Call for Applications: Institute for Information Literacy at Purdue $4,000 Research Grants

The Institute for Information Literacy at Purdue

Society faces significant information challenges today, ranging from misinformation campaigns designed to confuse and disempower, to a lack of access to credible information that can have life-altering, disproportionate effects on different communities. Information Literacy researchers can make a positive difference in addressing these unwieldy challenges. The Institute for Information Literacy at Purdue brings together researchers, educators, and other stakeholders to investigate these information literacy challenges for the purpose of developing new information literacy models that enable people to successfully navigate today’s information environment.

Research Grant Opportunity

With generous funding from Bob and Judy Brady, the Institute for Information Literacy at Purdue invites applications for a two-year research funding program. The Institute will fund research projects that examine complex information challenges within select contexts and aim to develop or enhance information literacy models that enable people to successfully navigate and contribute to today’s information environment.

Who can apply?

The Institute will award five $4,000, two-year research grants to information literacy researchers, including current students or post-docs. Applications will be reviewed in July–August 2022. Funding will be awarded beginning in September 2022.

Funding priorities

Information literacy is interdisciplinary by nature. Projects that demonstrate a substantive collaboration between research from different fields (such as psychology or political science and information studies) will be prioritized for funding.

Program parameters and expectations

Projects should aim to inform the development or enhancement of an information literacy model or technique that supports individuals, communities, or organizations using information wisely. Funded researchers will have the opportunity to engage in scholarly dialog, exchange ideas and methods for advancing information literacy research, share their progress on their research, and receive feedback and advice from one another. In October 2022, the Institute will host a symposium at which the researchers may share their research-in-progress to a broader audience, and outline the new models or techniques developed from the research.

See the complete call for applications document for more details and priorities for funding.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit a written application for their proposed project consisting of the following:

  • A 2–3 page proposal completed with all elements of the supplied proposal template. These elements include: title, team members (including their expertise in subjects relevant to the proposed project), budget information, a statement of benefits for stakeholders, alignment with Institute research grant priorities, expected budget and justification, and references cited.
  • A 2-page CV for each project team member.

Successful proposals will clearly define the need to examine the particular information challenge in the proposed context and how they aim to carry out the research using an Institute grant. Submit your proposal using the template by emailing no later than Friday, July 15th.