Leadership in Open Access Award

2011 recipient, Ian Bell, Herrick Laboratories' Conference Series

2011 open access award Ian BellDr. Ian Bell was awarded Purdue’s Leadership in Open Access Award for his outstanding contributions to broadening the reach of Purdue’s Herrick Laboratories’ conference series. His significant investments of time, resources, energy and forethought in the preparation of papers and descriptive metadata information and deposit within e-Pubs and his service to Herrick Labs, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the College of Engineering, Purdue University, and scholars around the world, will greatly enhance the transfer of knowledge from our university by building bridges to scholarship made available through the Libraries. Dr. Bell earned his PhD from Purdue in May 2011. Dr. Bell received the 2011 award prior to Open Access Week because he will be out of the United States during the 2011 Open Access week celebration. 

2010 recipient, Ragu Balakrishnan, ECE Technical Reports

open access week award Ragu BalakrishnanThe School of Electrical and Computer Engineering was the recipient of the first Leadership in Open Access Award at Purdue. James L. Mullins, dean of libraries, presented the award to Ragu Balakrishnan, head of ECE, for the significant contributions of ECE Technical Reports to e-Pubs, Libraries' open access repository.
"By fully embracing open access, the School of ECE extends the impact of its research around the world," Mullins said. "By making the technical reports available through Libraries, the reports enter the network of scholarship as citable and durable research objects." The ECE Technical Reports are among the most downloaded materials from e-Pubs at more than 170,000 full text downloads to date.