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Library Highlights

Purdue's new Thomas S. and Harvey D. Wilmeth Active Learning Center's innovative design and 24/7 accessibility encourage students to learn according to their own personalities and preferences. Visit the WALC website for updates.

Follow the Thomas S. and Harvey D. Wilmeth Active Learning Center progress by viewing the WebCam Links from POTR roof (South) and POTR roof (North).

G.R.I.P. (Graduate Research Information Portal) An information portal for graduate students about the services and resources available at Purdue University Libraries.

Soil Survey (Washington, D.C.)

Video express on the Life Sciences Library 4th floor is open to Purdue faculty, staff and students. Click here for information and to schedule the video express. Students are welcome to reserve the video express rooms located in the Siegsemund Engineering Library, in the Potter building, Life Sciences Library in Lily Hall, and soon in the Parrish Library in the Krannert building.

Purdue updates model of West Lafayette campusThe new model displays new buildings and the latest landscaping features. The diorama replaces the 1957 model located in the Great Hall of Purdue Memorial.

New Books

Responsive Landscapes: Strategies for Responsive Technologies in Landscape Architecture
"Responsive Landscapes frames a comprehensive view of design projects using responsive technologies and their relationship to landscape and environmental space."

Evolutionary Biology of the Atlantic Salmon
"This book aims to stimulate critical thinking and to motivate further investigations on the fascinating subject of the Atlantic salmon's evolutionary history."

Humanity in a Creative Universe
"As evidenced by the title's mention of creativity, the book refreshingly argues that our preoccupation to explain all things with scientific law has deadened our creative natures."

The Science of Open Spaces: Theory and Practice for Conserving Large, Complex Systems
"In this groundbreaking work, landscape ecologist Charles Curtin argues for a paradigm-changing, science-based approach to managing large landscapes and open spaces."

Innovation and Future Trends in Food Manufacturing and Supply Chain Technologies
"Innovation and Future Trends in Food Manufacturing and Supply Chain Technologies examines the drivers of change and innovation in the food industry, analyzing both the current processes and emerging methods to address issues such as energy reduction and rising costs in food manufacture." Online access available

The Monster in the Garden
"Monsters, grotesque creatures, and giants were frequently depicted in Italian Renaissance landscape design, yet they have rarely been studied."

Japanese Garden: Symbolism and Design
"This book not only gives an overview of the history and symbolism of gardens in Japan, but it also presents a Japanese perspective on the history, motivations and shortcomings of Japanese gardens built outside of Japan."

Ideas of Chinese Gardens: Western Accounts, 1300-1860
"Europeans may be said to have first encountered the Chinese garden in Marco Polo's narrative of his travels through the Mongol Empire and his years at the court of Kublai Khan."

About the Library

Life Science Exterior
Map of the location of the Library
Physical Address: 

Lilly Hall of Life Sciences Rm. 2400
915 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058

Mailing Address: 

Purdue University Libraries - LIFE
504 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

(765) 494-2910
  • Located in Lilly Hall of Life Sciences (LILY)
  • Access to the libraries resources from nineteen ITaP computers
  • Quiet study and group study areas available
  • Small conference room available by reservation (765-494-2910)
  • Research assistance is available at the information desk and with library faculty by appointment
  • The library offers 3 floors of quiet study and group study space