Instructor Services

Information Literacy (the ability to obtain and evaluate information) is one hallmark of a university education. Through collaboration with faculty in other disciplines, Purdue librarians strive to integrate information literacy skills and concepts into the University curriculum.

The Libraries faculty seek opportunities to meet students at the teachable moment (in the classroom, the residence hall, the reference desk, or online) when they have the need and the urgency to learn the techniques and strategies that foster critical thinking. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in incorporating information literacy into your course or curriculum, to meet your course goals and those of the Purdue Libraries Information Literacy Curriculum. Please contact the Libraries representative for your subject area to discuss the most effective means of addressing the needs of your students.

Libraries Services for Instructors

  • Curriculum review -- assess relevance and scope of library resources and services as they relate to curricular planning and development.
  • Assignments -- assistance in developing effective library or information-related assignments and exercises. May include resource lists or instructional handouts, available in print or online.
  • Online Instruction -- web-based tutorials offer flexible, interactive opportunities for students to learn information literacy concepts and strategies, or how to more effectively use specific resources.
  • In-class Sessions -- single or multiple class sessions integrated into your course; may present general concepts and strategies of information seeking or may focus on resources in a specific subject area.
  • Library Guides -- bibliographies, resource lists, and instructional handouts, available in print and online, that are appropriate for your course as well as general information on the Libraries, its resources and databases, or frequently requested topics.

Partnering to develop information literate students is an important aspect of the Libraries strategic direction. In the age of the Internet and information overload it is important for all students (faculty and staff too!) to know how to find, use, and especially evaluate information in all formats. Not only do students need instruction in how to do this, but they also need opportunities to practice and improve their strategies.