Who are We?

By combining the traditional strengths of publishers and librarians and sharing skills as well as infrastructure, the publishing division of Purdue Libraries has extended its capacity to provide a rich array of services to Purdue faculty, staff, and students. Meet our staff here.

Sales and Marketing Manager / Interim co-Director

Bryan Shaffer
Bryan ShafferTel: (765) 494-8428
 E-mail: bshaffer@purdue.edu

Bryan is in charge of everything that happens after a book has been edited and typeset, or a journal has been printed. This includes the manufacturing, e-book conversion, distribution, and marketing. His responsibilities increasingly extend to applying his skills to making sure the products of Scholarly Publishing Services are widely disseminated and discoverable.


Managing Editor / Interim co-Director

Katherine Purple
Katherine PurpleTel: (765) 494-6259 
E-mail: kpurple@purdue.edu

Katherine is in charge of the processes that happen after manuscripts have been submitted by an author; copyediting, typesetting, design, and increasingly XML conversion. She works on books and journals, functionally supervising others as well as working on these processes herself. She has several responsibilities in regard to Scholarly Publishing Services, including a particular focus on helping Open Access journals find sustainability models.


Scholarly Repository Specialist

David Scherer
Dave SchererTel: (765) 494-8511 
E-mail: dscherer@purdue.edu

Dave is a trained Librarian and Archivist who is in charge of the Purdue e-Pubs online publishing platform and Purdue research collection. He is an advocate around the University for Scholarly Publishing Services, and provides support for faculty, staff, and student projects ranging from online conference proceedings to electronic theses and dissertations


Production Editor

Kelley Kimm
Kelley KimmTel: (765) 494-8024
E-mail: kkimm@purdue.edu

Kelley is half employed by the Press and half by the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP). Her JTRP responsibilities include the management of both review and production processes for around 20-30 technical reports per year. For the Press she works mainly on books, both copyediting and typesetting volumes. She was previously employed by Elsevier's health sciences books division.


Production Editor

Dianna Gilroy
Dianna GilroyTel: (765) 494-2035
E-mail: dianna@purdue.edu

Dianna devotes half her time to being Managing Editor for Shofar, the interdisciplinary journal of Jewish studies. Her work for the Press includes the copyediting and typesetting of volumes in the Shofar Supplements in Jewish Studies, Comparative Cultural Studies, and Central European Studies series. Before taking her full-time position in July 2012, she previously worked as a graduate research assistant for the Press.

Digital Repository Specialist

Marcy Wilhelm-South
Marcy Wilhelm-SouthTel: (765) 494-6311
E-mail: wilhelms@purdue.edu

Marcy devotes most of her time to HABRI Central, the disciplinary repository for human-animal bond studies, but also works with authors whose work is made available through Purdue e-Pubs. She is a trained librarian and scholarly communication specialist who previously worked at Butler University in Indianapolis.


Administrative Assistant

Becki Corbin
Becki CorbinTel: (765) 494-8144
E-mail: rlcorbin@purdue.edu

Becki is the first point of contact for prospective authors/general inquiries. She manages the peer review and contract process for books. She also assists with marketing, processes royalty reports, and is the liaison with the Business Office. In general, she supports the administrative operations of the Press and Scholarly Publishing Services. She also serves as secretary to the Editorial Board, organizing their meetings and taking minutes.


Communications Assistant

Heidi BranhamHeidi Branham
E-mail: cohenh@purdue.edu

Heidi graduated in 2013 from Purdue University with degrees in Visual Communications Design (VCD) and Art History. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Public Relations at Purdue and works part-time as a graduate assistant for the Libraries. She designs covers, leaflets, posters, and other publicity and works on multimedia projects.


Editorial Assistant

Jennifer Lynch
Tel: (765) 494-4943Jennifer Lynch
E-mail: lynch23@purdue.edu

Jennifer graduated in 2012 from Purdue with a degree in English literature. She works with the Press and Scholarly Publishing Services to develop and improve journal and conference proceedings publishing products.



E-mail: pupress@purdue.edu


Director of Financial Affairs

Heather OakleyHeather Oakley
Tel: (765) 494-2895
E-mail: hoakley@purdue.edu

Heather overseas the Libraries Business Office and supports the Press and Scholarly Publishing Services in all financial matters.


Director of Strategic Communication

Shannon WalkerShannon Walker
Tel: (765) 496-9610
E-mail: walker81@purdue.edu

Shannon supports the Press and Scholarly Publishing Services in the creation of project announcements and collaborative projects throughout the Libraries and across the University.


Director of Advancement

Currently Vacant
Tel: (765)

Supports the Press and Scholarly Publishing Services by creating new and strengthening existing relationships with donors and assists in a variety of author events on-campus.


Director of Information Technology

Lisa Purvis Lisa Purvis
Tel: (765) 494-2888
E-mail: lisa@purdue.edu

Lisa overseas the Libraries Information Technology Department which provides full technology support to the Press and Scholarly Publishing Services.


HR Associate

Carole TolleyCarole Tolley
Tel: (765) 494-2899
E-mail: tolleyc@purdue.edu

Carole provides assistance in filling open positions for staff and student workers/interns at the Press and Scholarly Publishing Services.