D. Scott Brandt

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Research Data
Stewart Center

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My research from ~2005 onward centers around practices of researchers and issues they encounter related to data management, discovery and dissemination (curation). I am interested in how communities come together around standards or best practices in these areas. Prior to 2005 my work focused on the use and training of technology.
Master of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, 1983
Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University, 1982
Professional Experience:
Purdue University
2013- Senor Data Specialist
2009. Provost Fellow, Purdue University (half-time appointment)
2005-2013 Associate Dean for Research in the Libraries
2002 – Professor of Library Science
2001. Research Fellow, Univ of Staffordshire, UK (sabbatical leave)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1989-1993. Associate Head for Collections, Engineering and Science Libraries
Honors and Awards:

2013 Association of Collecge and Research Libraries’ Science and Technology Section Innovation Award: Distributed Data Curation Center and the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit (with Jake Carlson and Michael Witt).



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Select Peer-reviewed publications

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Select Invited presentations

“Understanding Data Deposit: Observations from Sabbatical Research.”
[Brown bag] Purdue University Libraries, West Lafayette, IN Apr 4, 2014

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“E-Science Outreach & Learning.” University of Oklahoma School of Library and Information Studies. Webinar, July 13, 2012.

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Other Information

Grants PI: Enhancing the Data Curation Profiles to help Bridge the Gap between Researcher and Repository (Institute of Museum and Library Services, $49,163) 2014-2015 PI: Understanding Curation Through the Use of Data Curation Profiles (Institute of Museum and Library Services, $187,242) 2010-2013 PI: Investigating Data Curation Profiles Across Multiple Research Disciplines. (Institute of Museum and Library Services, $421,068) 2007-2010 (See: