Employment Opportunities

Faculty Openings

No openings at this time

Management Professional Openings

No openings at this time

Administrative Professional Openings

Production Editor - Req. 21566

Senior Organizational Learning Specialist - Req. 21199

Knowledge Lab Manager - Req. 21181

Head of Access Services - Req. 20310

Senior Systems Engineer - Req. 19324

Web Application Developer - Req. 19341

Metadata Librarian - Req. 18592

Project Archivist for the Donald N. Heirman Papers - Req. 18382

Clerical Service Openings

Library Assistant (WALC evening) Req. 21562

Graduate Assistantships

If you are applying for a graduate assistantship, you don't need to fill out the application. Graduate students should send their resume to If there are positions available, the hiring managers will review applications and contact applicants directly.

Prospective Student Employees

Most of the student positions within Purdue Libraries are Federal Work-Study (FWS). This is a federally funded financial aid program designed to help students meet educational costs through the use of part-time employment. FWS students will be considered for employment at Libraries before students not on the FWS program. It is not impossible, but unlikely, that you will be hired if you are not part of the FWS program. A notable exception to the FWS preference is Libraries IT Helpdesk. Student workers for the Helpdesk are hired because of their IT skills not their FWS status.

It is important that you know if you have been awarded FWS as part of your financial aid package. That information can be found on your Financial Aid Award Letter or on the online Financial Aid Self Service system at If you are not a FWS student, you can still apply to Libraries. Just mark the appropriate box on the application form.

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