NIH Data Sharing Policy Information

Resources and support for fulfillment of the NIH data management and sharing plan requirements.
NIH Data Sharing Policy Campus Working Group

In Fall 2022 Purdue formed a cross campus working group to develop a network for support and resources to aid navigation and fulfillment of the 2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy.
Led by the Executive Vice President for Research Karen Plaut, Chief Information Officer Ian Hyatt, and Dean of Libraries Beth McNeil, the group brings together campus research professionals from the Office of Research, Rosen Center of Advanced Computing (RCAC), IT Security and Policy, Sponsored Programs, and the Libraries including Purdue University Research Repository (PURR). The goal of the group is to facilitate informed planning, sharing, and security from proposals to post award preservation. The group continues to meet regularly to coordinate and strengthen Purdue’s support.
Key Points from the Policy
Key Points Information Sheet

Provides general information about the requirements and includes links to other resources at Purdue University, from the NIH and trusted external sources

January 2023 Campus DMSP Session

Provides a broad overview of the policy, the data management plan, and related resources and services at Purdue

Campus Resources and Support

  • The policy focuses on maximizing sharing whenever possible.
  • Ethical, legal, and technical factors need thorough explanation.
  • Data management and sharing plans are required for submission with the initial proposal.
  • Institutes and Centers (ICOs) may have additional requirements.
  • Using established research data repositories for sharing and preserving data is strongly recommended.
  • Budget requests can include costs for data management and sharing activities.

The data management and sharing plan includes 6 main elements:
  • Data Type
  • Related, Tools, Software, and Code
  • Standards
  • Data archiving, preservation, and access
  • Considerations for access, distribution, or reuse
  • Oversight for compliance with the plan and policies
Note certain ICOs may have additional requirements

Purdue NIH DMSP template

A template created specifically for Purdue University researchers that contains questions to guide the writing process, includes sample text, and Purdue resource information.

Purdue NIH DMSP sample template for projects using secondary data

This template is based on a sample plan provided by the NIH that is altered to address projects using secondary data that is already publicly accessible.


A resource available through the libraries, this online tool provides an updated NIH specific template with select guidance for each required section of the plan.

Allowable costs estimation table

This table provides basic considerations for gauging any needs related to the allowable costs specified by the NIH.

Data Storage Solutions Finder

This tool offers recommendations of Purdue campus storage solutions appropriate to your research data needs and security constraints.

Sample DMPs from Federal Agency Funded Purdue Projects

These sample DMPs are provided by the Research Development Services, Grant writing support team and include funded Purdue project plans from federal agencies, including NASA and specific NSF divisions.

Personalized support for planning

For plan review requests, questions, and consultations, contact Reid Boehm
PURR provides all Purdue researchers with research data management and sharing support. A core campus resource based in Purdue Libraries, the repository meets federal funding agency requirements for sharing research data. The team and the repository system provide support functions including data management and sharing planning via consultations, plan reviews, and resources. The online platform provides project space for file sharing and collaboration with data curation and long-term preservation as part of the dataset publication process.

Scientific Applications on Purdue RCAC Clusters and ACCESS Anvil

This is the list of Applications, Compilers, MPIs, NVIDIA NGC containers, and AMD ROCm containers deployed on Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (RCAC) clusters (Negishi, Bell, Gilbreth, Brown, Scholar, and Workbench) and ACCESS Anvil.


Need Support
Data management & sharing planning & review Libraries & PURR
Data analysis tools RCAC
Managing active data RCAC, Libraries & PURR
Migrating files to new formats or systems RCAC
Intellectual property considerations Ken Sandel
Creating documentation for managing and sharing Libraries & PURR
Assessing costs for data management & sharing Libraries & PURR, SPS pre-award
Data sharing agreements SPS Contracting

For more information and questions about support and resources contact Reid Boehm

All content provided here is guidance and not to be used as definitive parameters for compliance or a guarantee that plans meet all needs for a successful proposal. The campus working group members and content creators should not be included in data management and sharing plans and are not responsible for any exposure of sensitive or restricted content or research misconduct by users of the information and materials on or linked to this web page.