Libraries Awards and Recipients

Joseph M. Dagnese Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to the Libraries

The award was established in memory of Joseph M. Dagnese, director of Purdue University Libraries from January 10, 1972 – January 27, 1989, to recognize professional, administrative, clerical, and service staff members who have made significant contributions to the routine and extraordinary functions of the Libraries of Purdue University. The first awards were presented in 1993 and to date 46 awards have been presented to well deserving staff members in memory of Joe's dedication to the Purdue Libraries and its staff.

Award Winners

1993 – Dot Lanzalotto & Cindy Smith
1994 – Brad Heiss & Karen Sue Long
1995 – Beverly Sanders & Candy Sheagley
1996 – Kathy Garner & Judy Roberts
1998 – Diana Grove & Alan Manifold
1999 – J. Dale Prince & Sharon Sturgeon
2000 – Noel Diaz & Cathy Kromer
2001 – Mary Anne Eldridge & Kathy Walters
2002 – Connie Farris & Dan Rotello
2003 – Angie Ewing & Suzanne Ward
2004 – Betty Brown & Mary Sego
2005 – Brenda Meagher & Lisa Purvis & Jill Smith
2006 – Taiana Kuntz & Amy Winks
2007 – Lori Bryant & Carolyn Dexter
2008 – Elaine Bahler & Dale White
2009 – Claire Alexander & Sandy Galloway
2010 – Kayla Gregory & Michael Solomon
2011 – Connie Richards & Stephanie Schmitz
2012 – RaeLynn Boes & Jill Stair
2013 – Teresa Brown & Lil Conarroe
2014 – Bonnie Douglas & Matt Riehle
2015 – Karen Field & Kathy Garner
2016 – Rachel Moore, Libby Wahl & Marcy Wihlem-South
2017 – Neal Harmeyer & Cheryl Sagendorf
2018 – Allen Bol & Dan Yeoman
2019 – Rachel Fundator

Dean's Award for Significant Advancement of a Libraries Strategic Initiative

This award was established by Libraries' Dean, James Mullins, in 2007 to recognize individuals from within the staff and faculty of the Purdue University Libraries, the Purdue Press and the University Copyright Office who have worked towards the advancement of a Libraries strategic initiative. Nominations for the award can be made across employee groups.

Award Winners

2007 – Sammie Morris
2008 – Cindy Smith & Michael Witt
2009 – Rebecca Richardson
2010 – Tomalee Doan & Bryan Shaffer
2011 – Mark Newton
2012 – Suzanne Ward
2013 – Vicki Killion
2014 – Jeremy Garritano
2015 – Kelley Kimm & David Scherer
2017 – Amanda Gill
2018 – Jacinda Laymon & Kendall Roark
2019 – Stephanie Schmitz

Dean's Award for Sustained and/or Outstanding Contribution to the Libraries

This award was established by Libraries' Dean, James Mullins in 2007 to recognize individuals from within the staff and faculty of the Purdue University Libraries, the Purdue Press and the University Copyright Office for outstanding and/or sustained contributions to the Libraries. Nominations for the Dean's Awards can be made across employee groups.

Award Winners

2007 – Lil Conarroe
2008 – Lucy Scian Allen
2009 – Jacob R. Carlson & Brad Heiss
2010 – Sharon Sturgeon
2011 – Linda Rose
2012 – Diana Grove & Monica Kirkwood
2013 – Vicki Killion & Dean Lingley
2014 – Teresa Balser & K. Sue Long
2015 – RaeLynn Boes & Annapurni Subramaniam
2016 – Katherine Purple
2017 – Candy Scott
2018 – Victoria Thomas
2019 – Clarence Maybee

Dean's Team Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Libraries, Press and Copyright Office

Formed in 2011 to recognize a team from within the staff and faculty of the Purdue University Libraries, Press and Copyright Office for outstanding contributions to moving the Libraries forward. Teams consist of three or more regular staff and/or faculty members that form a council, committee, task force, work group or other group formed for a specific purpose.

