Esri Development Center

EDC Esri Development Center at Purdue University

In 2017, Purdue University is designated as EDC, and Libraries are proud to house this program to offer special training and recognition opportunities to all students across campus.

EDC Student of the Year


The EDC Student of the Year is an annual award open to all Purdue students, sponsored by Purdue Libraries Learning Council. The winner will be recognized as Student of the Year for outstanding achievements in development of innovative tools, applications or techniques using ArcGIS platform. Each year the winner will be awarded with a plaque, cash prize (currently $500) and one Esri Developer Summit registration.


Undergraduate and graduate students at Purdue University in any discipline are eligible for the award. Student must be enrolled in at least one Purdue credit course in the current academic year.

Judging Criteria

The work submitted will be reviewed by an award committee with faculty, professional staff and/or graduate students from related departments and centers on campus. It will be judged on its content, technology and usability. Esri technology is required. Eligible work includes
1. web map application using ArcGIS online, Story Map, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, or ArcGIS API for JavaScript;
2. mobile app using AppStudio for ArcGIS;
3. mobile or desktop applications using ArcGIS Runtime SDKs
4. automate geoprocessing using ArcPy or ArcGIS API for Python
5. ArcGIS R tools using R-ArcGIS bridge
6. extend ArcGIS Pro with Pro SDK for .NET
For eligibility of other development work using ArcGIS platform, please email

Submission and Important Dates

1. zip files of final work product (tools, code, program, materials, media, etc)
2. 1-2 page of description with data source, technology used, outcome or significance of your work
Submit your abstract at by Oct 22, 2018. Students should be prepared to present their work to the award selection committee or answer questions as needed to facilitate the selection process. Winners will be announced on Purdue GIS Day Conference on Nov 1, 2018.

Purdue EDC Winners

2017: Nikhil Sangwen, phd student in civil engineering, validation of floodmaps at county resolution for the entire U.S.

Helpful Links

  1. ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping platform where you can use, create and share maps, apps, etc. Purdue has an ArcGIS Online organization and you can sign in using your Purdue Career Account at For more information, please check ITaP’s page
  2. Story Map allows you to build web map applications using your ArcGIS Online map and choose from various templates
  3. Web AppBuilder lets you build web apps and configure fully featured HTML apps without writing code
  4. Build full-featured web app with ArcGIS API for JavaScript
  5. AppStudio for ArcGIS converts your map into mobile apps
  6. ArcGIS Runtime SDKs lets you build applications on various platforms
  7. ArcPy is a site package to run geographic data analysis, data conversion, data management and map automation with Python
  8. ArcGIS API for Python is a Python library to work with maps and geospatial data, powered by web GIS.
  9. Integrate R and ArcGIS
  10. Pro SDK for .NET extends ArcGIS Pro with custom tools and workflows

Libraries' GIS Services

GIS Service at the Purdue University Libraries provides support for spatial research and training across disciplines. For learning opportunities, data sources, tools, and recent events, please visit Libraries' GIS page.

GIS tools and software

Purdue has an ArcGIS Online Organization and all students, faculty and staff can sign in using Purdue Career Account. Students can also access Esri training. For more information, please visit ITaP's Esri ArcGIS and Geospatial Tool page.

When submitting projects to this contest, Purdue University does not ask for the transfer of any copyrights or other intellectual property rights. Participants retain all rights to their work. The use of ESRI/ArcGIS platform/software does not constitute an express or implied endorsement of the product by Purdue University.