Borrow and Renew


Please have your active PUID card available to check out any material from the libraries. Notify the libraries if your PUID is lost or stolen. Notify the libraries if material is lost or stolen. If you do not have an active PUID, you may be eligible for a visitor's borrowing card. Ask staff at any Circulation Desk for details or check Visitor Information.

There is currently no limit on the number of items you can have checked out to your account at one time.


Current faculty/staff/students with an active PUID and visitors with an active borrowing card may request materials from the Libraries for pickup at any campus location. Faculty, staff, and visiting scholars who request materials be delivered to their on-campus building (i.e. KRAN) should expect delivery within 2-3 business days via campus mail. Emeritus faculty and official retirees who retain access to their PUID and library account may also request materials for pickup from any campus library location. There is currently no limit on the number of items you can request at one time. Not all print collections are available for request. If you have questions about what you can and cannot request, please contact us for assistance.

As part of our document delivery services, if you request via Interlibrary Loan a book owned by Purdue, Libraries staff will place a request on the book for you through your Libraries' My Account and the book will be delivered to you according to the method you provided on the original interlibrary loan request (includes Personal Delivery - please see below for more information).

Need help requesting materials? Check out this short video.

Personal Delivery

Faculty, staff, retirees (including emeritus faculty), graduate students, and online-only undergraduates have the option to request home delivery of Libraries-owned print materials (within the US and Canada only). Eligible print materials will have a "Personal Delivery" drop-down request option in Library Search after clicking "Request Hold." Not all print collections are available for this service. If you're not planning to return to campus, materials may be mailed back to us at Purdue Libraries CircServices/504 W State St/West Lafayette IN, 47907. You are responsible for return postage. If you're returning to campus this summer or fall, you may bring those materials back with you and return them to any campus library location.

  • For faculty/staff, if requesting campus building delivery, please provide the four-digit building code (i.e., STEW). Please do not provide the street address as these will be sent via campus mail. Materials should be delivered within 2-3 business days via campus mail.
  • If requesting home delivery, please type your full mailing address: house number (and apartment number - if applicable), street name, city, state, and zip code. If you have questions about this service or comments about your request, email Please do not include questions/comments with your address.
  • Mailing addresses for apartment complexes MUST include your apartment number or the request will be cancelled and you will be notified.
  • Requests with incomplete mailing addresses will be cancelled and you will be notified.

Proxy Request

By filling out the Request for Proxy Services form, a patron authorizes another patron to check out items on their account and accepts responsibility for those items. Proxies are used mainly for the convenience of faculty members so that graduate students or other assistants can pick up items from the library using their own Purdue ID to charge it to the faculty member's account. Proxies can be non-Purdue affiliates as long as they have a valid (non-expired) visitor card.

How long can you borrow?

Most items from our core collections (includes serials and journals) are due in 16 weeks for faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Library staff reserve the right to change due dates if materials are needed for course reserve. You will be responsible for fines/fees related to not returning those materials.

Loan Periods for non-core loan items are:
Material Type Loan Period
Course Reserves 2-hours
Reference Books Vary by library
Media One week
Specialized Material Libraries may assign different loan periods for specialized materials/collections (i.e. Cornerstone Reading Room collection)


Fall 2021: we will continue to auto-renew materials checked out by Purdue patrons. Visitors will need to manually renew their materials or call/email us for assistance. Items that have been requested by another user cannot be renewed.

You can Renew the material you borrowed by the due date to extend the loan period. Core Loan Materials may be renewed. Limited Loan materials (e.g. Cornerstone Reading Room), with the exception of media, are not renewable.

Returning library material

You will be responsible for paying any fines or fees for late return or non-return of library materials checked out on your PUID. For lost items, replacement copies may be accepted - please contact Circulation Services for guidance before you make any replacement purchases. Refunds for paid materials will not be given after one year from payment.

For all billing inquiries, contact Circulation Services at (765) 494-0369 or

In addition to being returned to any campus library, or via campus mail, materials may also be returned to the following mailing address:

Purdue Libraries/Circulation Services

504 W State Street

West Lafayette IN 47907

Don't want to come inside? You may return physical materials to the book return built into the Stewart Center building at the north entrance double doors, facing Heavilon Hall. Please insert only one item at a time into the chute, otherwise items may get stuck and clog the chute.

Outside book return, located on the north side of Stewart Center

Fall 2021: We will resume our normal billing activities related to non-return of materials.

Item Time Action Per Item Max Per Item
Core Items 1 day overdue Patron BLOCKED upon overdue $15 plus the replacement cost
31 days overdue $15 processing fee and replacement cost
Media Items 1 day overdue Patron BLOCKED upon overdue
$10 overdue fine per day
$85 plus the replacement cost
7 days overdue $15 processing fee and replacement cost
2 Day Loans
1 Week Loans
1 day overdue Patron BLOCKED upon overdue
$10 overdue fine per day
$85.00 plus the replacement cost
7 days overdue $15 processing fee and replacement cost
(2 Hour)
1 hour after due time Patron BLOCKED upon overdue
$5 overdue per hour up to 24 hours
$15 processing fee and replacement cost charged at 48 hours overdue.
$135.00 plus the replacement cost
48 hours after due date After the item is 48 hours overdue, the library can determine that it is necessary to order a replacement copy, the processing fee, overdue fee, and replacement cost will be assessed when the item is reordered. Replacement cost for reordered items are non-refundable.

Terms Defined

Loan Period
Length of time an item can be checked out.
Library Search
The Purdue University Libraries catalog.
Library user
An extension of the original loan period.
Core Loan
Includes items such as the following: most books, government documents, juvenile literature, maps, microform, new books, technical reports, theses.

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