Award Winners

2011 – Data Management Plan Workshop Consulting Group: Marianne Bracke, Jacob Carlson, Megan Sapp Nelson
2011 – Orientation Committee: Marianne Bracke, Frances Christman, Mary Dugan, Wendy Kelly, Jane Yatcilla
2012 –Creation of the Informed Learning Studio Team: Dianna Deputy, Sandy Galloway, Brad Heiss, Rachel Moore, Dale White
2012 – HABRI Central Implementation Team: Debbie Maron, Gretchen Stephens, Jane Yatcilla
2013 – Advancement & Marketing Team: Elaine Bahler, Teresa Brown, Sandra Howarth, Kim Weldy
2013 – HSSE Re-purposing Team: Brenda Meagher, Candy Sheagley, Cindy Yeoman
2014 – Business Office Work Group: Joette Hutchcraft, April Maybee, Heather Oakley, Amy Storms
2015 – IMPACT Team: Michael Flierl, Catherine Fraser-Riehle, Nastasha Johnson, Clarence Maybee, Lawrence Mykytiuk, Maribeth Slebodnik, Amy Van Epps, Jane Yatcilla
2015 – Lynn Repository Team: Frances Christman, Lil Conarroe, Karen Fields, Sandy Galloway, Kathy Garner, Danielle Schiewer
2015 – Get A GRIP Task Force: Nastasha Johnson, Hal Kirkwood, Judy Nixon, Pete Pascuzzi, Dave Scherer, Maribeth Slebodnik
2016 – Job Description Update Team: RaeLynn Boes, Amanda Gill, Cliff Harrison, Monica Kirkwood, Diana Grove, Amy Winks, Tracy Grimm
2017 – Clerical and Service Staff Rightsizing Team: Lori Bryant, Lil Conarroe, Diana Deputy, Karen Fields, Sandy Galloway, Lu Ann Gooden, Audrey Grisham, Rhonda Haan, Becky Hunt, Jacinda Laymon, Sue Long, Liz Lukens, Robin Meher, Rachel Moore, Tonya Mull, Cheryl Oliver, Dan Rotello, Chelsie Schutte, Candy Sheagley, Donna Slone, Victoria Thomas, Terry Wade, Libby Wahl, Melissa Waterworth and Dan Yeoman
2018 – ArchivesSpace Implementation Team: Carly Dearborn, Noel Diaz, Karen Fields, Meredith Gozo, and Neal Harmeyer
2018 – Print Repository Team: Janna Bennet, LuAnn Gooden, Becky Hunt, Ethan Shepherd, and Melissa Waterworth
2019 – EZProxy Configuration File Clean-Up Team: Anna Subramaniam, Dean Lingley, Sue Long, Jill Stair, and April Maybee
2019 – Purdue University Press Interim Co-Director Team: Bryan Shaffer and Katherine Purple

Libraries Research Award

The Libraries Research Award was established in 2015 to recognize outstanding research or scholarship that substantially contributes to the field of library, archival and information science. It is awarded for an outstanding paper (s) or other resource that originated with or was led by a member of the Purdue Libraries faculty. Each spring the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) issues a call for nominations and the top three are shared with all Libraries faculty where they are invited to evaluate and comment on each nomination. The FAC will then consider responses and select the award recipient.

Award Winners

2015 – Clarence Maybee
2016 – Michael Witt
2017 – Sharon Weiner, Sammie Morris, Larry Mykytiuk
2018 – Nicole Kong & Megan Sapp-Nelson
2019 – Michael Flierl, Clarence Maybee, and Rachel Fundator

John H. Moriarty for Excellence in Library Service to Purdue University Faculty and Students

The award was established in 1982 to recognize outstanding service provided by members of Purdue University Libraries faculty. The award is named in honor of John H. Moriarty who served as the Director of Libraries from 1944-1970.

Award Winners

1982 – John Houkes
1983 – Marjorie Zumstein
1984 – Barbara Pinzelik
1985 – Laszlo Kovacs
1986 – Theodora Andrews
1987 – Richard Funkhouser
1988 – John Pinzelik
1989 – Judith Nixon
1990 – Priscilla Geahigan
1991 – Edwin D. Posey
1992 – Roberta Kramer
1993 – Gordon Law
1994 – Carl E. Snow
1996 – Judith M. Pask
1997 – D. Scott Brandt
1998 – Vicki J. Killion
1999 – Shelia R. Curl
2000 – Scott B. Mandernack
2001 – Robert S. Freeman
2002 – Alexius Smith Macklin
2003 – Harold P. Kirkwood
2004 – Michael J. Fosmire
2005 – Sarah A. Kelly
2006 – E. Stewart Saunders
2007 – Katherine M. Markee
2008 – Megan Sapp Nelson
2009 – Christopher P. Miller
2010 – Marianne Stowell Bracke
2011 – Maribeth Slebodnik & Amy Van Epps
2012 – Catherine Fraser Riehle
2013 – Charlotte Erdman
2014 – Suzanne Ward
2015 – Clarence Maybee
2016 – Gretchen Stephens
2017 – Vicki Killion
2018 – Pete Pascuzzi
2019 – Nastasha Johnson

The Purdue University Libraries Annual Award for Excellence in Teaching

Established by Libraries Dean, Jim Mullins, in 2011 the award recognizes outstanding teaching achievements from the previous two calendar year of Libraries faculty members. Nominating documents include breadth of activity, quality of efforts and overall impact of teaching efforts that further the Libraries strategic goal of information literacy at the student, department, school, college, university, and community and / or national/international level.

