Make Your Story: A How-To Podcast Series

All across campus, Purdue students are making tangible works that are creative and innovative. From the process of making, there is always a good story to tell. Telling other people where ideas originated, the pitfalls and successes, and finally, the moment of creation, gives them context and connection to what you have made. Telling your story through the podcast medium, otherwise known as a narrative podcast, allows your story to be shared across a wide range of audiences.

The Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies has partnered with the Brian Lamb School of Communication to host the podcast series, MakeYourStory. Throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, MakeYourStory, will be posting episodes on the elements that go into creating engaging stories of making. Episodes include the elements of a narrative podcast, interview tips, how to effectively include sound effects and other types of audio, how to do research to support the success of your podcast, and finally, marketing your podcast. Join us in learning the process of creating a narrative podcast and then share your stories of making!


Episode 4: Using Sound to Enhance Storytelling

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What can you do to help make your story come alive in the minds of your listeners? One element that can help listeners immerse themselves in your podcast stories is the effective use of sound.

Much of what we here as sound effects used in podcasts dates back to the tradition of old time radio. Predating television shows, old time radio was a "theater of the mind,'' allowing viewers to imagine the comedic antics, dramas, and romances portrayed by popular performers of the day. With only dialogue, music, and clever use of live sound effects, many audio-only stories became vividly-imagined scenarios in the minds of viewers.

In this episode, we talk with Foley Artist Ele Matelan and Artistic Director and Cast Member Andy Huttel from the Chicago based Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment (LIVE). Ele and Andy will share tips, such as using a hot water bottle to make the sound of a car slamming on the breaks, and the difference between the use of a sound effect and what is called Foley Art for making stories come alive for the listeners.

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Episode 3: How Research Can Support the Success of Your Podcast

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You have a great idea for a podcast, but you want to ensure its success. In this episode, Dr. Annette Bochenek leads a discussion on how research can support its success. Topics in this episode include how to research the latest trends in your topic, how research can help you reach a target audience, and finally tips for marketing and monetizing your podcast. So get ready to take notes and learn how research can help you find your niche in the podcast world!

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Episode 2: How to Conduct Interesting and Authentic Interviews

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Are you ready to schedule an interview? In this episode, we talk with Kristen Lopez about conducting interviews. Kristen has been an entertainment writer, film critic, and pop culture essayist for 12 years. Her work has been published in Forbes, MTV, and The Hollywood Reporter, among other places. From her work at IndieWire, and her own podcast devoted to Old Hollywood, Ticklish Business, Kristen shares interviewing tips and practices. Topics covered include how to ask people for an interview, preparing interview questions; and finally, best practices for interesting and authentic interviews.

Episode 1: Elements of a Narrative Podcast

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Ready to tell your story of innovation and creativity? In this episode we talk with Toni DeAztlan-Smith, assistant professor of practice in the School of Communication and Director of their Digital Media Production Center. Professor DeAztlan-Smith walks us through the different elements, with examples, of what makes an inspiring and engaging narrative podcast. So grab a notebook, have a listen, and start crafting your story!

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