Life Sciences Library

The Life Sciences Library is permanently CLOSED. We are in the process of shifting activities over the summer to the Wilmeth Active Learning Center, which will open in August 7, 2017.

Library Highlights

For summer course reserves, please select Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Library (HSSE) from the Reserve Location, under Reserve Information.

For Fall 2017 course reserves, please select Engineering and Science Library (ESL) from the Reserve Location, under Reserve Information.

Purdue's new Thomas S. and Harvey D. Wilmeth Active Learning Center's innovative design and 24/7 accessibility encourage students to learn according to their own personalities and preferences. Visit the WALC website for updates.

WALC small

Follow the Thomas S. and Harvey D. Wilmeth Active Learning Center progress by viewing the WebCam Links from POTR roof (South) and POTR roof (North).

G.R.I.P. (Graduate Research Information Portal) An information portal for graduate students about the services and resources available at Purdue University Libraries.

Soil Survey (Washington, D.C.)

Video express on the Life Sciences Library 4th floor is open to Purdue faculty, staff and students. Click here for information and to schedule the video express. Students are welcome to reserve the video express rooms located in the Siegsemund Engineering Library, in the Potter building, Life Sciences Library in Lily Hall, and soon in the Parrish Library in the Krannert building.

Purdue updates model of West Lafayette campusThe new model displays new buildings and the latest landscaping features. The diorama replaces the 1957 model located in the Great Hall of Purdue Memorial.

New Books

Front cover of Landscape architecture book Landscape Architecture and Environmental sustainability: Creating Positive Change Through Design
"Landscape Architecture and Environmental sustainability takes a brooad look at strategies and completed projects to provide the reader with a strong understanding of the sustainability challenges faced by designers today, and potential routes to addressing them."
Front cover of Understanding Built Enviornment Understanding Built Environment Proceedings of the National Conference on Sustainable Built Environment 2015
"This book is a comprehensive document visualizing the future of built environment from a multidisciplinary dimension, with special emphasis on the Indian scenario. The multidisciplinary focus would be helpful for the readers to cross-refer and understand others' perspectives. The text also includes case studies substantiating theoretical research. This method of composition helps the book to maintain rational balance among theory, research and its contextual application."
Strategies for Landscape Representation front cover Strategies for Landscape Representation: Digital and Analogue Techniques
"Written as a guided for making appropriate selection of a wide variety of visualisation tools for students and built environment professionals with an interest in landscape, the book charts emerging technologies and historical contexts while also being relevant to landscape legislation such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Landscape Assessment."
Front cover information Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Infrastructures: Challenges and Opportunities
"Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Infrastructures: Challenges and Opportunities reveals how environmental research infrastructures (RIs) provide new valuable insights on ecological processes that cannot be realized by more traditional short-term funding cycles and are integral to understand our changing world."
front cover of book Algal and Cyanobacteria Symbioses
"Owing to their importance as primary producers of energy and nutrition, algae and cyanobacteria are found as symbiotic partners across diverse lineages of prokaryotic and eukaryotic kingdoms."
Front cover of Meaning of Life book Meaning of Life and the Universe
"It charts the author's quest for the meaning of life faced with a dominant knowledge system she regards as incoherent, meaningless, and often acting against people and planet."
Marine book cover Marine Plankton: a Practical Guide to Ecology, Methodology and Taxonomy
"A thorough understanding of planktonic organisms is the first step towards a real appreciation of the diversity, biology, and ecological importance of marine life."

About the Library

The interior of the Life Sciences library.
Map of the location of the Library
Physical Address: 

Lilly Hall of Life Sciences Rm. 2400
915 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058

Mailing Address: 

Purdue University Libraries - LIFE
504 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

(765) 494-2910
  • Located in Lilly Hall of Life Sciences (LILY)
  • Access to the libraries resources from nineteen ITaP computers
  • Quiet study and group study areas available
  • Small conference room available by reservation (765-494-2910)
  • Research assistance is available at the information desk and with library faculty by appointment
  • The library offers 3 floors of quiet study and group study space