Award Winners

2011 – Jeremy Garritano
2012 – Lawrence Mykytiuk
2013 – Harold Kirkwood
2014 – Catherine Fraser Riehle
2015 – Ilana Stonebraker
2016 – Nicole Kong
2017 – Amy Van Epps
2018 – David Zwicky
2019 – Pete Pascuzzi



The PULSE Award

This award was created by the Purdue Libraries Circulation/Reserve Team in 2004. Initial funding was initiated through garage sales, a craft/bake sale and individual donations. In the first year, $1,445.80 was raised from 40 donors. Contributions continued to be added throughout the year with the goal of reaching the $20,000 amount necessary to endow the award. In 2004, Libraries Dean, Jim Mullins, led a fund raising challenge and agreed to match pledges from the Dean's Fund dollar for dollar. In 2005, endowment efforts were achieved with the efforts and contributions of Purdue graduates Mike and Judy Humnicky of California, who both spent their time at Purdue (1966-70) employed by the Libraries. The first two awards were presented in May 2004. This year, 2016, four $1000 awards are available.

Scholarship Recipients

Year - Name - Library
2004 Anne Edwards, LIFE
2004 Joseph Dellamorte, TS-1
2005 Jill Anderson, HKRP
2005 Andrew Davidson, VETM
2006 Janice Hallenbeck, BUS
2006 Brian Davenport, MATH
2007 Laura Scott, UGRL
2007 Logan Vaughn, CFS
2008 Rachel Ballard, MEL
2008 David Solomon, AUX
2009 Sarah Cox , HSSE
2009 Chassidy Glaze, ENGR
2010 Joshua Hignight, UGRL
2010 Michael West, PNHS
2011 Ashley Sommers, AUXS
2011 Michael West, PNHS
2011 Shuting Huang (Scian), LIFE
2011 Dalonte Keemer (Scian), UGRL
2012 Quintin Frey, Archives
2012 Samantha Kuschke, HKRP
2012 Tiffany Eakin (Scian), LIFE
2012 Patrick Polowsky, HSSE
2013 Ciatu Fahnbulleh, CHEM
2013 Brannon Springer, VETM
2014 Bradley Kidney, Resource
2014 Jennifer Sickles, VETM
2014 Laura Wagoner, MATH
2014 Michael West, PNHS
2014 Derek Williams, HKRP
2015 Andrea DaViera, HSSE
2015 Jacinda Laymon, AUXS/VETM
2015 Katie Martin, Archives
2015 Lauren Niehaus, CHEM
2016 Jami Eller, EAPS
2016 Matthew Groh, AVTE
2016 Kaylee Parks, ENGR
2016 Hannah Vaughn, Archives
2017 Samantha Brown, Metadata Services
2017 Joshua Groh, AVTE and ENGR
2017 Adam Miller, PHYS
2017 Heidi Prawat, PNHS
2017 Derek Schrag, Library IT
2017 Phil Shin, PHYS
2018 Joshua Groh, AVTE
2018 Tatum Theaman, ASC
2018 Jonathan Reitz LoES
2019 Olivia Crouse, Office of Undergraduate Research
2019 Brenae Newhard, Print Repositories
2019 Nicole Szumigalski, HSSEB

The Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship

In 2004, Dorothy Newby McCaw found a meaningful way to honor her friend: she endowed the Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship for Libraries Student Workers in honor of Emily R. Mobley, former Libraries Dean. McCaw established the scholarship in honor of Dean Mobley's retirement as a way to recognize her many accomplishments during the 12 years of her deanship. The scholarship fulfilled one of Mobley's goals as Dean — to recognize top student workers in the Libraries. The first scholarship was awarded in 2007. This year two $2500 scholarships are available.

