Diversity and Making - Episode 6

Diversity and Making: A Podcast and Video Series

Episode 6: Cookie Art as Activism

Jasmine Cho's Profile Picture

In this month’s episode, we talk with Jasmine Cho, a Pittsburgh-based artist, author, and cookie activist most known for using portrait cookies that elevate representation for Asian Pacific Americans. She is also a Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge Champion and the Founder of Yummyholic. Her cookie activism has been featured internationally on various media outlets that include NPR, The Huffington Post, CBS, and The Korea Daily. We talk with Jasmine about her path to becoming a cookie activist, her dream of building a 1000 healing kitchens, Pittsburgh’s “Jasmine Cho Day,” among many interesting and thought provoking topics.

Jasmine has a project for you! She is sending cooking kits so you can try your hand at cookie art as activism. Provided are two cookies. One will be blank, so that you can create a role model of your choice and one will be of an important Asian American historical figure. Icing will be provided.

Free cookie kits are available to students at the Asian American and Asian Resource Cultural Center (AAARCC). The AAARCC is located at 915 5th Street and it is open M-F, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Making Activity: Making Cookies of Role Models