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Request Process: Archives and Special Collections offers publication permissions as well as high resolution digital reproductions, also known as scans, of material provided no law or donor agreement prevents dissemination of content. (The permissions and reproductions process is only necessary when using an associated reproduction.) If interested in seeking permission to publish and/or a digital reproduction, please complete the Request Form. After the form is submitted, you will be contacted through email regarding use policies and fees. You must agree through email to both policies and fees before receiving your order. Detailed use and fee policies information can be found below. The request process for items destined for publication differs from requests for personal or research use.

Publishing: If you are publishing the item(s) requested (i.e. book, journal, public display, etc.), a formal agreement must be completed prior to content delivery. Following agreement to policies and fees, you will be contacted by the Purdue Research Foundation regarding a permission to publish contract and any associated permissions fees. Once you have signed the contract and paid any permissions fees, the requested content will be prepared and provided to you. Following delivery the Purdue Libraries business office will bill a service fee. NOTE: After submitting your order, allow up to two weeks for processing before delivery.

Research & Personal Use: If you are not publishing the items requested, then permissions fees and a formal use agreement is not usually required. Following agreement to use policies and fees, the requested content will be prepared and delivered. Typical turnaround time for processing is one business week. NOTE: Payment is not due at the time of content delivery. At a later date, the Purdue Libraries business office will bill a service fee.

Publishing Policies

These policies apply to publication of all items from Purdue Archives and Special Collections. An individual/organization must agree with these policies prior to delivery of any content. Patrons seeking permission to publish will be required to complete a formal agreement and any due payment with the Purdue Research Foundation prior to delivery of any content.

  1. All Work(s) within Purdue University Libraries are protected under the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). Securing copyright clearance and permission to publish or reproduce Work(s) from Special Collections is the responsibility of the Requestor/Company.
  2. In granting permission to use Work(s) in Special Collections, Purdue does not surrender its own right to publish the Work(s) or to grant permission to others to use or publish the Work(s) in the future.
  3. The Work(s) are provided to the Requestor/Company for one-time use only, to be reproduced and distributed in the Publication exactly as described in your request. Permission is nonexclusive and nontransferable and subsequent editions and printings require further permissions and fees.
  4. The Work(s) are provided by Purdue University for use in scholarly research or educational works, as consistent with Purdue University's instructional and outreach objectives, and consistent with its overall mission as a nonprofit educational institution.
  5. The Work(s) will be displayed with the following acknowledgement/credit line: "[Collection Identifier, Collection Title]. [Folder #, Box #]. Purdue University Archives and Special Collections, Purdue University Libraries."
  6. One copy of the Publication or end product (regardless of media or format) will be provided to Purdue University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections as soon as published, at no charge.
  7. All inquiries about the Work(s) must be directed to the Purdue Research Foundation.
  8. The Requestor/Company agrees to assume all responsibility for possible copyright infringement and invasion of privacy arising from use of Work(s) from the collections of Purdue University Libraries Archives and Special Collections, and to indemnify and hold harmless Purdue University, its officers, trustees, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, damages, or liability that may occur as a result of or in any way related to the use or redistribution of the Work(s).
  9. All Work(s) provided by the Purdue University Libraries Archives and Special Collections, for other than personal use, remain the property of Archives and Special Collections. The Requestor/Company is strictly prohibited from further dissemination of the Work(s), including but not limited to donation, loan, or sale of said Work(s) to another individual, company, organization, library, repository, or archives.
  10. The Requestor/Company and Purdue Research Foundation agree that any photocopy or facsimile copy of this fully executed agreement shall have the same legal force and effect as any copy bearing original signatures of the Requestor/Company and Purdue University or Purdue Research Foundation.
  11. The authorization provided is valid only to the extent that all of the activities undertaken are consistent with the understanding and conditions as described and payment of all costs has been made in full. The authorization is void unless the Requestor/Company strictly adheres to all conditions stated herein.


There are two separate fees possible for each high-resolution item requested: a permission fee and a service fee. Permissions fees are billed when content is destined for some form of for-profit publication. The standard permission fee is $75.00 per item in for-profit commercial use. Each item requested includes a service fee. Service fee pricing is dependent upon two factors: the need for new or first-time digitization and current requestor relationship with the university. All orders, regardless of end use, have a minimum fee of $5.00. Permissions payment will be administered by the Purdue Research Foundation prior to delivery; checks should be made to 'Purdue Research Foundation' for permissions fees. Meanwhile, service fees are invoiced by the Purdue Libraries business office following delivery and are paid separately. Do not send payment for either fee until an invoice is received.

Service Fee - Image and Text

Type of Scan Purdue Employee & Student Fee General Public Fee
Existing Scan $5.00 (U.S.) $7.75 (U.S.)
New Scan $1.00 (U.S.) $1.55 (U.S.)

Service Fee - Audio, Video, and Film

Special Note on Audio, Video, and Film Requests: If a request requires a first-time digital conversion of audio, video, or film from an older recording format, a careful study of the media by Archives and Special Collections will be undertaken before agreement to digitize may take place. Many factors, including condition of the original material, additional costs, and legacy equipment availability determine digital conversion viability. If digitization is feasible, then the Archives will inform the requestor of the likely timetable, estimated fees and publication policies, and seek mutual agreement prior to digital conversion efforts.

Content Type and Status Purdue Employee & Student Fee General Public Fee
Audio - Existing Digital Form $5.00 (U.S.) $7.75 (U.S.)
Audio - New Digital Form Variable Variable
Video - Existing Digital Form $5.00 (U.S.) $7.75 (U.S.)
Video - New Digital Form Variable Variable
Film - Existing Digital Form $5.00 (U.S.) $7.75 (U.S.)
Film - New Digital Form Variable Variable