Scholarship Recipients

Year - Name - Library
2006 Janice Hallenbeck, BUS
2007 Eric Jon Sundstrom, CHEM
2008 Kristina Pekovic, LIFE
2009 David Solomon, AUX
2010 Joe Lee, LIFE
2011 Savannah Hoskins, HKRP
2012 Julia Riberio, Resource
2013 Christopher Marks, ITD
2014 Chloe Lindsay, EAPS
2014 Gisele Rawlins, HSSE
2015 Emily Durkin, Archives
2015 Matthew Groh, AVTE
2016 Megan Brunn, VETM
2016 Nicole Gonzalea , VETM
2017 Santiago Grandlienard, Library IT
2018 Mary Zhu, Parrish
2019 Tatum Theaman, Archives and Special Collections

The Dr. Albert Viton Scholarship

In 2006, Dr. Albert Viton, author and retired economist, endowed a scholarship to be awarded annually to a student employee from the Purdue University Press or the Libraries. His desire is that this scholarship will make a significant impact on students' lives and education while at Purdue. Viton became associated with the Press with the publication of his book, The International Sugar Agreements: Promise and Reality, in 2004. The first scholarship was awarded in 2007. This year two $2500 scholarships are available.

Scholarship Recipients

Year - Name - Library
2006 Jennifer Neese, PRESS
2007 Eliza Lofton, MATH
2008 Katie Schum, PRESS
2009 Cody Chambers, PRESS
2010 Cody Chambers, PRESS
2011 Jessica Mahoney, ILL
2012 Heidi Branham, PRESS
2013 Eric Thompson, PRESS
2014 Rachel Borse, AVTE
2014 Eric Thompson, PRESS
2015 Shelby Allen, HKRP
2015 Brooke Halteman, PRESS
2016 Katelyn Carroll, PRESS
2016 Santiago Grandliemard, IT
2017 Kathryn Roessel, Digital Programs
2018 Sarah Merryman, Purdue University Press
2019 Sarah Merryman, Purdue University Press

Amelia Earhart Scholarship

The Amelia Earhart Scholarship is given annually in honor of Amelia Earhart, a remarkable and unique woman who demonstrated an exceptional desire to succeed in her chosen field. Earhart came to Purdue University in 1935 as a visiting faculty member to counsel women on careers and help inspire others with her love for aviation. Recipients of this scholarship must exhibit exemplary leadership skills, determination and potential while possessing a minimum grade point average of 3.2 after 48 semester hours.

Scholarship Recipients

Year Name
1999 Michelle S. Ludwig
1999 Elisha Priebe
2000 Andrea Carollo
2000 Susan R. Donkers
2001 Terri C. Smith
2002 Anna Savikhin
2002 Kari A. Harness
2002 Stephanie Warner
2004 Ann C. Markwell
2004 Rachel Dawn McNulty
2004 Jennifer L. Thies
2005 Laura B. Brower
2006 Gregory W. Mattes
2006 Amber L. Groth
2006 Amy L. Penner
2007 Ai-Nhan L. Do
2007 Amanda C. Fox
2007 Blair R. Martin
2008 Danielle Brannon
2008 Amy Conklin
2008 Victoria Kleyner
2009 Emanuel Cuevas
2009 Suzanne McKay
2009 Ryan Trevithick
2010 Emanuel Cuevas
2010 Stephanie Johnston
2010 Ryan Trevithick
2011 Tara Driscoll
2011 Jill Grable
2011 Stephanie Johnston
2012 Sarah Arnac
2012 Elaina Grott
2012 Lauren Rigg
2013 Nicoletta Fala
2013 Bethany Sexton
2013 Kelsey Tuholski
2014 Calin Cochran
2014 Elizabeth Hroma
2014 Laura May
2014 Samuel Rymer
2015 Elizabeth Hroma
2015 Jennifer Hwang
2015 Laura May
2015 Christy Reick
2016 Aysha Davis
2016 Karen Joanna Kukla
2016 Scott Sage
2016 Molly Van Scoy
2017 Courtney Colosimo
2017 Izabela Mazur
2017 Ashley Neubaum
2017 Kyle Schmidt
2017 Claire Wilson
2017 Alexandra Yule
2018 Olivia Glowacki
2018 Matthew (Alex) Kortepeter
2018 Abhipri (Abby) Mishra
2018 Alan Pecor
2018 Farhat Alucozai
2018 Adam Cullers
2019 Amanda Heltzel
2019 Caroline Kren
2019 Hannah Melchiorre
2019 Makayla Schannen