In-Class Sessions

To support individual assignments or special needs, librarians can teach individual or multiple class sessions tailored to your course objectives. Topics may range from general concepts of library research in today's environment to the importance and use of specific tools.

Optimum learning takes place when the course instructor reinforces the importance of information literacy skills, when instruction is directly related to the course work, and a project or other learning activity is a required component. Discussing your particular needs for information literacy instruction will assist the librarian in recommending appropriate time allocations to assure that students learn most effectively from the experience. Please speak with your Libraries representative to discuss how we can help to meet your students' learning objectives.

Many of the Libraries resources are accessed electronically, therefore, a classroom with Internet connections may be required. The Libraries Electronic Classroom may be scheduled (via your Libraries representative), or you may wish to schedule an ITaP lab. Other arrangements may be possible if these options are not available; please speak with your Libraries representative.

Individualized Instruction / Research Project Advisory Service

The reference desk in any library is a good place for students to begin their research or get help with a specific resource. Individualized assistance by a professional librarian in locating and evaluating information sources for class papers and other projects is available through the Research Project Advisory Service. Students can make appointments at the Reference Desk in the Undergraduate Library, by calling 49-46733, or online. For those needing guidance in the use of specific subject-related information resources, contact the appropriate subject/departmental librarian.