Make Your Story: A How-To Podcast Series

All across campus, Purdue students are making tangible works that are creative and innovative. During the ideation process, there is a need for research. Research allows us to understand something in-depth and can lead to thinking about it in new ways. This year’s programming is devoted to the exciting interactions between Purdue’s Library and information resources and the making of Purdue student and faculty ideas and projects. Additionally, the hosts of MakeYourStory will coordinate one workshop per semester on topics that continue to support students sharing their stories of making through the podcast format. These workshops focus on a broad range of relevant topics, including the use of sound to enliven a narrative as well as an overview of effective resources to enhance the production process of creating, producing, and marketing a podcast. Podcasts and events are posted throughout the 2023-2024 school year, so keep checking back for updates!!

Season 3, Episode 1: A Penny Press for Your Thoughts?

Profile picture of Matt Fitzgerald with Purdue University President, Mung Chiang, and the standing bell tower replica penny press

This story of making comes from a Purdue University Polytech alumnus, Matt Fitzgerald, who paid tribute to the university with his co-creators in the form of a penny press. This installment tells the tale of his work in taking one of Purdue University’s most iconic landmarks—the bell tower—and scaling it down to miniature form.