Dave Zwicky

University Title:
Associate Professor
Science and Engineering Libraries
Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Professional Information

Faculty Rank:
Associate Professor
Liaison Areas:
Chemical Engineering
Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
Materials Engineering
Courses Taught:
CHM 513: Chemical Literature
ILS 512: Information Strategies for Science, Technology, & Engineering Research
ILS 595: Information & Communication Strategies for the Technical Workplace
Research Areas:
Using patents and trademarks for instructional and research purposes; developing best practices for information literacy instruction in STEM fields; chemical information instruction; critical information literacy
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, 2002
M.S. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Illinois, 2005
M.A. Library & Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, 2008
Professional Experience:
Research Librarian for Engineering & Textiles, North Carolina State University, 2010-2014
Libraries Fellow, North Carolina State University, 2008-2010
Memberships and Service:



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