Purdue GIS Day 2023: Open Science from Outer Space GIS and remote sensing

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended 2023 Purdue GIS Day: Open Science from Outer Space. Your passion for geospatial technology and commitment to fostering spatial awareness in our community truly made this event memorable. We appreciate your active participation and look forward to continuing our shared journey in exploring the power of GIS together.

2023 Awardees

Congratulations to the following four student presenters that have been selected as our 2023 award winners:

  • Student Lightning Talk presented by an undergraduate student: Sarah Brenneman
  • Student Lightning Talk presented by an graduate student: Ana Gabriela Morales-Ona
  • Poster Presentation by an undergraduate student: Dutch Byrd
  • Poster Presentation by an undergraduate student: Christopher Ardohain


8:00–8:30 AMPoster set up (STEW 206)
8:30–9:00 AMCheck in/Coffee social (STEW 214)
8:30–9:30 AMPoster judging (STEW 206)
9:00–9:10 AMOpening Remarks (STEW 214)
9:10–9:50 AMStudent 5-minute Lightning Talks (STEW 214)
9:50–10:50 AMIntro and Keynote: Dr. Qiusheng Wu—Exploring the Power of Cloud Computing and Geospatial Analysis: A Beginner's Guide for Everyone (STEW 214)
10:50–11:00 AM10 minute break
11:00 AM–12:10 PMResearch Presentations (STEW 214)
  • Data to Science Engine (D2SE): Online collaborative platform to integrate geospatial data with science
    Presenter: Jinha Jung, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, co-author: Benjamin Hancock
  • Caucasus Heritage Watch: Satellite-Based Monitoring of Heritage Sites in the Crosshairs of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
    Presenter: Ian Lindsay, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
  • Validation of the ICESat-2 lake water level product
    Presenter: Xiangxi Tian, PhD candidate, Civil Engineering
  • Improving countywide 3DEP lidar topographic differencing results
    Presenter: Minyoung Jung, Postdoctal Research Associate, Civil Engineering
  • Mobile Positioning using Google Street View
    Presenter: Zhixin Li, PhD candidate, Civil Engineering
12:10–1:30 PMCareer Lunch (STEW 279) or Lunch Break on Your Own
  • Megan Compton, Indiana Geographic Information Office (GIO)
  • Jim Spark, NovaSpatial
  • Trohn Enright-Randolph, Monroe County Surveyor, Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC)
  • John Howe, Wessler Engineering
  • Anna Burman, Purdue Facilities Information Services
  • Philip Bernard, Frontier Geospatial
1:30–1:40 PM10 minute break
1:40–2:45 PMIndustry Partner Presentations (STEW 214)
  • Live Data Collection with ArcGIS Online
    Presenter: Irena Valentine-Bolen, Monroe County Surveyor’s Office
  • GIS for Social and Historical Data
    Presenter: Dr. John Baeten, GIS Coordinator, Monroe County Surveyor’s Office
  • GIS, Data Science, and AI in the Education for Sustainable Developments
    Presenter: Wen-wen Tung, Associate Professor, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
  • Introduction to QGIS
    Presenter: Philip Bernard, Co-Founder/Project Manager, Frontier Geospatial, LLC.
2:45–2:55 PM10 minute break
2:55–4:15 PMWorkshop with keynote, Dr. Qiusheng Wu – “Automated image segmentation with segment-geospatial” (STEW 214)
4:15–4:30 PMStudent awards and closing remarks (STEW 214)


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