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"When in doubt, throw it out!"


Vicki KillionSome of our colleagues, especially the selectors and Information Resources Council have heard this from me many times. As a health sciences librarian for over thirty years, the task of rightsizing, de-acquisitioning or weeding was a relatively easy task. Access to current medical information is critical to improving a person’s health. The longer a drug is marketed and prescribed to a larger population than what was included in clinical trials, the more we learn about its safety and efficacy. New medical devices and surgical procedures continually replace previously approved treatments. Information published five years ago could be incorrect, inadequate or irrelevant.

Surprisingly, the rightsizing decisions for the Wilmeth Active Learning Center (WALC) library have not been as easily made as what one would expect based on my (sometimes) facetiously spoken battle cry. Despite the assurances of perpetual access to journals or copies of books readily available at other university libraries, many of which may be facing the same situation we are, making decisions on collections supporting two of the oldest programs at Purdue, pharmacy (130+ years) and agriculture (140+ years), occupies my time and thoughts more than anticipated. After analyzing usage reports, CIC holdings, WorldCat records, obligations to preserving Purdue/Indiana history and fulfilling the land grant university mission — sometimes the doubt remains and the decision is like that multiple choice question that elicits more questions than one possible answer:

A. WALC Library
B. withdraw
C. transfer
D. C but not A — then where?

Luckily, I am not the only one making these decisions. The Health and Life Sciences subject specialists have and will continue to review lists of titles, series, serials and documents generated by Sue Ward, et al. Moving into the WALC library is not just a HLS or PSET project. It is a Libraries project. This entire process from initial report generation to moving materials involves library staff and faculty from almost every unit or division.

As we prepare 2016 annual goals, many of us (me included) should be able to track at least one goal to the WALC Science and Engineering Library project. For me, my motto will need to change to: “when in doubt, make the best decision possible.” And the deadline is before fall semester 2017 begins.




Researchers from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information at Nanyang Technological University have conducted a study analyzing the publishing trends of information literacy scholarship. Their team examined a total of 1,989 records from Scopus bibliographic database between 2003 and 2012. The information literacy research conducted by faculty and staff at Purdue University Libraries is featured very prominently in the results of this review. Michael Fosmire, professor and Head of PSET Division, is identified as a prolific author, having published eight or more articles during this period of time. A 2006 article by Clarence Maybee, Information Literacy Specialist, was one of the most highly cited articles during the period covered in the review. Most notably, Purdue Libraries are on the top ten list of institutions with authors producing publications on information literacy. Correcting for different ways that affiliations are listed in Scopus, we are the number one producer of information literacy publications in the world! Reflective of our important contribution to information literacy education, this is a tremendous accomplishment of which we should all be very proud.

The full-text of the article is available from the Nanyang Technological University institutional repository.



This past semester, Purdue University Libraries launched its 3rd annual “Why I Love Purdue Libraries” video contest and finalized winners right before winter break. The contest was open to all current, enrolled Purdue University students. All video entries had to follow specific rules and guidelines and be 1-3 minutes in length. Winners were selected by the Undergraduate Student Libraries Advisory Council (USLAC) and winners were finalized by Libraries associate deans, director of strategic communication and the Dean of Libraries.

The 2015 winners are as follows:

First Place ($1,000)
Tre’ Bennett, computer graphics technology (2017) https://www.lib.purdue.edu/videoWinner2015

Second Place ($750)
Matt Goldstein, business management (2017) and Zach Riddle, mass communication (2017) https://youtu.be/YZ0RuMOAlP4

Third Place ($500)
Andrew Fan, Mechanical Engineering (2016) https://youtu.be/uGKYzH_SkJE
— and —
Chi Vo, management and marketing (2017) and Valerie Li (2017) https://youtu.be/WocD5-79_DE

Contest finalist and/or award winners will be featured on the Purdue Libraries website and communication channels and all awards will be distributed through Purdue University Financial Aid Division.

2015 Why I love Purdue Libraries video contest winners

2015 Purdue Libraries Video Contest winners joined Dean of Libraries Jim Mullins and Purdue Federal Credit Union (PFCU) Vice President Jeff Love for a special presentation of their awards. The 2015 Purdue Libraries Video Contest was supported by Purdue Federal Credit Union.




Indiana Historical Centennial Exhibit 2016The Hicks Undergraduate Library at Purdue University will be hosting the Indiana Historical Society (IHS) exhibition, “The Hoosier Centennial: A Look Back at the 1916 Celebration” January 6–31, 2016. The exhibition was part of the Society’s effort to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Hoosier statehood, which was celebrated in 1991. Indiana became the 19th state on December 11, 1816. The statewide centennial celebration in 1916 would prove to have a lasting effect on Indiana, including the establishment of the first state parks, the production of lavish historical pageants and steps toward an improved road system.

A private, nonprofit membership organization, IHS maintains the nation’s premier research library and archives on the history of Indiana and the Old Northwest and presents a unique set of visitor experiences called the Indiana Experience. IHS also provides support and assistance to local museums and historical groups; publishes books and periodicals; sponsors teacher workshops; produces and hosts art exhibitions, Museum Theater and outside performance groups; and provides youth, adult and family programs. For more information, please visit their website at www.indianahistory.org.

