Proxy Server Bookmarklet

The proxy bookmarklet lets you reload a web page through the Purdue Library's proxy server. If the page you are visiting is one that the library has a subscription for, and you're presently off-campus, then you should get you immediate access to the resource once you've logged in with your BoilerKey authentication and have been verified to have a valid library account.

How Do You Add It?

There's a different method for each of the three main browsers:

In Firefox:
In Internet Explorer:
  • Right-click on this link: Reload in Purdue Library Proxy Server
  • Select the "Add to Favorites..." option. You may be warned that you are adding a link which may be unsafe. While some links like this may be unsafe, we believe this one is safe. You can click whichever option is required to continue.
In Safari or Chrome:
  • Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar: Reload in Purdue Library Proxy Server
  • Once you've added this bookmark to your web browser, selecting it will attempt to reload your current page through the the Purdue Library Proxy Server.
  • If it's a resource that your Purdue University affiliation gets you access, you'll pass through a login screen and be granted access to it. Otherwise, you'll get the same page you started with.

About Purdue Library Labs

This is a trial service from the Purdue University Libraries. As an experimental service, it may behave unexpectedly.