Council on Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Diverse hands

Mission Statement

Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies holds diversity, inclusion, and belonging as core values of our organization and commitments to these are reflected throughout our strategic plan. We advance equity and access through our collections, services, spaces, teaching, programs, and in the way we conduct ourselves and our professional practice. By building a sense of respect and belonging, and committing to principles of accessibility, we further the mission of the University and our professions.

We acknowledge that our social systems have created patterns of inequity and disadvantage for people from minoritized and marginalized identities and recognize our collective responsibility in re-envisioning and rebuilding systems large and small that will result in greater equity and access for all stakeholders and citizens.

We aspire to develop an organization that facilitates discovery, learning, and knowledge creation for all University and community stakeholders, and an environment where everyone has access to the resources and experiences they need to thrive. We endeavor to create an environment conducive to a broad range of activities and needs. We will work to ensure that our collections, environment, and resources— both human and material— are reflective of the full range of experiences and identities found in the University, the civic environment, the state of Indiana, and beyond.

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