 177/ECET 224 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics: Principles and Applications Available Now on Skyepack: 978-1-62671-056-6
Hollich/PSY 235 Child Psychology: A Primer Available Now on Amazon
Morgan/COM 217 Effective Presentations for STEM Available Now on Skyepack: 978-1-62671-031-3
Osman/COM 332 Introduction to Television Production Available Now on Amazon
Piller/ECET 30201 and MET 284 Introduction to Mechatronics and Industrial Controls Available Now on Amazon
Sydnor/HTM 499 Feasibility Studies and Business Development in Hospitality and Tourism Management Available Now on Skyepack: 978-1-62671-060-3
Vickers/AD 225 Workbook for Art Appreciation: Exercises in Understanding Art Concepts and Theory Available Now on Amazon
Wankat/ENE 685 and CHE 697 Teaching Engineering Available Now
Wenthold/CHM 261 Organic Chemistry for Chemical Engineers Available Now on Skyepack: 978-1-62671-061-0
Woods/POL 235 Rich and Poor Nations: An Introduction to International Political Economy Available Now on Skyepack: 978-1-62671-059-7


Visit the Skyepack FAQ for any questions about using the Skyepack platform.
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