In addition to the exhibit, the library is hosting the presentation “Battery B on the North Shore of Hell” by Professor David Hovde:

The Purdue University Military Science program from 1874 to World War I will be discussed, with an emphasis on Battery B. This unit was the only Purdue military unit that was actually called into service by the President of the United States. In 1916 President Wilson, in response to incursions by Mexican guerrilla bands into New Mexico and Texas, called up National Guard units throughout the country to guard the border between Mexico and the United States. Battery B was a unit within the Indiana National Guard. How and why they came to be in the National Guard is an intriguing story.

The presentation will be held in Hicks Undergraduate Library, Room G980D on January 20 at 7 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. The exhibition and presentation are free and open to the public.

If you have any questions about the display or presentations, please contact Ann O’Donnell at atodonne@purdue.edu or 49-61498.




In accordance with the Libraries Clerical Service Staff Advisory Committee's (LCSSAC) By-laws, Section I. Purposes and Responsibilities of the Committee, the LCSSAC Link Letter is a communications tool that provides clerical and service staff of the Libraries with a means of representative participation and communication.

The LCSSAC Link Letter is confidential. It is sent to the LCSSAC Chairperson (see Roles & Responsibilities) who delivers the letter without identifying the author by removing the sender's info/identity prior to delivery to LCSSAC.

The LCSSAC group at the next scheduled meeting discusses the subject and the content, but not the identity and determines who in Libraries Administration should receive the letter for further action and response.

Send LCSSAC Link Letter to: go.lib.purdue.edu/LCSSAC/Linkletter

LCSSAC Members
District 1: Cheryl Oliver, Vice Chair csmith68@purdue.edu
District 2: Dan Rotello drotello@purdue.edu
District 3: Ann O’Donnell, Web Assistant atodonne@purdue.edu
District 4: Dianna Deputy, Chair deputyd@purdue.edu
District 5: Roger Strater, Secretary hawken@purdue.edu
District 6 April Maybee amaybee@purdue.edu

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2016 INSIDe Publication Dates
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Sarah EckhartSarah Eckhart’s name was randomly drawn from all those who were SMILED upon in December. She received a $25 Von’s Book Shop gift certificate.

All faculty, administration and staff are invited to send a note of appreciation for a kindness or thoughtfulness given, assistance provided to or by a Libraries, Press or Copyright Office colleague.

To learn more about how to participate in our SMILE Program, please visit and bookmark this page on the Libraries intranet: http://intranet.lib.purdue.edu/display/HR/SMILE+Program/



The walls are going up! Renovations continue in STEW 170 for the relocation of offices for the Data and Metadata and Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2) and the reconfiguration of the work space for Auxiliary Services. Completion date is set for sometime in April.

Stewart Center Room 170 renovations







You will notice the use of these icons before the article that are symbolic of our Libraries strategic goals.

SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION: Libraries facilitate and enhance the continuum of the scholarly communication process.

GLOBAL CHALLENGES: Libraries faculty lead in international initiatives in information literacy, e-science, information access, data management and collaborate on Purdue's global initiatives.

LEARNING: Libraries faculty lead in information literacy and learning space implementation, research and scholarship.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Libraries staff working together to enhance the users experience, raise awareness of Purdue Libraries and recognize the continued learning and successes of our staff.







Marjorie Boeckman is celebrating 20 years at Purdue.



Research Council has evaluated and awards a Research & Scholarship Support Grant to Ilana Stonebraker for travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, on June 8-10, 2016, to present Critical Business Information Literacy at the Library Instruction West.



Amanda Visconti was elected as an executive council officer for the international scholarly organization for the digital humanities, the ACH (Association for Computers and the Humanities), with service beginning at the next DH conference in 2016 through 2020.



"Battery B on the North Shore of Hell"
with David Hovde
January 20
7 p.m.
Room G980D
Hicks Undergraduate Library
Presented in conjunction with the IHS Exhibit.
Light refreshments will be served.
Free and open to the public.

Surfaces and Contours: Celebrating Aldo Giorgini's Contributions to Art and Space
Archives and Special Collections
HSSE Library 4th floor



Sharon A. Weiner “Setting the stage for success: Developing an orientation program for academic library faculty.” Library Leadership & Management 30(1):1-24.

Ilana Stonebraker “Measuring Usability in the Database Review Process: Results from a Pilot.” Journal of Library Innovation, 6(2), 2015.

Clarence Maybee and Lisa Zilinski “Data informed learning: a next phase data literacy framework for higher education.” ASIST '15 Proceedings of the 78th ASIS&T Annual Meeting: Information Science with Impact: Research in and for the Community. Article No. 108.

Lisa Zilinski, Amy Barton, Tao Zhang, Line Pouchard and Pete Pascuzzi,“Research Data Integration in the Purdue Libraries.” Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 42(2), 2015. https://www.asist.org/files/bulletin/dec-15/RDAP_All.pdf.



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