Judy Nixon

University Title:
Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, & Business
Stewart Center

Professional Information

Faculty Rank:
Liaison Areas:
Research Areas:
Patron Driven Acquisition, e-books, evaluation of journals
B.S. in Education from Valparaiso University, 1967
M.S. in Library Science from University of Iowa, 1974
Professional Experience:
2009-date, Education Librarian, Purdue University, Libraries
2005-2009, Humanities, Social Science and Education Head Librarian, Purdue University, Libraries
2003-2005, Interim Humanities, Social Science and Education Librarian, Purdue University, Libraries
1993-2005, Management & Economics Librarian, Purdue University, Libraries
1984-1993, Consumer & Family Sciences Librarian, Purdue University, Libraries
1982-1984, Reference Librarian & Business Specialist, University of Arizona, Libraries
1976-1982, Reference Librarian and Reference Coordinator, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Libraries
1974-1976, Reference Librarian, Cedar Rapids Public Library, Cedar Rapids,
1968-1969, Teacher, U.S. Peace Corps in the Kingdom of Tonga
Honors and Awards:
Gale Research Award for Excellence in Business Librarianship, 1994
John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service to the Faculty and Students of Purdue University, 1989.
Memberships and Service:

American Library Association, Reference and User Services Association, Business Reference & Services:
            Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Chair, Past Chair, 1994/95-1996/97
            Member-At-Large, 1988/89-1990/91
            Business Reference Sources Committee, Chair 1992/93-1993/94, 1998/99-1999/00
            Members Publication List, editor
            Members Directory, editor


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