Course assignments which require students to find and use materials build information literacy skills. However, assignments with incorrect titles or locations for important resources are frustrating to students.

Library staff can assist in the review of assignments to check full titles, current holdings, locations, etc. Faculty and staff members who give the Libraries advance information about an assignment find that the Libraries staff is better able to guide students to their desired learning outcomes.

The CORE Research Tutorial may also be used, in full or in part, as an assignment in your classes. The tutorial is designed to be flexible, so that it may be used in a way that is most appropriate for your learning objectives. It is comprised of several modules, representing the steps of the research process, with interactive exercises and quizzes.

Librarians provide linkable web guides for citation styles and criteria for the evaluation of information. Feel free toadd them to your class web pages. If you have additional needs in this area, please contact your Libraries representative.

Librarians can be your consultants to develop course-related research guides tailored to the subject of your course. Check the web pages of the various subject and departmental Libraries for useful guides.