Diversity and Making: A Podcast and Video Series

Episode 3: Making Art - DG House

DG House's Profile Picture

In this episode, we talk with DG House, a Native American contemporary artist. DG works across a variety of media, including painting, photography and printmaking. As a successful artist with many stories and much wisdom to share, a few of the many topics we cover include her process, the importance of land acknowledgement and the places where making and art meet.

DG House Art

DG House has an art project for you! Ledger art is Native American narrative art. It grew out of a necessity to capture history and personal stories. It is an opportunity to experiment with narrative structure because it does not use shading or perspective. When you draw or paint a story, events that are important to you are drawn with equal weight on the page. Further details about ledger art are in the podcast and project video.

Free Materials to tell your story through ledger art are available to students November 16 at the Asian American and Asian Resource Cultural Center (AAARCC). The AAARCC is located at 915 5th Street and it is open M-F, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You are welcome to stay and make your ledger art at the AAARCC.

Making Activity: Ledger Art