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Soil Survey (Washington, D.C.)

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New Books

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriolology
"...provides comprehensive information on all bacterial phylae found in laboratory rodents and rabbits to assist managers, veterinary pathologist, and laboratory animal veterinarians in the management of these organisms."

Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Conservation After Nature
"Jamie Lorimer argues that the idea of nature as a pure and timeless place characterized by the absence of humans has come to an end."

Modeling Food Processing Operations
"Computational modeling is an important tool for Understanding and improving food processing and manufacturing. "

The Ecology of Pastoralism
" A diverse contributions from archaeologists and ethnographers address pastoralism’s significant impact on humanity’s basic subsistence and survival, focusing on the network of social, political, and religious institutions existing within various societies dependent on animal husbandry."

The Tanoak Tree: an Environmental History of a Pacific Coast Hardwood
"Having studied the patterns of tanoak use and abuse for nearly twenty years, botanist Frederica Bowcutt uncovers a complex history of cultural, sociopolitical, and economic factors affecting the tree's fate."

Handbook of Plant Nutrition
"The book demonstrates how he appearance and composition of plants can be used to assess nutritional status and the value of soil tests for assessing nutrition status."

The Neural Code of Pitch and Harmony
"Providing neurophysiology data and theories that are suitable to explain the neural code of pitch and harmony, the author demonstrates that musical pitch is a temporal phenomenon and the musical harmony is a mathematical necessity based on neuronal mechanisms"

Silviculture and Ecology of Western U.S. Forests
"Silviculture, one regarded solely as reforestation and growing trees for timber, today also encompasses maintaining forest health, reducing fire potential, benefitting wildlife and aesthetics, and ensuring options for the future against the uncertainties of a changing climate."

The Greenhouse Gas Balance of Italy
"The book addresses in a comprehensive way the full greenhouse gases budget of the Italian landscape, focusing on land use and terrestrial ecosystems."

About the Library

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Physical Address: 

Lilly Hall of Life Sciences Rm. 2400
915 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058

Mailing Address: 

Purdue University Libraries - LIFE
504 West State Street
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(765) 494-2910
  • Located in Lilly Hall of Life Sciences (LILY)
  • Access to the libraries resources from nineteen ITaP computers
  • Quiet study and group study areas available
  • Small conference room available by reservation (765-494-2910)
  • Research assistance is available at the information desk and with library faculty by appointment
  • The library offers 3 floors of quiet study and group study space