Research and Data Services

  • Preparing for Research Proposals

    Through collaboration with subject specialist librarians and the Research and Data Services, we provide consultations on, and resources for, data management planning as preparation to engage in new research or to fulfill funder requirements for data management plans. We can help review plans to address discovery, dissemination and preservation of data. We can also identify metadata standards for description and access, as well as options for the sharing, use and reuse of data.

  • During a Research Project

    Through consultations with centers, labs, and individual faculty and students, we provide data services for current and ongoing research projects in response to specific needs. Purdue Libraries is the home of the Data Curation Profile, an instrument that can help identify areas of need within current data workflow and management to address issues “upstream” and better prepare data for “downstream” distribution, dissemination or sharing.

  • At the End of a Research Project

    If you are at the end of a research project and need to make provisions for data, we can help identify national, regional or disciplinary repositories for deposit. Subject specialist librarians, in partnership with Research and Data Services, can consult on formats, embargoes, rights, and documentation needed for others to use, reuse or create derivative works as appropriate.

Research and Data Services provide support and guidance for description, workflow, management, discovery, dissemination, and preservation of data throughout the research lifecycle. To the right, we have divided the lifecycle into three segments to highlight how we can help.

Contact Us

Please email Research and Data Services with any inquiries.



Develop and Publish your Data

The Purdue University Research Repository provides an online, collaborative working space and data-sharing platform to support the data management needs of Purdue researchers and their collaborators. Go to PURR

Consult on Data Management

We can help identify new or alternative approaches to data management, workflow, and dissemination during or after a research project, using the Data Curation Profile instrument which was developed at Purdue.

Consult / Collaborate on Data Research

Applying Library Science to issues in other disciplines, to help solve problems related to grand challenge areas (e.g., bio-fuels, drought, education, farming, water quality). Requests for collaboration can be made at:
See also: List of Librarians by Subject

Cite Your Data

Publish datasets with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) that make it easier for people to cite your data and give you credit. Purdue, a founding member of DataCite, the international agency that registers DOIs for data, can provide DOIs for any American institution. DOIs are assigned when data sets are published in PURR, or DOIs can be acquired for other initiatives to disseminate data. For more information regarding DataCite, please contact Paul Bracke

Find Data Management Resources

Research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources compiled by Libraries faculty in a variety of subject areas. Go to Resources

Expertise in Library Science

Purdue Libraries faculty engage in research and scholarship in a variety of areas, including Digital Libraries, Information Literacy, New Roles for Librarians, Research Data Lifecycle, Scholarly Communication, and Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. Our faculty are often called on to consult, present, or collaborate on topics in library science.
List of Librarians by Subject
D2C2 Publications

Find Data Repositories

Databib is a searchable catalog / registry / directory / bibliography of research data repositories. It can be used to find an appropriate place to deposit data, as well as find other research data repositories. Go to Databib

Create Data Management Plans

Use the DMPTool to create ready-to-use data management plans. The DMPTool provides instructions and assistance for developing data management plans, with guidance for specific funding agencies. Purdue Libraries faculty are available to provide data management planning consultations tailored to your submission. Purdue is a charter member and part of the Steering Committee for the DMPTool. Other Resoures:
Data Management Plan Self-Assessment Tool