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Copyright Office

Welcome to the University Copyright Office (UCO). The role of the UCO is to provide information and guidance on using copyrighted works for teaching and research, as well as advising on the creation of copyrighted works to Purdue University faculty, staff and students.

The Big Questions

Most visitors to our site come with one of the following questions in mind. Here, you'll find the resources to help answer these popular questions.

Can I use it?

You can use a work when it qualifies as fair use, or in some instructional settings. Learn more about these exceptions by visiting the pages linked here.

Do I own it?

While most people own copyrights, not everything you create is yours. Use the links below to learn more about copyright ownership and management.

We're Here to Help

Do you have a question about using a copyrighted work in the classroom or for your research? Do you want to know more about what rights you have to works that you create? Please contact us to find out more about copyright.
Learn more about who we are.

In Person Consultation

The UCO is located in Stewart Center, Rm. 267B. Please call us at 765.496.3864 or email copyright@purdue.edu to set up an appointment.

Virtual Consultation

We can meet virtually through Zoom, WebEx or Teams to discuss your copyright questions or concerns. Please email copyright@purdue.edu to set up the consultation.


We offer workshops to departments, schools, colleges and groups on general copyright. The workshops can also be customized to address the specific needs of your area. Please contact us at copyright@purdue.edu to request this service.

Guest Lectures

The UCO welcomes opportunities to participate in courses as a guest lecturer. In consultation with the instructor, content can be developed to help students develop copyright critical thinking skills. Email us at copyright@purdue.edu to schedule.

Learn More About Copyright

The basics of copyright are universally applicable, but those in certain roles within the university may find some of its implications more relevant to their day-to-day work than others.

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Copyright Basics

Provides information on the fundamentals of copyright including copyrightability, exclusive rights and the public domain.

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For Researchers

Learn about the options when using copyrighted works to create new works such as articles, presentations, videos, blog posts and other forms of communication. Discover ways to manage your own copyrights.

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For Instructors

Develop strategies for using copyrighted works in a face-to-face classroom and for remote learning. Understand the different requirements between in person teaching and virtual instruction.

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Copyright at Purdue

Purdue has designated an agent to receive notifications of alleged copyright infringement on the purdue.edu domain. Please report any alleged infringement to the agent.

Reporting Alleged Copyright Infringement

All requests for permission to use a Purdue owned copyrighted work should be directed to the Office Of Legal Counsel.