Margaret Phillips

University Title:
Associate Head of Information Studies, Associate Professor
Science and Engineering Libraries
Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Professional Information

Liaison Areas:
Nuclear Engineering
Engineering Technology
Technical Standards
Industrial Engineering
Courses Taught:
NUCL 58000 Essential Communication Skills for Nuclear Engineering
NUCL 48000 Nuclear Engineering Technical Communications
EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service)
ILS 51200 Information Strategies for Science, Technology, & Engineering Research
ILS 59500 Information & Communication Strategies for the Technical Workplace
MLS, Indiana University, Indianapolis (IUPUI)
B.A. Psychology, Purdue University
B.S. Economics, Purdue University
Honors and Awards:
2021 Purdue University Award for Exceptional Teaching and Instructional Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020 ASEE CIEC Best Presenter Award
2020 Purdue Libraries & School of Information Studies Excellence in Research Award
2020 Purdue Libraries & School of Information Studies Excellence in Teaching Award
Memberships and Service:

American Society for Engineering Education, 2011-present
    Engineering Libraries Division
         Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee Member, 2021-present
         Accreditation & Standards Committee Member, 2018-2022
         Publications Committee Member, 2016-2019
American Library Association, 2009-present
Association of College and Research Libraries, 2009-present
     Instruction Section
     Science & Technology Section
          Research Committee, 2020-2022
          Liaison to ASEE-ELD, 2016-2022        
          Information Literacy Committee, 2012-2014; 2016-2020
American National Standards Institute Committee on Education (CoE), 2019-present
Society for Standards Professionals (SES), 2017-2022



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Other Information

Purdue Innovation Hub. Preparing students for today’s informed workplace: a transdisciplinary information literacy badging approach. Prof. Margaret Phillips, PI; Prof. Heather Howard, co-PI; Prof. Dave Zwicky, co-PI; & Prof. Fred Berry (Purdue Polytechnic Institute), co-PI. Project website:

ASEE Engineering Technology Division. Exploring Standards Access and Education in ET Programs. Prof. Margaret Phillips, PI; Prof. Paul McPherson (Purdue Polytechnic Institute), co-PI; and Danielle LeClerc (Purdue Polytechnic Institute, student).

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Standards are Everywhere: An Information Literacy Approach to Standards Education. Prof. Margaret Phillips, PI; Prof. Michael Fosmire (Purdue Libraries) and Prof. Paul McPherson (Purdue Polytechnic Institute), co-PI's. Project website: