Stephanie Schmitz

University Title:
Clinical Associate Professor, Betsy Gordon Archivist for Psychoactive Substances Research
Archives & Special Collections
Stewart Center

Professional Information

Courses Taught:
Please see below.
MLS, University of Maryland, College Park, 2006
BS, University of Maryland, College Park, 2003
Honors and Awards:
Dean's Team Award (as part of the Archives and Special Collections staff), 2019
Dean's Award for a Significant Advancement of the Libraries Strategic Initiative, 2018
Joseph Dagnese Award for Excellence in Service to the Purdue Libraries, 2011


Navigating Accessibility Challenges in the Psychoactive Substances Research Collection
University of Wisconsin Madison Borghesi-Mellon Psychedelic Pasts, Presents & Futures Workshop, November 2023

Conscientiously Collecting the History of Psychedelic Research within a Decolonial Framework [keynote session]
University of Wisconsin Madison Transdisciplinary Center for Research in Psychoactive Substances annual symposium, November 2023

An Introducton to the Psychoactive Substances Research Collection with a Focus on User Engagement
Psychedemia: Charting the Future of Psychedelic Studies, The Ohio State University, August 2022

Beyond Acid Free: A Day in the Life of a Psychoactive Substances Archivist
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Psychedelic Science, April 2017

Sources at our Fingertips: Purdue's Psychoactive Substance Research Collection
More Than Skin Deep: Introducing Medical Humanities at Purdue, November 2016

Highs and Lows: Collecting the History of Psychoactive Substances Research
Society of American Archivists, August 2016

An Introduction to the Psychoactive Substances Research Collection
Psychedemia: Integrating Psychedelics in Academia, University of Pennsylvania, October 2012

A Cornucopia of Government Information (with Marianne Ryan)
United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) Conference, May 2010

Additionally, I have regularly provided lectures to community organizations, university staff and other groups about the Susan Bulkeley Butler Women’s Archives and the Psychoactive Substances Research Collection.

Other Information


Embedded - Two or more class sessions with an active learning components and interaction with students throughout the course of the semester:

HIST 495: History of Psychedelic Psychiatry, 2022
HIST 495: History of Psychedelic Psychiatry (online), 2020
HIST 395: History of Sex, Race, and Science, 2020
HIST 488: History of Sexual Regulation, 2019
HIST 480: History of Madness and the Asylum, 2018
ENGL 420: Business Writing, 2018
HIST 498: History of Medicine and Madness, 2018
HIST 470: History of Women in Medicine and Health, 2017
HIST 395: History of Medicine in the Archives (Service Learning component), 2017
HIST 315: History of American Beauty, 2016
WGSS 280: Intro to Women’s Studies, 2016

Guest Lectures - Single class session with active learning component:

SCLA 102: Transformative Texts, Critical Thinking in the Modern World, 2022
HIST 334: Science and Society in Western Civilization, 2022
EE 560: Electrical Engineering, 2022
ENGL 419: Digital and Print Media, 2021
HIST 611: History Research Practicum (online), 2021
ANTH 500: Qualitative Data Management, 2020
HIST 480: History of Madness and the Asylum, 2020
ILS 695: Print and Digital Archives, 2020
ANTH 592: Qualitative Data Management, 2019
HIST 313: History of Medical Technology and Innovation, 2019
HIST 314: STEM and Gender, 2019
ILS 695: Digital and Print Archives, 2019
HONR 299: Underground Networks/Underground Media, 2018
HIST 303: History of Food in Modern America, 2017
ENGL 106: Freshman Comp for STEM Students, 2017
WGSS 682: Women’s Studies Research Methods, 2017
HIST 470: Women and Health in America, 2016
EDPS 300: Student Leadership Development, 2016
HONR 299: Describing Photographs, 2014
Various freshman-level Women’s Studies and Communications courses, 2014-2016


Mending the Mind with Mycelial Medicine (pop-up exhibit for university event), 2022
First in the Field - The Beginnings of the Nation’s First Computer Science Department (Co-curated), 2015
Surfaces and Contours - Celebrating Aldo Giorgini’s Contributions to Art and Science, 2015
Quest for Equality - Celebrating the Leadership, Advocacy, and Commitment of Five Purdue Women, 2014
Women at Work - Celebrating the Legacy of Purdue Women Engineers, 2013
Behind the Mast of Women’s Leadership - Celebrating the Legacy Dorothy Stratton (Co-curated), 2012
Soaring to New Heights - Purdue Women in Aviation, 2011
From Master Mix to Farming Tips - One Hundred Years of Agricultural Extension, 2011
Amelia Earhart: Aviatrix, Advocate, Icon (Co-curated), 2010
The Science of Psychoactive Substances, 2010
From the Kitchen to the Classroom - Lillian Gilbreth and Homemaking at Purdue University (Co-Curated), 2008
Chronicling Women’s History at Purdue - Selections from the Susan Bulkeley Butler Women’s Archives, 2008
Curated displays for outreach and engagement purposes or special donor visits: Ongoing


Spotlight on Betsy Gordon and the Psychoactive Substances Research Collection
Chacruna Women in the History of Plant Medicine Series, 2021

In Conversation with Lucas Richert: Tips and ideas about researching psychedelics
Points: A blog on the history of drugs, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals, funded by the Alcohol & Drugs History Society, 2018