The Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship

Award Categories

In 2004, Dorothy Newby McCaw found a meaningful way to honor her friend: she endowed the Dorothy Newby McCaw Scholarship for Libraries Student Workers in honor of Emily R. Mobley, former Libraries Dean. McCaw established the scholarship in honor of Dean Mobley's retirement as a way to recognize her many accomplishments during the 12 years of her deanship. The scholarship fulfilled one of Mobley's goals as Dean — to recognize top student workers in the Libraries. The first scholarship was awarded in 2007. This year, 2022, one $3000 scholarship is available.

Selection decisions for this scholarship/award typically happen in the spring for each upcoming academic year. If you are selected to be a recipient, you will receive an email from the Division of Financial Aid notifying you that there has been an update to your financial aid package. You can check your MyPurdue account, the financial aid tab, at any time for updates.


  • 2023: Ana Betustak
  • 2022: Jonathan Leon (Libraries IT)
  • 2021: Logan Borders (HSSE)
  • 2020: Mitchell Cook
  • 2019: Tatum Theaman (Archives and Special Collections)
  • 2018: Mary Zhu (Parrish)
  • 2017: Santiago Grandlienard (Libraries IT)
  • 2016: Nicole Gonzalea (VETM)
  • 2016: Megan Brunn (VETM)
  • 2015: Matthew Groh (AVTE)
  • 2015: Emily Durkin (Archives)
  • 2014: Gisele Rawlins (HSSE)
  • 2014: Chloe Lindsay (EAPS)
  • 2013: Christopher Marks (Libraries IT)
  • 2012: Julia Riberio (Resource)
  • 2011: Savannah Hoskins (HKRP)
  • 2010: Joe Lee (LIFE)
  • 2009: David Solomon (AUX)
  • 2008: Kristina Pekovic (LIFE)
  • 2007: Eric Jon Sundstrom (CHEM)
  • 2006: Janice Hallenbeck (BUS)