Diversity and Making - Episode 5

Diversity and Making: A Podcast and Video Series

Episode 5: Making Audio Visual Art from Data

Esteban Garcia Bravo and Aaron Zernack's Profile Picture

In this month’s episode, we talk with the audio-visual art collaborators, Esteban Garcia Bravo and Aaron Zernack. Esteban is an associate professor at Purdue in the Computer Graphics Technology program and Aaron is the owner of the graphic design business, Mine-us. They share with us how the local art and music scene has influenced and supported their work, the open source software they use and their processes of programming and coding of data to create their art.

Check out their latest project, Machine Aura!
Esteban Garcia Bravo’s website
Aaron Zernack's SoundCloud page

Esteban has a public art project, Aurora Almanac, in which you can participate by submitting a design. See below for link to submit. Additionally, follow the homepage to see when there will be a workshop held at Purdue. Aaron has a free software demo for you to create soundscapes. It is a pure data patch with a note generator. It uses probability to influence what notes are played and the timing. Check out both to learn more about their work and to create your own!

Public Art Project and Pure Data Sound Creation Demo

Public Art Project Design Submission and Workshop Information

Pure Data Sound Creation Demo