Make Your Story: A How-To Podcast Series

All across campus, Purdue students are making tangible works that are creative and innovative. During the ideation process, there is a need for research. Research allows us to understand something in-depth and can lead to thinking about it in new ways. This year’s programming is devoted to the exciting interactions between Purdue’s Library and information resources and the making of Purdue student and faculty ideas and projects. Additionally, the hosts of MakeYourStory will coordinate one workshop per semester on topics that continue to support students sharing their stories of making through the podcast format. These workshops focus on a broad range of relevant topics, including the use of sound to enliven a narrative as well as an overview of effective resources to enhance the production process of creating, producing, and marketing a podcast. Podcasts and events are posted throughout the 2022-2023 school year, so keep checking back for updates!!

Episode 4: Metal Jewelry Making at Purdue’s Bechtel Innovation Design Center

Profile picture of Mark Crook in front of woods in autumn

Welcome to our final episode with Mark Crook, a sophomore in the Engineering Technology Teacher Education program. Mark talks with us about the Bechtel Innovation Design Center (BIDC) where he is a peer mentor and the jewelry and small metal casting lab manager. In this final episode, Mark explains what’s available at the BIDC, how to submit a project, the types of metals used in his lab, a process called flame painting, and some of the various jewelry projects him and his students have produced. If you are not already working with Mark, by the end of this episode, you will thinking about what type of metal jewelry you want to make and how to get in queue to work with him!

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Episode 3: Cooking Up Content with TikTok

Profile picture of Seth Workman

Today, our story of making blends the nostalgic with the new. I think that many people may be familiar with or have at least heard of TikTok at this point—especially after 2020’s quarantine. Quite a few people jumped on the TikTok bandwagon as app users or have even gone on to become content creators themselves. But do you also remember American Girl Dolls? Purdue student—and now alumnus—Seth Workman also entered into the hobby of content creation through TikTok. Harboring a passion for cooking and also collecting some of the historic American Girl Dolls, he had the innovative idea to cook his way through the American Girl Doll cookbooks for TikTok users—and himself—to enjoy. Through making not only historical food dishes but also creating highly focused and well-edited content for TikTok, Seth soon struck up a steady following of TikTok fans. Seth joins us to tell the story of his journey as a cook, collector, and content creator.

Episode 2: Students and Soybeans, Sprouting Sustainable Innovations

Four people with spoons in front of 4 glass bowls with the content spelling out SOY!

In this episode of MakeYourStory, we delve into Purdue University's Student Soybean Innovation Competition to hear about several unique stories of making, sprouting from the small but versatile soybean. This episode discusses the competition itself, the role libraries play in the research and innovation process, as well as stories of successes and challenges from past winners.

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Making Pictures with Sound: Foley Design for Live Radio, Performance & Your Podcast Workshop

Ele Matelan's Profile Picture

November 3 2022, 2:30-4pm
Wilmeth Active Learning Center, 3007

Ever wondered how sound designers capture the sound of rain? Or a dragon in flight? How about how a character breaks a bone? Join Chicago-based stage Foley artist Ele Matelan to learn about the history of Foley art (named for Universal Pictures sound artist Jack Donovan Foley). She'll share the challenges and opportunities in producing live Foley onstage, and show you how to make things go bump in the night. Learn about the many possibilities of putting Foley art to use, including the application of Foley art in the narrative podcast. With Ele’s workshop, you can expect to get creative in learning how to practice developing your very own sounds to help enhance your podcast and bring your stories to life. Ele's workshop will offer hands-on opportunities to practice Foley art. There will also be ample time for questions and answers relating to Foley art and podcasting with Ele as well as the hosts of the MakeYourStory podcast.

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Episode 1: From a Marvel vs. DC Chess Set to a Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitat, 3D Printing in the Libraries

3D Printer Picture

This year’s first episode is devoted to Purdue students and faculty using the Library’s 3D printing services. Our guests include student Ari Atlas, who designed a Marvel vs. DC Chess Set, Professor Tremblay, who 3D printed a shield for a diode laser; and finally, students Takaharu Igarashi, Jake Zuckerman, and Ben Wogan who worked as part of team at Purdue’s Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitats Institute (RETHi) to 3D print a model of a RETHi habitat. Be sure to check out the below images of the 3D projects!

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