The Dr. Albert Viton Scholarship

Award Categories

In 2006, Dr. Albert Viton, author and retired economist, endowed a scholarship to be awarded annually to a student employee from the Purdue University Press or the Libraries. His desire is that this scholarship will make a significant impact on students' lives and education while at Purdue. Viton became associated with the Press with the publication of his book, The International Sugar Agreements: Promise and Reality, in 2004. The first scholarship was awarded in 2007. This year, 2022, one $3000 scholarship is available.

Selection decisions for this scholarship/award typically happen in the spring for each upcoming academic year. If you are selected to be a recipient, you will receive an email from the Division of Financial Aid notifying you that there has been an update to your financial aid package. You can check your MyPurdue account, the financial aid tab, at any time for updates.


  • 2023: Jonathan Leon
  • 2022: Catherine Gilhooly (Purdue University Press)
  • 2021: Matthew Moreno (PLF)
  • 2020: Ethan Edwards
  • 2019: Sarah Merryman (Purdue University Press)
  • 2018: Sarah Merryman (Purdue University Press)
  • 2017: Kathryn Roessel (Digital Programs)
  • 2016: Santiago Grandliemard (IT)
  • 2016: Katelyn Carroll (PRESS)
  • 2015: Shelby Allen (HKRP)
  • 2015: Brooke Halteman (PRESS)
  • 2014: Rachel Borse (AVTE)
  • 2014: Eric Thompson (PRESS)
  • 2013: Eric Thompson (PRESS)
  • 2012: Heidi Branham (PRESS)
  • 2011: Jessica Mahoney (ILL)
  • 2010: Cody Chambers (PRESS)
  • 2009: Cody Chambers (PRESS)
  • 2008: Katie Schum (PRESS)
  • 2007: Eliza Lofton (MATH)
  • 2006: Jennifer Neese (PRESS)